Welcome to my channel in this episode im going to tell you what i think mg5 is the best value for money: uh, family, electric car, on the market coming up. So this is the car i bought. Three months ago i was driving nissan leaf. I had two actually uh for about five years and did over 100 000 miles, and i was looking for perfect replacement Music. I absolutely love those charging points, Music, Music. So in the last few months i have been testing several electric cars to replace my old nissan leaf. This was 2015 24 kilowatts an hour one, and i was really pleased with it. However, after five years i have decided that i need a little bit more range, so my goal it was to get a car with at least 120 miles uh. So if you would like to have a look at the cars i have tested, i will put the link of that playlist in the description below. So i have shortlist to three cars. I really really liked so it was mg5 nissan leaf, 40 kilowatt hour battery and mazda mx 30.. I think buying mg5 is a good option if youre looking for first or maybe second electric car first one is the performance now dont get me wrong. This isnt a performance car, however, its in the acceleration, is pretty impressive. To be honest from zero to a 60, it only takes 7.7 seconds, which is pretty impressive.

Some of the competitors, such as mazda mx30, is just about to do a slightly under 10 seconds. So for the family car, especially uh, a state car, i think its pretty impressive, so going off the junctions roundabouts, it feels really really nice and sporty. I remember when i was testing corsa e uh. For me, the suspension was just a little bit too hard and its too sporty, but here ive got the pleasure of driving and actually got the performance on the top of that and ive got a bigger car. Second, one is practicality. You can get quite easily two adults and three children in this car on the longer journeys weve done trips over 200 miles without any problems whatsoever. Also uh boots 464 millimeters. It is definitely the biggest in its class uh. So again, when you compare this to corsa e or mazda or even nissan leaf, it is a lot bigger than competitors. Weve got two dogs and it does the job get bikes in without any trouble whatsoever. Another one is the range, as i said before, i dont really need that 200 miles range, but now i noticed that actually i love it. I just we only charge the car once a week which is brilliant um, and then let me tell you some average figures that you can achieve driving this car. So i bought this in september 2021 um, but it was pretty pretty warm in average driving normally not much eco youre.

Looking at 3.7 miles to the kilowatts, when i was checking and driving eco in the town, you can actually get about 4.7 miles per kilowatt, which means you can get about 220 miles in the town, which is pretty impressive when it comes to motorway uh youre. Looking about 3.2 3.5, maybe in winter you can expect about three miles to the kilowatt with the heating on 2.8 on the motorway thats, what i was getting recently, i was doing a longer drive the other day. There was two degrees only i did 152 miles uh and i got home with five percent remaining, so you can see a difference um at winter. But again i dont again, i wasnt driving economically, i was just driving and lucky would um go with a normal car. When i had my niece and leave, i didnt have much choice so in average i was getting about five miles to the kilowatt hour and i was able to get about 84 miles. I remember i did the video and i did 84 miles on 2015, with 11 bars battery uh leaf, so that was pretty impressive, but now i can enjoy my driving and i dont really care about um range anymore. When you look at similar price cars uh, the range is pretty impressive. The zoe i tested had the longest range. However, it was a lot smaller car and i didnt like the driving experience on there. You get quite a lot um in the base model, so i bought the excite one, but i wish i got the uh exclusive one and because i didnt know that this car doesnt have keyless entry until you get the uh the next one up.

So its really disappointing, because i was pretty much sure there is gon na be a one because i have tested the exclusive one, but my bad, but when you buy the base model, you get a lot for your money. Uh youve got 16 inch, alloy wheels. Leather uh steering wheel satellite is pretty rubbish, but its there youve got aircon uh youve got reversing cameras, dab, radio, android auto. I remember when i was testing i3. You have to pay extra for android, auto, so im quite pleased with what i got in my base model. Another one pretty important one is the warranty mg will give you seven year, warranty and, i believe 70 or 80 000 miles. I cannot remember on the top of my head now, which is pretty impressive. Uh mazda, for example, will only give you three years same as corsa and all the competitors so its just to give you peace of mind that if something goes wrong, youve got the warranty and another one. The last one is the price. Now this car wasnt the cheapest from the one i tested, however, on monthly pcp payments, it was a lot cheaper than its competitors. Let me give you an example. When i was looking at mazda mx30, it was about 320 pounds with 1 000 pounds deposit 6k miles per year for four years now i managed to get this car for 255 pounds per month with the same deposits, miles etc.

Now i dont really understand because i was looking at some other cars, because i was really struggling to find one very quickly because i sold my uh old nissan leaf pretty quickly, and i was worried that i will not be able to get the car for september When the kids go back to school, so i was panicking and i was checking all the quotes. Um i was even inquiring for um, citroen c4 uh electric one and they were quoted me uh 400 pounds believe it or not, but nissan leaf was actually uh. The cheapest from those three, which was just over 225 pounds as far as i can remember, however, mg has ccs charging points: liquid cooled battery, um the the rapid gate on the 40 kilowatt nissan. That really puts me off uh, especially with the longer genius now ive got bigger car faster car, more warranty. So that was my choice. I think the the look isnt always most important, especially if you are on the budget. So now you can tell how much difference in price it is so i was using the cow to get that and none of the local dealers uh was able to beat us. I would really recommend to um try the car, while when youre gon na be buying the next car. Oh, so please remember to use octopus energy to save you some money. I will put the link in the description below so you can get yourself a 50 pounds.

Credit for your next bill, so that always helps and there you go probably one of the best um cheapest ish. As we all know, the price has gone up now, but yeah. I think the mg is an amazing value for money, electric car and i would really recommend everyone to uh to have a go with it. So thats it for today hope you enjoyed this episode and im hoping you found this useful and if you are looking to purchase mg5, let me know why you think it is a good option or maybe youve got one already.