The ionic 5 project 45 launch edition. Take a look at some of the fantastic features of this limited edition vehicle and show you what it can do, Music. What the project 45 is all wheel, drive its got a motor driving the front wheels and the motor driving the rear wheels, giving a combined 300 horsepower that does 0 to 60 in 5.2 seconds, and it sits on top of these fantastic. Looking 20 inch alloy wheels. The handling is fantastic, the center of gravity is really low with the battery and the chassis, so handling is fantastic, really stable around corners. It looks awesome in this gravity, gold, matte paint and one of the features of this particular model. The project 45 is it comes with a solar panel. Roof now might sound a bit of a gimmick and in obviously a cloudy day like today, its not going to generate an awful lot of power, but actually this car so far has generated about 30 miles of electricity for free just by being sat outside. So thats a great feature: moving around weve got access to the charging same rapid charging you get on all ionics, so this is up to 220 kilowatts charge rate, which means it goes from 10 to 80 in around 18 minutes, if youve got a suitable, fast charger. One of the features of the project 45 is it comes with this vehicles load adapter. That means, if theres, a power cut over winter.

What you can do is plug your car into this vehicles. Load adapter like so this will output up to three kilowatts, which means that you could run a fridge, a freezer, perhaps stop those things at the food spoiling. Whilst youve got a power outage or of course, if you want to go camping, you can use it for that as well. The interior of the car is fantastic. These ventilated perforated heated leather seats weve got this soft touch dashboard around here. The entire thing kind of feels a bit like a bang olufsen showroom. Weve got a bose sound system which sounds fantastic. This center console can be moved forwards or backwards to give you a bit more space, and you see its completely flat floor through here. So youve got plenty of legroom weve got usbs glow weve got usb a weve got a 12 volt socket. There. Weve got two usb, as here weve got a wireless phone charger as well and then theres some in the back as well for the rear passengers. Everything can be moved these one of the features of this project 45 is got. These wonderful leg rests which come up and, in fact, if you want to, you can recline the seats back. So if you want to take a nap whilst the car is charging youve got a very, very comfortable seat. Indeed, what you can see from these dashboard displays very clear readout, showing you the range that the cars got, showing your speed, your power, its got lots of different drive modes, its got eco, normal sport.

If we hold down the button quite useful for the winter weather, weve had recently a snow mode, which then limits the amount of wheel slip, gives you a sort of creep function which almost like a low gear in a four wheel, drive just keep you moving. Keep your momentum there and keep you going through snow, so thats fantastic to have on a vehicle this type as well. All this stitching looks really premium. These brushed aluminium switches all around as well and, of course, weve got a couple of cup holders. For a nice. Warm drink to keep you going one of the things thats great about electric cars, particularly premium ones like this. Is you get features like uh heated seats, heated steering wheel, but one thing about being ev is that you can do it by remote control so using an app on your phone, you can actually say i want the car to pre heat now and the car will Turn itself on get the heating going, and so, if youre, coming out to your car rather than being frozen, an inch of ice all over instead, its de iced itself, the heated seats are on the heated stone wheels on and you can get into a car. Thats. 22 degrees and ready to go the climate control here is great. Its got split driver and passenger um, and also for the rear as well. Weve got heated seats with three stage heating on the drivers, seat and passenger seat and the same in the rear.

Weve got heated, steering wheel, weve also got ventilated seats. So in summer you can cool your bum. If you wish to rather warm it up and also what we can do is we can set it so that only the driver gets the benefit of the heating. So if youre in the car on your own, it can save a little bit of energy by basically concentrating all the airflow, all the warm air towards the driver and leaving the rest of the car without so that just saves a little bit of energy as well. One of the things, obviously about it being a all wheel, drive model is its its got 300 brake horsepower, which is great fun when you put it on the open road and does zero to 60 in 5.2 seconds, but in the snow in icy conditions, you perhaps Dont want that much power at your disposal at the blip of a throttle. So instead weve got this drive mode, you hold it down and it puts it into snow mode. Now snow mode is going to give us a more controlled progressive accelerator pedal with limited slip from the abs system to allow it to make progress in icy conditions, and that works really really well and its really secure driving on icy roads. So sat in the back of the ioniq five, its a really comfortable place to be weve got plenty of leg room plenty of headroom. Weve got two usb sockets down here.

Weve got ventilation for the rear passengers separately, but these little sun blinds which can go up so if youve got kids and babies in the back, you can use those built in sun lines, thats great. If you dont have anyone on the back seat, though its possible to just slide this seat forward and give yourself a bigger boot. So if youve got perhaps a no a couple with a couple of big dogs, you can put those in the back. Give them plenty of space just by sliding this rear road, this remote electrically using buttons on the back of the passenger seat. So when you run the project 45 in eco mode, it tends to just use the single motor at the back of the car unless the traction breaks and needs to put some power to the front wheels um, and by doing this you can get sort of 270 Ish miles on a single charge, although that will vary depending on the weather, et cetera. If you put it in sport mode, then it uses four wheel, drive um permanently and it gives all both motors all four wheels plenty of power and that will propel you to 16 just over five seconds. Obviously, if you do that frequently, then your mileage will suffer. Your range will drop down and you probably see close to two around sort of 220 miles on a charge which is still about 10 times the national average driving distance in the uk.

So weve got plenty of range: weve got fast. Charging weve got everything you could possibly need on hand in the car to make you as comfortable as possible, theres plenty of room for rear passengers, plenty of comfort for the driver and its got a huge boot. So when we pick this car up, i drove it back from near sheffield to blackpool over snake pass and around the m60 and not the m6 and m65 im, sorry, m55 and um around 100 miles 110 miles. I think it was total and it was cold and it was windy and it was really really poor weather and i had the heating on heated seats on heated steering wheel on everything else, and i was driving it at the speed limit on the motorway, where traffic Allowed and i averaged 3.1 miles per kilowatt hour, which means that in the real world, this car can get over 200 miles in those sorts of conditions. So i think it just gives you confidence that its a car thats very, very usable as a day to day vehicle um and to do you, know longer trips, involving motorways and everything else, but you dont need to stop and charge. Quite often, you can just do the whole journey on on a single charge. Um and the total cost of that journey was four pounds, so it makes it really really cost effective to do longer journeys as well. So the project 45 is a limited edition uh.

That was done for the launch of the ioniq five um. It was limited to 3 000 models across europe and they sold out within a couple of days Music. So this represents really one of the only chances youll have to get this vehicle, its fantastic value for money, its a really really good car to drive. The performance is astounding: if youre not lucky enough to to stop this model, you can get an all wheel. Drive version of the standard, ioniq 5 in ultimate spec that doesnt get you the solar roof, its a slightly different trim level inside, but still has the same great performance and many of the features.