A lot of people have been looking for this, so lets get straight into it, exact same styling on the outside as the original one. To my knowledge um. This is based on in on the row e5, which is a combustion engine uh estate in china, and so the front of it. You dont have a fronc, you have bits and pieces in there, you have uh sayak, light technology with the dual or the running daytime, led lights, and i think theyre halogen bulbs that are in there from what i could see on the outside. So nice chrome features along the front. Uh youve got that front charging flap thats down here, and it has ac and dc ccs at 6.6 kilowatt on ac and up to 80 kilowatts on uh dc. Nice chrome detail out of the front, but some people dont like the look of this car. They think its very uh dated and its an uh style, thats reminiscent of older european models like an old passat, et cetera bush. I think its fine. You know it doesnt. Im a fan of estate, so i like the form factor of the style and might be the prettiest bush. This is one of the best value electric vehicles that you can get on. The road todays video is sponsored by easy go as well as being irelands largest ev charging network easygo supports over 10 000 irish ev drivers to find and use more than 1200 charge points active on the easygo app.

This works across the island of ireland, north and south. The team at easygo also provide home workplace and public charges, together with fleet management and payment service solutions, ideal for businesses, transitioning their fleets to electric vehicle driving. So, overall, some nice creases on the bonnet that chrome detailing around the front youve got that spoiler down here as well. That comes in two trims: the excite and the exclusive and ill go through the differences when im inside, because it is five degrees outside now um. Some nice chrome elements down at the front here where the fog lights might go. Moving down along the side. Youve got 16 inch tires in it again. Some people say itd be nicer with the bigger tires, but ride comfort. You know the bigger the tire, the more expensive it is potentially as well. These are retractable, and this is the excite this exclusive and you know that by the retractable by the roof rails – and these now are rated for 75 kgs, whereas before on the original ones, there was a whole question around it. You have keyless entry with a push button. Youve still got some chrome around the windows and nice. This is a lovely color as well, and then obviously it has the estate um rear end of it. Let me know in the comments what you think of the looks of it. Are you going to go for the mg5 long range, a lot of families, a lot of people looking to get into electric vehicles? Some of these have been converted to commercial applications.

I know that james and kates youtube, channel and james is working for cleveley, ev and hes gone around the uk service and electric vehicles, hes converted one uh or theyve converted. One and a lot of taxis are interested in this. There was a big grant or there is a big grant available in ireland, the uh it ran out or it got used up in 2021 here and it will be coming back in 2022, so lots of options for us and theyre selling well because of the value, Because of what youre getting and now with this long range version um and the differences between this and the previous one bigger battery – and this has mg pilot as well, but well talk about all the features once we get inside once we get out the road but Lets go around the back and have a look at the boot round at the back of the mg5 long range. You have your high level brake light. You have your rear window, wipe which is great to see some new electric vehicles. Havent got it not mentioning high on the hyundai ioniq 5 or kia. Ev6 weve got this lovely chrome strip that goes underneath nice, big mg badging and the mg5 station wagon sw and then electric vehicle, and then it is push button and then youve got about 470 liters of space with the tanner cover on it and then above that, Then it brings up to about 550 and then internally, then its about 1400 but ill put the full um literatures on the screen.

1400 odd. Once you put the seats down so plenty of space, there is a bit of a load lip uh underneath it then you have space for a spare tire. So if you do need that, but at the moment it is a small little um flat tire kit, not much else going on inside in the left in the boot, there is a little led light. You have some storage spaces, you have your charging cable and you have your three pin domestic charger as well. In this version. Sorry in both versions in this car that i have today, but otherwise there isnt a 12 volt charging socket that i could find whats it like on the inside of the mg5 long range again exactly the same technically, not exactly the same as the original one. There is potentially one difference, but anyway, moving from the door over good tonk, decent size door, pocket youve got your electric windows that you can lock and also youve got your center locking on the door here as well start stop button over my knee with the wing Mirror adjustment and the headlight level, nice, leather, clad or leather effect, clad steering wheel 3 spoke on the left hand, side is your volume and your phone controls and on the right hand, side then, is your excuse me, voice activation and menu option selection options on it. As well, nice and good size, the screen is a good size. Youve got a 8 inch driver display.

