Now the eqb is gon na go up against the likes of the audi q4 e tron, vw, id4 and tesla model y, all of which are currently available in five seater form. Only, although we do expect a seven seater model y in the near future. In the uk now does having a third row of seats, give the eqb the edge over its rivals. Well, today, im gon na try and find out, but before we go any further, if you like what we do, why not give us a thumbs up and subscribe for more awesome videos, just like this one. Do you think the eqb looks familiar well its because its actually based on the same underpinnings as the mercedes glb, its piston powered entry level, family suv? Now, in a lot of instances, that would put the eqb at a disadvantage because well its essentially designed around having a big engine up front. However, mercedes has managed to put the batteries below the passenger compartment, which should open up as much space as physically possible onto the way it looks. The car we have here is actually a german car very, very early production model thats been sent over for us to have a look at and isnt actually going to be representative of what we get in the uk. However, the versions that we get in the uk will all at least be amg line at launch, and that means that you get this amg style grille at the front and also these faux vents at the bottom, which is very reminiscent of what you see on other Amg cars now the face is very similar to what you get on the eqa, its entry level, electric car and you even get the same, led kind of mono brow that runs along the front of the car.

Personally im, not a fan. Let me know what you think of body wide leds at the front of the car down in the comments down the side of the car. Weve got cladding around the wheel arches and at the base of the car, just to show you that its an suv entry level cars in the uk will come with 18 inch wheels. You can upgrade to 19s if you want. These, however, are 20 inches and are available on edition cars, but the big difference that weve got from something like the eqa to the eqb is the back end. Now the eqa is much more of a lifestyle suv which kind of slopes down towards the back here. For a, dare, i say, sportier look, whereas what we have here is full on family suv. The roof line sits a lot higher in the eqb and thats all designed to maximize space. If you get this car in seven seater form and the back of the car is very flat again to maximize space, weve got an led light strip that runs along the back of the car as well, and while im not a fan of it at the front Of cars, i think, when its at the back, it can look really good. Now, while were talking about practicality, we might as well talk about boot space, one of the reasons youd probably go and buy an eqb. Now all cars that come to the uk at launch.

Anyway, are going to be seven seaters, but this german car here is a five seater which im sure well probably see later down the line when this car arrives over in blighty. Now the five seater car that we have here has 495 liters of storage, and that goes down to 465 on the seven seater. Now that kind of puts it in the middle ish of the competition, its not as small as something like a ford mustang mac e, which is really quite small. Nor is it nearly as big as an audi q4 e tron or skoda enyak or the absolutely gigantic. Tesla model y, its a pretty bare bones boot as well. We dont actually have any automatic releases for the rear seats. However, you do have a little underfloor storage tray to keep your charging cables. If you want to carry them with you, theres no extra storage at the front of the eqb instead theyve just put all of the kind of electrical gubbins up here, and it actually looks like theyve just left the motor of the glb up front. They havent, though, before i start getting lots of weird comments below saying i cant tell the difference between an electric motor and an engine anyway, when this thing launches in the uk, you will have two options to choose from and theyre, both dual motor all wheel drive Models so youve got one motor at the front, one motor at the rear.

It starts off with the 300 4matic, which produces 228 horsepower and goes up to the 350 4matic, which produces 292. now powering. Those motors is a 66.5 kilowatt hour battery which has a maximum range of 257 miles. Strangely, though, you usually find that the more focused version or the more powerful one will have a slightly lower range than the less powerful one, but mercedes quotes pretty much the same figure of 250 to 257 miles for both models. Now, what we are expecting is later down the line. A single motor potentially front wheel, drive model to launch as a long range version. It wont be quite as fast, but it might just get a little bit closer to the 300 mile mark. So when you come to charge up that battery, the eqb accepts charging speeds of up to 100 kilowatts and if you find a suitable charger, itll go from 10 to 80 charge in about 30 minutes now, actually, in the grand scheme of things, the eqb isnt, all That great, because if you take something like a tesla model y, it charges up to 250 kilowatts on teslas current supercharger network and theres, something like the hyundai ioniq 5 in kia ev6, which are built on 800 volt architecture. And they can go all the way up to 350 kilowatts now, realistically, its still quite hard to find a fast charger in the uk that accepts 100 kilowatt charging. However its all about future proofing.

Yes, we might not have that many rapid charges in the uk at the moment, but in two three years time, 350 kilowatt charging might be a bit more prevalent and you might be stuck behind with the eqb. Now lets talk about pricing. It all starts at 52. 145 pounds for the entry level amg line 300 and goes up to 53 645 pounds for the 350.. You can also get amg line. Premium versions of both cars, which carries a 3 000 pound cost and includes things like 19 inch wheels, wireless phone charging and a better sound system. Youll also find a cheaper sport. Variant will come later down the line and im sure youll get even cheaper versions of that again. If they do a front wheel, drive single motor variant now, how that compares with the competition, something like a tesla model y is going to cost you a little bit more in long range form, but, as the name suggests, you will get a longer range with over 300 miles and something like the audi q4 e tron has already got quite a comprehensive range already and you can get it for a little bit cheaper at 41 000 pounds. Still, none of them have seven seats like youll get on the glb, not yet anyway, and if youre wanting to shop around, why not check out yes auto code uk, because weve got plenty of new and used deals on electric cars, while the outside of the eqb Looks a little bit different to the glb with some eqa highlights.

