Well, since fords jumped into the electric vehicle 4a, they have a radical idea, its not out there yet, but they want to make charging super fast and heres. What their plan is its not just making more charging stations but its making them faster. Ford researchers are working on, a charging system is intercooled, so it doesnt overheat. When its charging, your car, you charge up a battery fast. You build up a lot of heat theyre working on a liquid cooled system where the liquid takes away the excess heat. Dont. Think those things are going to be cheap, which is how long theyre going to last for they break too right now realize this is just in the patent approval phase its not even a pattern. Yet what it comes down to is the faster you charge a car. The more electricity has to go through the cable and the hotter. The cable is going to get the higher the current, the greater heat has to be taken away. The whole thing will melt down start on fire and, of course, its a very complex system thats, why? Its patents gon na be approved to me. I can see a billion glitches in this system. Okay, you got a cable system right and thats gon na cool it down internally, youre still plugging the thing into your car right and your cars got cables in it. Whats going to keep those cables from getting hot, the wires in your car are going to overheat, too.

I mean, and its only in a patent approval. You know everybodys into this got to make it faster got to make it convenient for people. I can see. So many problems occurring fires with that somebodyll have an old electric car theyll plug one of these in and its cool, but when it gets into that car hundreds of amps into something thats a lot of power, any little glitch dirty terminals where you plug it. In that could start a fire i mean i could see nothing but disaster with these systems that these people are planning on making. But oh it makes electric cars look better. You know its coming soon kind of reminds me of an old guy. Uh elio was wanting to make the helio car and he was going to make this three wheel. Gasoline car. I made a video on it when he started. Then, then, years later, he hasnt made a single car now hes talking about oh hes, not gon na make those hes gon na make electric versions of the same ones. Right i mean keep promising. Well dont put your money into that thats! All i got to say, and it can be way in the future, that this stuff is put into effect and actually works and doesnt start on fire. Turbo tarana says scotty. What is your opinion on waterless coolant? Okay, i think youre talking about that evans waterless coolant its more of a jelly thing that you put in.

Theoretically, it works perfectly fine and rich guys, use it in their fancy, cars and stuff. You know because it wont decompose as fast as regular antifreeze. You have to ever worry about it, freezing and supposedly it dissipates heat, better and stuff, but for the vast majority of people, its a stupid thing, it costs a fortune anytime, you get a leak. You got to buy the expensive stuff. What, if its not around where you are, then what are you going to do you have to emergency flush? The whole system put regular coolant in it. I mean its okay, if youre now jay, leno or somebody – and you got all this money, you dont know what to do with you got so many cars. You could drive a different one every day and not run out, but for normal people, its kind of stupid, its expensive. It does work, but you know look at all the downsides to it. Youd have to retrofit the whole system and of course no one really knows what the impact is in long term use on lets say some modern cars that might have two or three thermostats. It might change the flow rate then versus regular water cooling. Who knows the engineers design these cooling systems to be efficient to get the best gas mileage to waste the least amount of heat in modern cars and adding something like that? Thats an unknown into an engineers equation its probably not a smart thing to do star wars? 89 says: im planning to start a spare parts, business im planning to do a used car parts for import shop outside the us id like information about it.

What do you think youre crazy? The car parts business is so ultra competitive and the corporations have taken most of it over then theres, so many different cars, so many different parts trying to figure out what youd have to have an inventory. What youd buy what youd sell. It would probably give you an immense headache: ive been working on cars for 53 years 54 an hour. I just had a birthday right, so im glad that i fixed them and i didnt sell parts. The parts margins are getting low and lower thats. Why most places go? You see chinese parts because they save so much money getting stuff from china and marking it up that they can make a profit if they were selling higher end parts. That cost a lot more when they wouldnt sell as many because people always buy the cheapest thing and the markup is less so they dont make as much profit. So theyll buy the cheapest and sell the highest price for the cheapest stuff. They can buy and youre competing with this kind of stuff in the business world. I personally wouldnt touch something like that in a 10 foot poll anymore, its massive value places like auto zones. I know guys that work there. They go to china and they check out on the factories and they cut deals with the chinese, making stuff import export, and then they got ta check whats the quality of this company. If thats bad, then they got ta, buy it from somebody else and if youre planning on starting something like this whew and you did say, use too and when youre talking about used parts, you dont know if its going to fit.