On the left hand, side youve got your speed uh in in miles per hour on the outside, because these are coming in from mg uk and even in ireland. The miles per hour on the outside im not sure if theyre going to change that or in the inside, you can see your kilometers per hour anyway and on the left hand, side, then, is your percentage power that youre using or whether youre regening with the regen. The cars button is down in the middle, but we talked about that behind that then youve got your lights on the left hand, side and, on the right hand, side. You have your wiper system and the difference between this and the original one is. You now have mg pilots youll see the blue button down here. So that is your adaptive. Cruise control, adaptive, excellent – and there are a lot of other driver, assists and well talk about that when were out for the drive, uh 10 inch screen and its not the best. With regards to uh, um responsiveness is the word im looking for, but not bad and then android, auto and apple carplay are included on both models. The connection and the can be a bit finicky. Sometimes but again this is a value car, but id say with software updates. Thatll get better, youve got your car settings, youve got music, youve, got heated, seats, front, left and right in the front on the exclusive model, and then underneath that, then you have a 12 volt.

You have a mirroring usb and then a usb type. A for power. Then, but below that, then youve got physical, knobs and bottles for your hvac air conditioning system. Youve got your drive modes, youve got your um neutral, eco sport and normal. Then youve got your cars kinetic energy recovery system, which is your regen and that can go all the way up from one two or three um and then youve got your mode. Selector reverse neutral drive and a big p in the middle for parking handbrake automatic handbrake, which is great to see two different size cupholders and then underneath that, then you have your armrest with a nice little gap up top, then youve got your sos button. Youve got your visors, there is no, there are no lights, um either side for your vanity merges. There are. It is an auto dimming rear view mirror, which again is good to see either side. Some people talk about when theyre charging the phone. I know where to put the phone, but actually theres, two uh pockets, either side that you can plug it in and sit the phone on either side, which is nice. Heated seats, are amazing today. Thank you very much theres, some nice um leather effect on the doors. The seats are in the exclusive model: theyre electronically, adjusted on the driver side. Yet the manual the passenger side is um manually adjusted, but i got memory on the drivers side. Overall, a nice glove box as well, some light wet plastics, um but durability.

There is a nice little carbon effect flash across the dash as well its not bad. I liked it. This is the second time ive reviewed the mg5 and ill take the review of the other one up on the screen, so its very similar um lets have a seat in the back. The main element of this, the difference is the range and the driving assistance. If you think this car is for you, you can contact easygo and register for the app by clicking the link on the screen or in the description here in the back of the mg5, and this seat is set for me. I probably could move it forward a bit more, but it is up against my knees. Im 106 foot to 187 odd centimeters ive got some magazine holders and the seat is tight enough on my feet because its low down because of my height, i had the same issue in the original mg5 on the exclusive model you get two usb type. As for charging devices in the back, there are two isofix seats: theres, a armrest with built in cup holders and the seats are 60 40 split. There is no light back here. Youve got your hat. Your grab, handle and youve got your coat hook. Youve got your electric windows: youve got your door pockets decent, decent tank in the door as well lets. Take it out for a spin before we go for a spin lets, have a look at the difference between the entry level excite and then the exclusive.

So, on the excite i said it was a 10 inch screen. Apologies, its an 8 8 inch screen um. Both models get the driver, assist and well talk about that when were out for a driving an 8 inch touchscreen a dab radio in ireland that doesnt make any difference anymore, because theyve turned off the dab system, but obviously in the uk they still have it. Android. Auto and apple carplay as a standard, a six speaker, um system, bluetooth, rear parking camera, which you dont get a lot of electric vehicles as standard uh. Looking at you or the q4 e tron uh, electric parking brake with auto hold three driver modes. We talked about satellite nav, which is built in a bit slow but not bad. Three stage: regen braking rotary gear, selector, speed, sensor, locking adaptive cruise control. We talked about and thats on the entry level, remote control center, locking push button, rear parking, sensors, air conditioning fabric upholstery, whereas its a leather steering wheel, driver and passenger sun visor, seven inch driver display. I thought that was eight and ten apologies, uh front and rear electric windows with one touch driver up down option four usb ports, usb mobile phone charging function and an auto dimming rearview mirror so thats on the entry level. Then, on top of that, the exclusive one im driving today, you get smart, keyless entry, push button engine, start leather style, perforated, upholstery heated front seats which we talked about, and i thought it was five degrees, its actually three degrees.

It is freezing uh, six way adjustable seat for the driver and also a lumbar support automatic air conditioning, whereas the entry level has just standard air conditioning, uh front and rear electric windows with one touch up and down on the exclusive which does this one electrically adjusted. Folding heated door mirrors rain sensing wipers on the exclusive and silver roof rails. So the way you know on the outside is with the roof rails and you get those extra bits as um included in it prices in ireland. I know a lot of you watch from the uk or i havent got the uk prices before i get to prices: theres five colors white, blue silver, black and red. Obviously this is the red one. Uh prices in ireland are coming in at bum, 29645 after grants. For the entry level excite and then the exclusive is 32 896., so thats with that bigger battery and well talk about the battery size and were out the only optional extras, then are metallic paint or tri coat paint and its 700 euros or 900 euros. So if youre in the united kingdom, i presume those prices and those options will be something similar converted over. But we have vrt over here lets. Take it out for a drive and go through some of the driving features, because the range and the battery and the driver assist are the big difference in the um lg5 mg5 long range. So the difference in battery size between this one and the original one is the original one.

