This is an amazing price point im going to take you around the vehicle. Just to give you a couple: little shots, theres a couple cool things right here: the daytime running lamps are gon na, be right up here. Um, your turn signals are gon na be right over here as well. You have your headlights right here, uh theres, a couple cool things on the front of this vehicle. First and foremost, you have a couple different cameras. You have a front vision: camera, along with another camera up here for forward collision to detect, if youre, getting too close to an object or another vehicle in front of you. You also have the blackout bow tie emblem on the front and if i walk you around this way, youre going to see the extra lights right up here, you got the amazing black wheels showing up right there as well. You have yes theres cameras under here. The reason why theres cameras under here is you have side, vision, cameras, rear cameras and forward cameras when you are backing up and ill show you this on the inside of the vehicle, you can actually see all of your surroundings, which is an awesome awesome thing. I also want to touch on one quick thing on the outside of this vehicle. You have side blind, alert, theres, a little thing that looks like a car and a star on that and when youre driving down the highway and theres someone in your blind spot, it will detect it and that will light up in an orange color.

For you, a couple cool things that i want to spot real quickly is some things that we call little easter eggs on the vehicle. I want you to follow me up to the front. There are some chevy logos hidden right inside the design of the lights up. There you can see the little chevy logo, i think, thats a really neat touch. You have the distinguishment with the bolt euv showing up right there on the front near the hood, and you also have it on the back of the vehicle, which is right here. Bolt euv thats the bolt electric utility vehicle right there. The bolt auv is just varying ever so differently than the bolt ev because it has additional space inside the cabin. I want to hop over here and show you, the trunk Music boom. Look at all that storage. Those seats also fold down completely flat, so you have the ability to put additional stuff in there. I want to touch on a couple different things. You have two different cameras, one back here and one right below here. This gives me the opportunity to show you this screen right here. There is vision on the side. This would be on the left side. You can also do this from the back, see how thats coming around to that. This is the back side, another camera vertical. Now, when we talk about the screen in the bolt euv uh, this is the newest and most updated version of the chevrolet mylink thats available in chevrolet land.

You have an awesome instrument, cluster that looks almost futuristic and it gives you the opportunity to have heated and cooled seats. A heated steering wheel. You can also change the temperature in the cabin space right down here. You have youre turning traction control off. This is for lane keep assist right here now there is another camera on the back of the vehicle just by toggling this. This actually shows you whats going on behind you. Oh man look theres a camera guy holy smokes and all you have to do to turn this back off is flick. This bottom right there also, if you move up top youre, going to see the lights over here as well. Now, just above this youre going to have the sunroof, which is panoramic, which goes from the front to the back, is im actually going to take the sunroof all the way open by pressing this button. The shade and the sunroof simultaneously well go back also theres onstar. As a feature, emergency sos is a feature, and you also on your mirror on your vanity mirrors, have the vanity lights so that you can see yourself. Whats up just got a new haircut, so i figured its looking pretty good. So the instrument cluster on the steering wheel does a couple different things. This little button right here is going to be for cruise control. Just to the right of this, you have the thing called forward collision, and this is a button to adjust um.

This is the distance of how far you would be away from the vehicle if i move over here to the other side of the steering wheel, youre gon na have your bluetooth options and, along with controlling the stuff in this display right here by pressing these arrows Down so this vehicle also has the capability of having wireless charging, so all i have to do is i have to have the right type of smartphone that is acceptable for wireless charging. The icon on this display right here that signifies that it is working, will be right here. This vehicle also comes equipped with wireless apple carplay, which i have using on my phone right now and you can go to the apple carplay icon and you can see what youre listening to, which is awesome. You can go back to the home screen and this will show you your maps along with waze and spotify and who you may be liking to call. I also have the ability to say: hey, siri call: mom Music. Look, you can call your own mother. I cant do that right. There shes like well whyd. He call me all right so also over here in the center. You have these awesome cup holders, along with additional storage right here. There is a cool thing that a lot of people dont know about, and you can see it right in here. This is going to look like a key fob with a key right here.

Why would you guys need that so simply put if your battery is dead in your key fob, you can stick that right there and the transmitter will pick up the key and notice that the key is in the car. So then, from there you would put your foot on the brake turn the button on and the car will start so thats a little easter egg. That is not very well known in these vehicles, how you would start the car without the key fob or the key battery being working in the key fob. So this interior is a unique interior in the bolt euv, and this is jet black with night shaft blue on the interior. You can see how the leather looks darker, but this is in fact blue with a bluer stitching where you get some other accents of the blue, along with the black same thing, in the back seats as well youre going to have that night, shaft, blue and the Other pieces of the black interior, the legroom, is ample. Let me show you this. Let me hop in the back real quickly and give you the opportunity to see a normal sized adult sit in the back seat. Right here is the back seat, and this back this front seat right here is actually ticking back just a little bit, but you cannotice the space that i have right back here. Also for the adults with young kids. The tie, downs right here for car seats will be right back here.

You can see these hidden right where these pouches are same thing on this side as well. You will have the tie downs, which are right here for the car seats, which i use for my three year old and my four month old right now. I am regularly driving a bolt ev, that is a 2021, but they have done some upgrades for the 22, and this is something that they added with the bolt euv much bigger space. If you guys happen to be in the market for a vehicle like this, you can reach us at 502, 499, 0800 or come see us at 4144.