In fact, if you want to watch my review of the eqh click, the link in the top right hand corner, but the actual interior has been lifted pretty much straight from the piston powered car. There are some subtle differences, though, to remind you that youre in an electric car, if the silence wasnt a giveaway – and they include blue, highlights around the vents. Youve also got blue stitching on the doors on the seats on the floor mats as well and theres. Even a glow up, eqb logo on the door sill, the build quality is up to a high standard as well. Youve got this really lovely, steering wheel with silver highlights in the center and very nicely damp buttons. Youve also got silver elements on the dashboard and physical buttons for the climate controls. Nice work mercedes the seats. Well, they look very nice. They dont actually feel as though theyre made of the highest quality, leather and support is lacking a little bit. But what dominates the cabin are? These two 10 inch displays that are kind of merged together to form one big panel, and i think mercedes has some of the most vibrant and sharpest screens on the market, because both the digital instrument, cluster and also the infotainment screen just look stunning and nice and Responsive as well, something you dont find in a lot of cars at this price range, it runs the latest version of mercedess nbux software and includes some new features such as an eq menu thats, all about getting data on your electric settings and changing different options, and, While there are a lot of menus and its quite a comprehensive system, you dont actually need to use the touchscreen if you dont want to theres actually a touch panel down here in the center console, and you also have two touch controls on the steering wheel.

A little bit like a 90s laptop now, the back seats of the eqb is a story of two halves and im gon na tell you that story now, im, just under six foot and leg room is actually really good. Ive got the drivers seat in my position and ive got plenty of knee. Room same goes for headroom, in fact its actually really good in the eqb, because weve got that taller roof line, so it doesnt slope downwards. At the back, like a lot of suvs today, ive still got a lot of space, so if im, six foot and over youll be absolutely fine. The other side of the story, though, is that the rear seats arent, actually all that comfortable, because theyre completely flat, you can see my legs are kind of far up in the air theres, this big gap between my leg and the base of the seat and thats, Because the seats are basically right on the floor of the car, in fact, i believe part of the battery is underneath here now thats, not something thats, an exclusive problem to the eqb ive, seen it on plenty of other of electric cars as well. But some manufacturers are getting around it by putting the base of the seat at the same height and then kind of lifting the front to give you more of a bucket, like feeling kind of wish mercedes had done that because, while i think this is absolutely going To be fine for short journeys, a long journey might start to feel a bit uncomfortable Music on the road in the eqb, and while this might be a purely electric car, its your very typical mercedes driving experience thats to say that its very hushed, its very smooth And its also extremely easy to get to grips with, and while this is a german car in the limited run, edition spec, its still gon na be pretty much exactly the same experience as what youll get on the uk cars.

That being said, we do have the 20 inch wheels on this car now its not currently listed on the options list in the uk, but im sure if you went through your dealer, youll be able to get those lovely big rose. Gold style wheels that weve got on this car and it does mean that the eqb can just be a little bit crushy in certain circumstances. Now, im rolling around the roads of milton keynes, which are pretty damn smooth but ive just come across the odd pothole and speed bump that sends a nasty judder through the car. Now i dont think thats down to the suspension. I feel like its actually quite a softly sprung car. I think a lot of it is actually just down to the wheels being so big. And yes, while this is available as a seven seater, the eqb is still a relatively small car, so 20 inch wheels on a relatively small car does send the odd shock through the cabin now lets talk about the power. This is the 350 meaning weve got 292 horsepower the nippier of the two cars, and it really does actually feel very quick. There are different driving modes in here. If i whack it into sport, the throttle response becomes really snappy now its not going to rip your face off like a model y, which is an insanely fast car, even in the slower long range form, but it feels fast enough now again the figures that i Quoted earlier for range, they seem to be identical for both the 350 and the 300.

So most of the time, i would say sacrifice a bit of performance to get a longer range, particularly with electric cars still being relatively in their infancy, but with both cars. Having pretty much the same range on offer, i actually suggest paying a little bit more just to get this extra punch because it really does feel nice and brisk. But then, if you wind it back to comfort or eco, things do become a lot more relaxed and just easy to drive theres still that punch there, but most the time, if youre like me and just want to conserve as much battery power as possible, youll be Running with it in eco mode and thats, when it feels a little bit more, just like a relaxed, regular glb, just with electric power, so like a lot of electric cars, it can recuperate some energy under braking and you can change the severity of that by using The pedals at the back, so if i hit the right pedal the plus button, then it will just coast as normal. It tries to actually maintain as much speed as possible without using battery power. But if i pull on the left paddle i get a slightly harsher regen and if i do it again, its even more severe, in fact, if i lift off the accelerator, you saw me there, you can actually lean forwards ever so slightly because it does really put The brakes on so you do have that option for one pedal driving.

There is also a feature on the eqb of where, if you hold the left pedal down, it will do it automatically. So in some instances say when youre cruising it might try and maintain that speed when you lift off the accelerator, but if youre, just postering around town itll, then up the regen to put a bit more power back into the battery. Now milton keynes has a lot of roundabouts, and by going through many many of them ive come to realize that the eqb is a relatively softly sprung and b. It can just lean over in the corners a little bit now again. This is an suv, its quite tall, so i would expect there to be some body lean, but its just a little bit more than i was anticipating. Also, the seats dont feel like theyre, quite as supportive as they should be. So, if youre going around around about not at speed, but you have a little bit of pace, you will be feel like youre falling out of your seat now. This is just the first drive, so id need to live with it a little bit longer to give you a proper, definitive verdict on what the eqb is like, but overall the eqb does feel like a really solid electric car. Its not perfect. I think the ride can just be a bit of a mix of being too firm at times and then too soft at others. I dont think the range is hugely impressive, nor do i also think that the charging speed is that great either, but cars shouldnt be rated on numbers alone.

You need to look at them as a whole product and i think thats, where the eqb really works. Weve got a really fantastic interior with a great amount of technology, so it feels like the kind of place you want to be and you want to drive personally. I think the key for e tron feels like a more complete package, but then again it doesnt come with seven seats and also, if you want that real luxurious feeling and can look past some of the key numbers and also a slightly jittery ride, then the eqb.