Today we will be reviewing the futuristic tesla model 3 performance. So now i would like to talk about an engine its not an engine, its its got a 76 kilowatt dual electric motors in it its the top speed, is 144 miles per hour. The note 60 time is 3.2 seconds and it reduces 450 rate calls an hour. I would like to call about the front of the car, so its got one mep head nice, air intakes better arizona makes because its got no engine. You get a root on the front as well. This car is sitting on 20 inch hancock tires. I also like the chrome ammo wheels with the silver plate calipers it makes the car look really beautiful. Now i would like to talk about the inside of the tesla, so its got buttons on the steering wheel and also you can charge everything by the touchscreen which controls everything such as heating, the sea, the air conditioning and different settings as well on the touchscreen in The tesla you have different game modes and also, if you play this racing game, you use the steering wheel to drive the car in the game. I would now like to talk about the rate of the car, so its got a really panoramic sunroof, which goes right to the end and also its not usb charging ports and also its not cup holders in the back and its really spacious, its got a nicer Space, i would like to thought about the back of the car.

Theyve got a rainbow blue space at the back and its got two bits to it as well. The tesla has also got a deploying charger point on a single charge. Itll go up to 400 miles with a tesla supercharging voice. You can do 150 miles in 15 minutes its got adjustable wing mirrors and on the side of the car, its got cameras, so it can go 360.. Ive got something silly to show you. If you want to play a joke on someones, you can press the parting seats noise. So when they sit down, you think theyre farted, but they have it. This car doesnt come with a key. It comes with a card that you put the card on the side of the car and it unlocks it. So, instead of the card, you can use the smartphone to unlock the car. Instead, i would rather have the tesla model threes and then c63 amg, the bmw m3 and the afromale clutches video. To me this is faster, quicker and more practical.