It goes like this. Oh, this is awful theyve totally ruined it, not really it actually goes. Okay. This is basically the same, except quite a its a bit quicker its a bit more expensive to buy in a bit a lot cheaper to run tada volvo xc, 40, electric actually thats, not quite true, the being exactly the same thing. Sometimes they get a bit of a redesign usually around the grill and thats, because an ev doesnt need the same sort of cooling as a petrol or diesel engine ta da new grill, and sometimes they get some interior adjustments to make them look more. Futuristic. Oh yeah. This really is just an xc40 with an electric drivetrain in it i say just an xc40. This is actually one of the best family cars on the market today, the same car that i reviewed just last year, so in the spirit of efficiency – and this is an av that were reviewing, after all, so its totally relevant and legitimate im going to refer to That review throughout this one to prove the point and also to avoid basically repeating the same things over and over again, but just in a slightly different way, this isnt the rocky franchise after all, in any sense there, just isnt an easier or more cost effective way Of getting into a new car than leasing with vanarama click, the link at the top of the screen or google vanarama to find your new lease of life, maybe watch the video first though, and please hit subscribe to make sure you never miss the best car content On the internet, so then whats so great about the volvo xc40.

Well, firstly, its because of the details – and there are many of them and they are good. So if you think about car interior right, some manufacturers, they design the front bits of the car. The glory bits, the bits that everybody talks about and that you look at most of the time and then they get to the back end and its like they cant be bothered anymore, so they just stick a big hole in there. Volvo didnt do that right. So the xc40 doesnt have the biggest boot in the clasp by volume, but it is the most thoughtful and therefore probably the best so its not just that theres a twin level boot floor because thats quite common now, although it does make loading stuff a lot easier. But the adjustable part itself folds up to create this crevice thing, so you can drop your shot bags in and itll stop them from rolling around really simple but really clever, and then, of course, it has hooks and elastic to strap things in and a ski hall Stuff, like that and the electric xc40s boot is all but identical, plus, because this car is driven by two small electric motors rather than having a big petrol or diesel engine at the front. You also get a bit of space at the front, a frunk now its not very big, but it is enough to put your cables in, and that means you dont have to have them flopping around the boot all the time and because the interior is unchanged, it Remains one of the most flexible in the family crossover market? So back to other me, there are so many cubby holes, its almost aggressive.

There are storage spaces up here for like everything, including right. So youve got this little box here, theres a net where you can keep a music circle, so theres jimmy neal, theres ant and deck everything. Now you could maybe criticize the glove box for being a little bit on the small side, because once its got the manual in there, you cant get much else in, but other than that right. This cabin plays out like a mobile storage facility for all your bits and all your bobs give you a little example right down here. There are two slots where you can keep. I dont know ikea family cards, you know, sweden, and it also has plenty of space. All around including a high roof line for that calming sense of airiness and lots of rear legroom, and yet it still feels sort of compact around you and fairly agile. The big car feel also presents itself because of this things fundamentally tremendous ergonomic qualities as in youll get comfortable, whether youre very tall or very short, its been fastidiously designed, and it has touchy. Soft touchy feel plastics in all the right places as in up here and along here, but not so much down there and then theres the infotainment, which has evidently been designed by somebody who has at least seen an ipad once, and that is not always the case. With in car infotainment software now i know that some people dont like having a screen controlling all the main stuff temperature, mainly, but i think thats often because of a bad experience with a bad screen.

So all that applies to this, like i said its the same, although i have to say that, with the passage of time, this screen looks a bit small. Now i remember when i first drove this car and the xc90 as well. The screen looked massive because all other screens tended to be a lot smaller than this. Not many of them were portrait, but these days the big plastic surround makes it look a bit big bezeled, its kind of like when you get a new flat screen tele and all of a sudden, the old one that you had, which you thought was dead. Modern looks a bit fat around the edges. Thing is, though, if you ditch the internal explosion engine and you replace it with a couple of little electric motors and a battery pack, then you are going to fundamentally change the character of the call right. Well, lets jump back and see what that character is basically like, so it does that suv thing of sitting high up in the cabin. So you get good visibility in that sense. That youre, looking down on everybody else, obviously thats, assuming that the other people arent also in suvs, which lets face it. They probably are and then theres the more fundamental issue of ride quality, which, in my opinion, this car gets bang on for the most part. So, to give you a bit of context that car out there that im driving is on 21 inch wheels and because its an r design spec car its on sports suspension, which is stiffer, in other words, everything you could possibly do to ruin the ride of an Xc40 done here, and yet, apart from maybe a little more judder than you would want, when the roads not very good its fine, its better than fine, actually its very nice, in fact its measurably comfortable.

