I really love that uh the bentley got revamped and the revamped. I think it was the only cars from wrong. Tell me okay, so it goes yeah 7.6 and 157. Top speed. 60 is the reward. Oh wait wrong. Car! Okay! I love how this thing works, its electric made by gm, its pretty fun. Do you all have the new car. I love this new car, its pretty cool jeez. What is happening like jeez lets, get you a thousand subscribers. We have five shout out to whoever the fifth one is thanks for subscribing um yeah, so lets race. I like this track. I think its pretty good just because, like oh gosh, bad stir about start, but like its really get fast, acceleration. Its got good con good handling id say not as good as the new lamborghini truck you can like slower. So you dont mess up as much like. You wont just drive off the side of that unless your bedroom, like me, um yeah, oh man, if anything is with this truck um, i dont think the front really yeah, okay lets not front does not really have much like sensitivity. I think i just got all right: dont try this at home, kids yeah. I dont think you will anyways okay, yeah dont, try anything i do on here at home eat and were gon na go. Try it out for the dirt race check out how good it does on there. I hope it does pretty good, because i really like this track and im going to use it against other cause.

Yeah comment down below what your favorite car in cbt is. Its mines – probably this or the oh, my gosh – this is the tacoma. Oh youre done nowhere. Okay, im living the life in a watch: recovery, Music! You guys like the red, i might change the colors. I changed the colors to red because i kind of like it, but i dont know if i like it anymore, got boring orange. If you didnt know my orange is my favorite color i dont care what youll say well looks. Oh that looks good all right. You feel like that looks sick. Okay, now all right were getting ready, ready lets. Do three laps lets go ahead and do that which guys, which one do you guys like more the dirt race or the off road race new one? I really i like both im. Not in a private server make sure you like and subscribe and um join my discord. You can chat with me, you can get show me some cool pictures. You took in this game and you can see some of the ones i take because im bored and i just take them because they look kind of cool and you can be in videos with me ill. I will um if youre in my discord, you can join my private server, which i will start making more videos in um, so yeah ill have to ill post it on there later. If youve joined um yeah, you can talk to me anything and sometimes ill.

Even like call me like on this, one youll never get my number another secretive. My number, unless you know me personally, dont stalk me, okay, i, like the lights on this. I really like liking this okay, so im just bad at this race, so thats why i did three, so i can show you guys if i do a good lap here, this ones more like a rally car dirt race, in my opinion like if they made like Race, car off roading cars: this would be the race to race them on, because its got like the ramps and all that the offer. This is more like for just trucks operating okay, so im doing good now see. This is why i didnt want to do one left see how bad i am im, not sure how good i am not that good. Okay, so you dont earn a ton. Unless you do five laps five laps is the best way to go. I dont know why.