You dont know if its any good. I know a guy used to sell, use motorcycle parts and he had more headaches. People wouldnt know what they wanted. Hed send the right part. Theyd say it: doesnt fit its the wrong part because they gave him the wrong information or he had a whole junkyard to use motorcycles. He didnt know if half the parts he was selling were good anyways and they might not work. So not a business id. Advise anybody to get into these days unless you like headaches, 56 dj, says my 2004 taurus has a p0191 code ive replaced fuel injected pressure sensor four times, so something else that could cause junky parts ive run out of different brands to try okay. Well, one only use the oem dont try different brands. If you go to ford buying oem one and still has the code, then the problem is youre either bad wiring going to the sensor, you got a bad driver circuit in the computer, your fuel pumps weak. If your fuel pump doesnt put out enough pressure, the data come from the sensor is weird, and a computer will often trip that gives you the code for the sensor when its not the sensor that you actually dont have enough fuel pressure. So have your fuel pressure tested after you change the fuel filter, because the clock filter can do it too, and that could be a simple fix, just change the filter. If it fixes it, then you got enough pressure.

You realize that those po codes theyre what are called generic codes theyre, not specific, that doesnt mean thats the problem. It means that area of the car has a problem, so perhaps a bad fuel filter bad fuel pump rather than the computer or the wiring. It could be a real stinker to figure out. I really i know fords lets say it runs. Okay, keep driving and ive had customers driving those coats for years and they still ran okay as long as theyre not leaking you dont smell any gas leaking its, not dangerous. You can continue to drive if it runs fine. I see that all the time as they age jerome, says anyone ever use an ultra power radiator from rock auto. They have one that fits my truck less than half the price of a name brand. I never heard of it. Is it worth taking a chance? Almost all those aftermarket radiators are made in china, ive never used that actual brand, but over the last 20 something years most of the radiators i get are made in china and they work perfectly fine. I dont know that particular brand. You never know just understand. Modern radiators are pretty simple: theyve got aluminum, core plastic tops and a machine crimps the aluminum to the plastic. It is not rocket science technology, any simple company can build that stuff and as long as it fits on your car and works now, if theres bad quality control and they dont make the aluminum right and the fins that clog up and overheat yeah youre gon na Have a problem theres, no arguing that i havent heard of that particular one, but, like i say, for the last 20, some years ive been using just about all chinese radiators and the companies i buy them from.

I have never had a problem other than once in a blue moon. They dont actually fit the vehicle because they gave me the wrong one, and then i go back and they give me the right one and it works. You got to find out. Is it a quality company or not youd be gambled theres, no, arguing that youre gambling ive never tried that particular brand. But from my experience this stuff made in china most of its all made in the same place anyways i got six electric bicycles right. They all have the same motors the same brakes, the same shimano derailleurs for the gears to pedal them when youre, not using the electric parts of the electric bicycles, so im assuming it would probably be okay, because all the ones i bought from china worked well. I just think people are doing crazy things today with the pandemic in their homes. Thinking what to do in the past, people were crazy, too check this out. The guy was nicknamed the hell rider and he had an aircraft v8 motorcycle that he raced at daytona. This was before, even if you put a brick down at indianapolis 500 that was even built, yet it used a curtis v8 airplane engine. It was basically an airplane on two wheels, its now in the smithsonian museum, the actual motorcycle, and he took it out to the daytona flats in 1907.. Now more than half of the weight of this motorcycle was the engine.

It was a 43 97 cc. 90 degree. V8 engine it had two carburetors one for each bank, one for that four one for that four and it put out whopping 40 horsepower. They got motorcycles that do 300 horsepower out. 40 horsepower was a lot back in the day, especially on a motorcycle, and it had a sawtooth direct gear to the back no chain on this baby. It didnt have any suspension at all and the break they said was about as good as a mild head when blowing at you, you just kind of glide it to a stop, but glenn curtis, who was known as a hell rider drove that thing into record books. He took this thing to over 136 miles an hour, making him the fastest man on the planet back in those days that was even faster than the airplanes went and the trains it was the fastest man on earth on his crazy motorcycle with a v8 curtis airplane Engine but since the brake didnt do much, it took him two miles to stop once he reached the speed two miles, not exactly a good thing to drive in traffic right now. This v8 engine was originally made for a dirigible. You know the power of the big larger than they are derivables and they had motors too, and this was must be one of them. The two motors that powered the thing, but he put it on a motorcycle, so you think people are crazy.

Today, look at that back then he had a motorcycle that went faster than the fastest plane, so hes long gone, but hey may his spirit live on. So if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair, videos remember to ring that bell: Music.