You know its soft and its calm. What that also means, of course, is that if you spec your xc40 with normal size wheels and the tyres have a thicker sidewall on them, and you get adaptive damping, which you can its optional, then the ride quality of this car becomes – and i dont say this Lightly luxury car comfortable. Well, what do you know? This is basically the same, keep saying that dont. I again, though, in pure ride quality terms. This is set up to fail because its got two motors. Now its got a flat battery pack pressing down on the middle of the car, and it also has quite big wheels 20s. But dont worry because, despite all that, the xc40 in electric guys hi guys im smee hi, guys im smee hi, guys, im sh retains the slightly wavy very non firm sense of general comfort. But then, alongside that, as i alluded to at the start, its much much quieter and even the tires are really quiet, which is quite surprising because theyre quite low profile. Because again this cars on 20s and the seats themselves are dead flat and comfy. And all of this stuff together makes this car feel more luxurious than ever, but what you also get with this particular one on top of all that is this astonishing turn of pace honestly, this car is much quicker than is really necessary. Its quite clever actually, though, because it has got a really smooth throttle response, so it doesnt feel twitchy.

But if you plant your foot in this thing, bloody hell, yeah hail the pace: hello, billy, hello, johnny, thats, a modern cultural reference point for you, isnt it one for the 80s kids anyways volvo recently introduced a single motor version of this, and, to be honest with You thats, probably the most prudent recommendation. I can give you because this one is basically a pulse star 2 underneath, and that means that this one has two 201 horsepower electric motors one at the front, one at the back and they get this fat ass. Crossover to 62 miles per hour in less than five seconds. It is amazing right, but you just do not need your family crossover to be this quick. To be honest, its only really fun in a straight line, its obviously good for overtaking and its good for scaring your friends in the passenger seat, because they will not be expecting it at all. This course just not set up the handle in a fun way, its, not a facilitator of cornering lols. It has quite a lot of body roll built into it. The steerings really light its a comfy crossover. It is probably slightly better than im making it out to be. It has a four wheel, drive system, it grips well, but actually it doesnt even pretend to be a nice handling car its not one of those sporty crossovers that there are loads of now. There are no sport modes or anything like that, and you cant really adjust much about the driving experience.

Apart from a couple of options within the software, you can set it up for one pedal driving which gives you that really strong brake energy, recapture effect and theres a switch for steering firmness but thats more of just a preference thing. If you let your steering rack, have a bit more heft yeah. This is a car focused very much on convenience. So all electric versions of the xc40 have a feature called convenience entry and start what that means is. If youve got the key in your pocket or wherever just about your person, you can just get into the car without having to unlock it, and then you can just stick it in the drive and start it without having to press a start. Stop button every xc40 electric also gets a hands: free, tailgate, dual zone climate control, four years worth of data for your google maps, software and, of course, because its a volvo loads of safety stuff. So every one of them has lane keeping assist and emergency city braking. But they also all have a system that detects when youve run off the road and then takes measures to protect you a bit better. So itll tighten the seat, belts and stuff like that and as per all new volvos, now its limited to a 112 miles per hour, top speed, which is obviously more than youll ever need, but that just kind of prevents anyone whos a bit accelerator happy from going Too far on the autobahn, obviously, and all that stuff is why, even though every part of me likes how quick this is – and this is the one that my instinct tells me – that i should tell you to get really actually the best recommendation i can give you Is to get the single motor one.

This drivetrain works well in the pulse store, because that is a quick and sportier car. But in this you just dont need it its cheaper. It has all the same basic equipment and the battery will charge at the same rapid rate, and even though it has basically the same official battery range, its probably going to be a bit more efficient for you, because you will be more inclined to drive it more Sensibly, when you havent got all that pace to enjoy so over the last week, ive been getting about three miles per kilowatt hour out of my dual motor car, which, coincidentally, is about the same as i was getting in the porstar 2 that i just drove 1200 Miles around scotland a couple of weeks ago, ill stick a link to that video below it is really worth watching. If you want to find out what its like to properly stress test the dv, what the infrastructures like how the battery does stuff like that and charging is as easy as you could hope for this side of a tesla. So again, the battery is fairly large and it will take charge at a rate of up to 150 kilowatts if you can find a station that will do that, but it just means that any rapid station that you find basically youll be able to use and get This charge from north to about 80 in well under an hour and thats about it.

Really volvo has fashioned a powerful zero emissions drivetrain and an energy dense battery, and it stuck it into a family crossover that was already one of the best ones on the market and the result is predictably exceptional. Now i would say that this is the best electrically powered family ev out there for all of those reasons. But of course we now have a cavalcade of not so ridiculously priced family evs to choose from so. If youre less bothered about prestige, then the updated mgzs is a really good car now, because they put a much bigger battery in it and the battery range was always the main problem with that car. It was otherwise very good, very well priced, very spacious, decent quality and for similar money. You can get what i consider to be the coolest ev on sale today, the hyundai ioniq 5., or you could have it not quite as cool subjectively, but just as good korean cousin. The kia ev6, and i do prefer this to the mercedes aqa. But if you dont, then i wont judge you for that. I wouldnt judge you for any of your car preferences to be honest, its all subjective in it anyways. This is really good. You should try one well leave it there, thanks for watching hit subscribe. If you havent done so already do watch the evros, video thats, the 1200 mile one i was talking about before, have a look at our other reviews and ill see.