The mx 30 is predictably a crossover, its been conceived and created with the brands world renowned focus on distinctive styling, innovative technology driver, focused dynamics and class leading interior quality. This mx30 doesnt hurl itself off the line with a kind of pointless torque rush which characterizes some of its rivals. In fact, once you get seriously underway, it doesnt particularly feel very much like an ev at all, which is precisely as mazda intended. The rather realistic piped engine sound helps here, as does the floor. Hinged organ style throttle pedal which allows you to gradually modulate forward thrust without the all or nothing lunges that battery rivals often coats you into theres. Also the issue of weight. You can moan all you like about the restrictions of this cars. Little 35.5 kilowatt hour battery. It limits driving range to just 124 miles, but mazdas decision to use it has delivered us a car. Nearly half a ton lighter than some compact crossover, evs and out of town on the open road thats enough to give this mx 30 a brisk eager, feel it simply wouldnt otherwise have thats where you might not feel some steering and that body roll is well controlled. For an suv with grip through the turns which is aided by an egvc electric g, vectoring control plus system in this mazdas, more natural town, habitat where you might hope, the mx spirit might also be evident. The car loses much of its eagerness and agility, which is rather disappointing, but its compensated for by superb damping, aided by the advanced skyactiv vehicle architecture, thats, a structure which has needed quite a redesign in order to be able to incorporate this mx30s e skyactiv powertrain.

That develops the maximum system output of 145 ps with a battery that can be quickly replenished in just 36 minutes from 20 to 80, with a dc 50 kilowatt or more rapid charger on the move, youll want to maximize driving range with proactive use of the steering Wheel, paddle shifters, which can increase the regenerative braking capabilities which harvest energy back into the battery as you drive visually mazda could have been braver here. As youll note, if you come to this car fresh from admiring the futuristic rival, honda e, but the look of this car is still very individual. Its length and width dimensions are virtually identical to those of mazdas conventional cx30. Compact crossover, but this ev stands taller with a high waistline and boldly upright a pillars. The fronts different too, primarily because mazda thankfully hasnt followed the design trend, which gives ev models ugly, blanked off nose, sections where the grill would normally be that appendage here lacks the signature wing shaping found on other modern mazda models and its flanked by silver trim. Strips almost like eyebrows, which flow into cylindrically designed led headlamps which, on this top model, get a unique adaptive lighting signature at the rear that contrast coloured panel surrounding the glass house arches into the tailgate, which is decorated with led tail lights, featuring the same cylindrical design Used with the headlamps, but the most interesting bit is yet to come, and it lies with the way that you access this car via its interesting freestyle doors with their custom designed hinges.

You open the front one conventionally. It pulls out to an angle of 82 degrees and it has to be open if youre going to access the rear door, which you might find to be a bit of a nuisance for earbud access. You pull on this mid level, interior catch to open the rear door, which opens backwards again to 82 degrees, at which point you really get the whole pillarless concept being offered here. The absence of the usual central b pillar makes it much easier to load in things like buggies or wheelchairs, or to strap small children in the back its one of the things that might easily really sell this car to you. Well, take a closer look in the rear in a minute, but first lets see what the front of cabin experience has to offer. Well, its very mazda with a high set quite commanding driving position, impressive levels of build quality and an airy spacious feel from this horizontally orientated dash interesting design flourishes are mostly connected appropriate enough on an ev to the use of completely natural materials. This felt, like door fabric, is fashioned from recycled bottles. The seats above base trim are partly upholstered in vegan leather and, most curiously of all, uh. There is the decision to coat the cup holder lids, the lower part of the center console and the inside of the door pulls in of all things: cork and thats, a reference to mazdas beginnings a century ago in cork production, theres, no real center stack.

Just this seven inch lower display for the climate functions and, unlike in rival evs, the main infotainment monitor this upper 8.8 inch mazda connect setup isnt a touch screen instead, as usual, with models from this brand. You control it with this separate, lower multimedia command dial. As usual, mazdas jinbe itai human centric approach to cabin design makes it pretty easy to find a near perfect driving position and through this grippy three spoke sport steering wheel. You view an instrument cluster that comprises two outer analog dials, separated by a seven inch round. Tft display usually used for a virtual speedometer rear. Three quarter – visibility isnt great, but you do get a parking camera to compensate. The seats are supportive and theres plenty of stowage space right. We promised you a look in the rear. You have to slide the front seat forward as youd have to do on a three door hatchback or a coupee just to create enough space to get in. Do that by pressing this button on the seat back, which slowly slides the base towards the front, we would have preferred the strap version on the passenger side for both seats, which simultaneously slides the base and tilts the backrest forward, not quite far enough to make rearward Entry especially easy it doesnt get very much better once youre inside either a roof height is obviously better than it would be in a hatch or a coupe, theres, 9′ millimeters of rear headroom, and that encourages you to think that a couple of adults might be birthed.

Here for shorter trips, but they would probably find uh that experience to be a touch on the claustrophobic side, thats thanks to the fact that youre only favored here with these two small porthole style windows, which cant be opened, the cargo area at the rear cant be Accessed by a powered tailgate, even on this range topping variant, the hatch rises to reveal a 366 litre boot folding, the 60 40 split, rear backrest boosts luggage, room to 1171 liters and, in summary, well wed hope that the first all electric mazda might have more widespread Appeal than ultimately, this mx 30 is able to deliver for some its unconventional rear cabin will be as compromising as its limited battery capacity, but if youre able to live with both those things, theres a lot to like here, this isnt just another ev its one. You could actually learn to love.