I had a 48.8 kilowatt hour usable battery, whereas this one has a 6 57 kilowatt hour usable battery. What does that mean its saying? The wltp for this car is 402. Were probably getting nearer to 340 350 real world now? What does a wltp mean? I have a separate video on the channel with dr you mcturk from plug life television, who talks about how the wltp rating is given to all types of cars, not just electric um. What modes they go in, what the temperature is ambient temperature and the speeds etcetera, so have a look at that if youre interested is wondering, why does the wltp now? What i will say is if youre driving this urban town, a lush and its good weather, not too cold, youll, probably get more than 400 kilometers and so its all to do a driving style temperature and how youre and where youre driving. As i said, if its motorway and its cold that will come down sub 300, so just have a chat. There are a lot of drivers out there now theres a couple of drivers as well. This is only coming to ireland, its in the uk in a while, and so have a chat on the forums with regards to people who own these already and what theyre actually getting if it is for business, if its a taxi driver have a look at this Zero to 100 is 7.7 seconds 7.7 seconds. Yeah top speed is 185 kilometers an hour more electric motoring, its 115 kilowatts.

It has 156 ps, 260 newton meters of torque. We talked about the ac charge and its 6.6 kilowatt ac, and that takes about 10 hours. 15 minutes to charge on a regular domestic charger at home, um and then on ac. It is sorry dc can take up to 80 kilowatts, and so that will take you to um if you can find an 80 kilowatt charge or above 10 to 80. In 42 minutes, the majority of charges in ireland are 50 kilowatts easygo, which is the video sponsor for today, theyre gon na start putting in uh some 75 kilowatts, but if its a 50 kilowatt charger and youre going from 10 to 80 percent itll, take you over The hour so its a seven year, warranty 150 kilometer, 150 000 kilometers um warranty with the mg5, which is great that covers everything, uh mechanical and um the battery as well so its great to see this. Obviously, mg is now owned by uh science motors saic in china, bringing lots of different versions to market. So this has a bigger brother, the mg zscv and thats, getting refreshed as well thats going to be on the channel very soon with that new design. Externally and internally, so what are the driver assists? So you have adaptive cruise control to maintain a safe distance from the car in front of active emergency. Braking lane keep assist traffic jam, assist and thats, where the car will actually lock onto the car in front of it and stop start as the cars in front of it is going down.

And then you also have intelligent, high beam, so lots of and that mg assist when i drove the mg zs the original one. I really liked it and i missed it on the um. I missed it on the the mg5, the original one, so its great to have it on here great to have the bigger battery yeah its a nice package, thats all the stats and figures whats it like to actually drive um nice driving position. Actually this one for some reason i dont feel i need to go down as much maybe im getting used to this estate sedan saloon body shape, whereas i felt in the original review. I wanted to be down more and the seat. Wouldnt go down enough for me, but all good um, its nicely weighted good ride seats are comfortable, smooth torquey enough ive had a couple of wheel, spins already and so yeah youre not going to be left wanting its not the most luxurious dont get me wrong, but For this kind of money around that 30 000 euro mark um its very good value, and it says probably the best value ev at the moment in the marketplace and its sibling, the mgz sev. Let me know in the comments, if you think its good value, would you go for something like this? Do you want to have an suv? There is a updated looking mg5 estate in europe im, not sure if its going to come to the united kingdom and ireland and if it does itll be another year year and a half in my opinion.

So mg are moving so fast with their model variations and what theyre coming along. So at the moment, weve got the full electric mgzv, which has been refreshed in ireland, um and then also the five which were driving today. Then weve got the refreshed, five, maybe or maybe not coming out in ireland. It is in europe, its a bit more angular a bit more futuristic looking and then the marvel ore, which is their premium suv, whether that comes to ireland in the uk, yet to be confirmed overall, i really like what mg are doing its value. A lot of people are interested in that they dont want all the bells and whistles, but this has a lot of bells and whistles and so showed a bit of acceleration there and thats. My review, hopefully youve enjoyed it. As i said, let me know in the comments what you think and remember, if you think a dv is for you leave it to me and ill review thanks.