So we are actually right now, um at a brand new, fast charger and that chargepoint has installed very close to where i live in coquitlam um and its rated at 62.5 kilowatt hours. So, a little bit more than a 50 kilowatt hour, um charger that we have from bc hydro before um and the goal today is well to review the charger as always and to see how much actual kilowatt were getting from from charging. So right now, looking at soul spy um the battery is at around 18 19 degrees, so its pretty good, um and lets see how much were actually gaining right now, so the car says 54 but sol spy says 50 actual kilowatt going into the battery, because obviously You know we have to think about um, you know uh battery care and and and the car trying to to cool the battery as its charging, but um so were getting a solid 50 right now the charger is rated at 62.. So i wonder if the battery warms up a little bit more, if were gon na, get a little bit more charge, but um im going to show you guys uh throughout the process, however, were doing it as always. Um right now were charging up to 80 percent. As always, which will take, according to the car 53 minutes, thats a long time, um thats on par with what bc hydro did for me, um so well see um. If this is any better or if this gets my recommendation um it might be an expensive charge.

So well see well see the pricing afterwards so stick around, and then you guys will uh will get a review from not review a summary at the end from me and um were going to look at how much everything uh cost and and and see if its Worth it to to charge that 10 to 80., i believe we started. I think, like 11 now were at 15. um and ill be checking in periodically as we as we see now. Weve increased to 51.8 um and the car is showing 55. ill flip the camera around later and show you guys how it goes. But i wonder if were actually going to get the full 62.5 um, not sure we will see well see, okay ill be uh back a little bit later, once we hit some, maybe 20 25, all right guys time for an update, um, we have put um how Many percent about 15 – i would say into the battery so far – were 25 106 kilometer kilometers of range and it kind of topped out for a second there at um at 55. So that was the highest that i saw, but i got to show you guys something really really cool um and i think that other charging companies have to follow suit and and do what um, what chargepoint is doing um so the chargepoint app um. I started the charge with an rfid card, but, as you guys can see here sorry, my reflections in the way today is actually a very sunny day.

So, as you guys can see here, we have the charging curve displayed on a graph. Now, how awesome is this and exactly how much money were spending so far, so 2.63 cents for 13 minutes, yeah 11.52 kilowatt hour added? Okay, not the speed, how much weve added yeah so right now it is at 53. lets see what um our good friend here! Soul spy says in terms of actual numbers, so in terms of actual numbers, we are getting 52.2 kilowatt into the battery 363.8 volts or 145.4 amps. So that is the actual energy that is put being put into the battery and lets see how warm we are so were at 22 to 23 degrees right now in the battery pack. So yeah, not bad. I mean lets see how long this will stay at around 53 to 55. um. The curve does show um that there isnt much fluctuations, as you guys can see here and its pretty much updated in real time. So i think that when were looking at charging and charging speeds and evaluating charging itself, i think that charge points really well on point um, with the way that theyve implemented their app here, because it really does make it easier for us users to kind of gauge. Hey you know: when does it really drop off? When can we uh, you know unplug and go because we dont want to be spending too much money right. So look were at 28, 53 thats pretty stable um.

To be honest, i didnt think im going to get a full 62.5 out of this charger, but i am getting more than 50. um, so the 50 kilowatt chargers that chargepoint has here where i live um top out on my car at alarm 45. I would say so: this is still pretty dang good when it comes to just getting a quick charge, so, as you guys can see its an industrial area theres some sort of like technical school or something here with solar panels, which is very, very cool. I thought that they actually powered the charger, but i dont know if they do maybe ill ask. Then, on the other side, there is my favorite deli arctic deli. So if you guys are ever in vancouver, um come and check out arctic, they make the best call cuts ever. But apart from that, thats pretty much it in terms of this general area, but well go around the corner there and then ill show you guys a plaza where you can go, get something to eat right behind the charger chargers here right behind the charger. Youve got picnic tables, so if you guys come here and charge and you want to have a little picnic in the industrial area go ahead, so you keep walking around the corner um because down there is an intersection and theres a starbucks um a cannabis store. If you want to buy some cannabis, um uh some sort of asian place, but theres no sidewalk to walk on and its quite a busy street up there.

So just be careful when youre walking around here, but yeah um from the charger to there to the starbucks. Would be like i dont know five minutes walking, i guess all right im gon na venture further but thats the plaza i was talking about so you walk down from there to here and what do we have there? Ah guy got in the way. What do we got? Um? We got a subway, we got a w and we got starbucks and i think, like a corner store or something like that. So you just cross here lights and all that and then you can go there and buy stuff and i might be a little bit old school when it comes to different things, but i really enjoy having um physical, rfid cards when im charging. I like the apps. Obviously those are cool, but i dont know its kind of nice to just have a card with you and just tap it and its much faster than filling with your phone all the time. So let me know in the comments below guys, if you are just relying on apps or you also like to um, to have physical cards sent in, and this was for was for free from chargepoint. The first one is always free, so kudos to chargepoint, because bc hydro charged me, like i think, 12 or something all right guys were at 53 state of charge and were at a steady, 59 kilowatt, which is very nice.

