It is a pure electric vehicle. Two, it has good battery range and three, it looks as futuristic as youd expect an ev to look yes. This week i was test driving the spanky new hyundai ioniq five. It only comes in one spec, but it does come in rear, wheel, drive or all wheel drive. I was in the cheaper rear wheel, drive version which costs around 71 000, not exactly cheap. It competes with cars like the electric version of volvos xc40 or the more expensive audi e tron and mercedes eqc. I test drove it for seven days with my family for this weeks, family review Music. This review will focus on family life, but if you want to see different reviews head to the cab guide website, Music hyundai has gone next level with the design on this car. Just look at the way those headlights are framed. Hyundai calls it a clamshell bonnet, but it actually reminds me of cyclops in x, mens glasses. It does work aerodynamically, so its not just for show its also got some really cool ridges around the base of the car and the whole vibe is spacey and futuristic Music. Inside lives up to this, as well, especially with the white interior on my test car, it comes in white or black, but this one is white and, as my eight year old said, mom its just so modern there are power adjustable leather appointed seats. Youve also got a leather appointed steering wheel.

There is a leather cover on the center console and on the door handle, so it all feels quite premium. Also revolutionary is that there are no door handles. You actually pull it shut with this whole thing here, which, once i worked it out, i really like and its got this external stitching, which is a lovely feature. The star of the show is this giant multimedia area here its got a 12.3 inch screen on this side and another of the same size over here for your speed and everything youd normally see on a dash, its also got a blue light filter which just goes To show how much extra theyve gone with their tech thinking and its in a light, gray and white well for these white interiors anyway, it does come in black, also, but its one of those moments where you look at it and think, oh it doesnt have to Be black, it can be in a different color and its just so light and fresh. My kids loved this car, and i think it was mainly because of the big screen surprise. The multimedia uses, apple, carplay and android auto, which actually connect via a cord. Unlike a lot of other hyundais which connect with bluetooth – and i always find them tricky to connect, so i actually like the cord – it just syncs to your phones main app, so you can navigate and stream using the apps on your phone plus.

This car has an eight speaker, bose system, which is so good turn it up. Music. I did have issues getting the climate control to work because its all through the screen, i just found it a little fiddly youll – get two cup holders in the front, then, instead of a center storage bin, you get this really giant shelf here, which i actually find Way more useful um, you also get a qi charger under there and a spot for your phone, another little storage spot over there, and if you do want a concealed space, the glove boot is actually really large. There is a giant panoramic sunroof, which goes all the way to the back seats and just lets in lots of lovely light and contributes to that very airy feeling through the cabin space wise. It is so big youve got loads more legroom than you would normally have in a car with an engine to fit in as well. So the leg space is long and youve got lots of headroom too, even for taller people plus its quite wide. So youre not jostling for space in the front seats, my kids were extra excited that they could actually move their seats forward and back with these little buttons on the right hand, side you cant normally move the second row, so that was a novelty plus. They get cupholders in this row. There are air vents on either side for them, theyre, just directional events, theres no climate control back here and theres bottle holders in each door.

Look you can see the sky Music. The boot is large for this category, its 527 liters, and it is longer rather than higher, so you just have to lie things down. Instead of like a regular midsize suv, itll fit in a double pram, you can get suitcases or sporting equipment in there Music. How do you charge it? Well, it depends on where youre charging it so, if youre at the supermarket and you plug it into one of those ac outlets, it takes up to six hours to get from 10 to 80, if youre at a faster 50 kilowatt charger. Youll get to that 80 in only one hour and if youre at a very rare but super speedy, 350 kilowatt charger thatll take 18 minutes. If you plug it into your wall at home, it will take 31 hours. The battery life is impressive, though, with a 451 kilometer range and if youre doing, city driving that is extended because of the regenerative braking. When i picked the car up at the beginning of the week, it had a ‘3 kilometer range and i didnt need to charge it over the seven days i drove doing mainly suburban driving. I didnt even get range anxiety because the battery was going down so slowly. Over the week i averaged 15.3 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers. The actual driving is also really good. The steering wheel is nice and easy to turn theres really quick pickup, because its an electric car, so it doesnt, have the heaviness of an engine, and i always love that it gets up hills, nice and quickly and then theres.

The silence of the electric car, which is another one of my favorite features the gear selector, is up here near the blinker which i normally like, but for some reason i couldnt get used to it on this car all week. Im sure you get used to it. If youve driven it for a month, though, Music parking is nice and easy thanks to the good steering, but also its got a super high res, really wide rear parking camera and you get a 360 degree camera as well. Also, when you turn your blinker on so youre changing lanes, you get a little circle into the dash that pops up and shows you your side view for safety. Its got auto emergency braking with pedestrian and cyclist detection, plus theres junction assist, which actually helps prevent accidents at corners, plus, theres advanced lane assist, which can avoid upcoming or parallel cars at up to speeds of 145 kilometers per hour. Thats, pretty great. You also get adaptive cruise control, blind, spot monitoring and recross traffic alert plus there are airbags for driver and front passenger and side curtain airbags that extend all the way to the back row and theres a center one in between the passenger and driver as well. There are two isofix points and three top tether points to fix: kids car seats in safely and the ionic scored a maximum five and cap stars when it was tested in 2021. I really enjoyed driving the hyundai ioniq 5 this week it looks so fresh and fabulous.

I got stopped many times to ask what kind of car it was plus its got zero emissions, and i really feel like its setting a bar for this category. The safety is great, the tech is advanced, and while it is quite pricey, it still somehow feels like good value. For all of this, the only real thing wrong with it is that theyre in high demand – and it might be a while before you get one. I gave it a family rating of 9 out of 10 and my kids gave it the same.