Lets see what soul spy says. What are we getting through soul, spy here, soul, spy, says 58.2, so pretty much on the money. 377.2 volts on 154.6 amps going into the battery lets, see um how warm we are right now. So we are at 29 degrees at its highest and 27 at its lowest. One more feature that im going to kind of geek out about um that i really love about these chargers is actually having a status light. So right now its blue, and you know that its in use, if its green, that is available and red just means you cant charge because somethings broken with the charger. So this is something that is awesome and i think other chargers should be implementing something similar, because sometimes you pull up to a charger and it doesnt work, and especially ever since i got the tesla when im driving the tesla um im getting the same thing where Sometimes, chargers dont work and there are no lights to indicate that theyre broken. So you pull up you plug in and it yeah and it doesnt work so charge point one more thing that i really like about your chargers: are the lights really really cool and there it is our first significant dip. At 74 it went down to 36 kilowatt um lets, look at our little graph here. You guys can see here its showing the dip um, so yeah 74., so a little bit earlier than the bc hydro, but only just by one percent.

So i wouldnt consider that a big uh, a disadvantage, as you guys can see, were almost finished charging. We got three minutes left and that was another. Significant dip now were at about 24 kilowatt. So again, you guys can see the curve here so ramp up up to the top here, where we held that for a few good minutes and then the first little dip and then the bigger dip and now were from 30 going down to 24.. I wonder if thats going to stay at 24 um or if its going to dip just before the end, but i think it will stay at 24.. Theres theres, no reason for it to to go any lower than this charging has been completed were at 80. State of charge heres the charging curve ill put it up as a screenshot. When i do my summary for you guys and then well, look at the price and total everything and uh see how long it took and all that good stuff. But yeah um charge point on point: im gon na stop making that joke, but really um so far, im very happy with uh this new charger, much better than the 50 kilowatt that they have um in the city, all right. One more thing about the chargers that i like the top portion: swivels. If you need to um, you know you park too far away and you need to get the cable um plugged in so it swivels, which is awesome.

So on this charger you guys got tradimo ccs and the swiveling top, and you see im finished. It says available how nice i wish everybody did that, how hard can it be all right, guys time for a summary, so how was chargepoint? Did i like it? Was it a good experience? I think it is um and i think it was a good experience um. I would definitely say its not a fast charger that you would be using on a road trip thats for sure thats, where you have your electrify canada ones. You have your extra fly america for for anybody, whos watching out of the states. Um youve got your in canada um. You know petrocanada fast chargers, even though im not a fan of them, as you guys know, um still thats available and it charges the car um faster than what weve experienced. Today. However, i would say that this charge point is a great city charger, and what do i mean by that? I mean lets say that if you have to do something right so, for example, like youre going to a shopping center or doing something while youre doing that thing charge your car all right. So, with my kia soul ev, it took um around one hour to fully charge the car. I will tell you guys in a second all of the stats um but thats a great. You know, city charger, something that you can just you know visit a a shopping center or a supermarket or whatever plug in and charge.

Now the biggest issue is this that, where i live, um chargepoint does not have many of these 62.5 kilowatt chargers. Most of them are 50 kilowatt and those i couldnt really recommend because theyre too expensive for what you get um, i would go for the bc hydro any day of the week. So i wouldnt recommend the 50 kilowatt uh chargers from chargepoint, but this one, the 62.5 thats, definitely something that i would recommend. Okay, anyways um lets jump into some numbers all right. So here are the juicy details in terms of numbers, so the whole charge just like what the car said at the beginning, um took 58 minutes from the time we plugged in we got a total of 303 kilometers im gon na put a screenshot right up here. For you guys, um we put in 49.52 kilowatt hours were added into the battery and the total cost was 11.68 cents. Canadian and, as you guys can see, the graph is pretty amazing um. I can still move my finger around and get all the all the juicy details around the curve and at 20 minutes exactly 20 minutes into the charge we jump up to 58 then go up to like 58 59 um thats, pretty amazing. I have to say and um we topped off 59. When did we hit 59 here we hit 59 and it was a steady 59 from 27 minutes in um. At a it, doesnt say the state of charge, unfortunately, but yeah 27 minutes into the charge.

Weve got that 59 kilowatt, which then kind of um continued all the way down then to 24 at the end. So not bad, like i said screenshot right here, you guys can have a look. So do i recommend it? Yes, i do for specific purpose. So, just like, i said its, the city charger go to the store plug in charge. Would you be using this on a road trip only if you have to there are faster, better options out there, but what i do like i love the app that shows me. The charging curve, i love the way that the hinge on the top moves. So if you park a little bit further away, you can still plug in quite easily what i love. I love the light that says its available or in use or if its broken. It just says that right um, you know and its its just colored. You know you got green for okay, red for dont, come because it doesnt work and blue when somebody is charging. So they add colors to everything and its its just. I dont understand why other companies are not doing that. Honestly, everybody get together and finally do something about this, because its not only me saying this, but every ev owner says the same thing. We pull up to chargers and we dont know if theyre working or not so lets get this together, learn from chargepoint theyve managed to do it. I dont know whats stopping the rest of you guys.

You know from doing the same. So, yes, i recommend it as a city charger. Definitely road trip charger, ah, not as much um, but if you need a charge its always there. I am very excited that now i will be able to go to america, because the borders are open with canada and i want to check out the chargepoint dc fast chargers really fast ones. I think they got like a 150 kilowatt ones, or something like that. I dont even know, but i want to go and test those out because for now i love it okay, so for 11.68 cents that was a great charge. So i highly recommend it if you guys are driving in the city check it out and use it.