You can see petrol prices at la haika air, so danter comparison, its completely uh, quite a contrast, opposite kind of thing. Yes, it comes around 220. 230., hardly 40 to 50 example. Name. Basically, i love to drive in sports mode youre gon na get sports mode booming, though the main reason i have gone with this weekend. Our sports mode level, enthusiast sports mode level, hardly 120 to 150, hardly depends on the pedaling pedaling at least 100 120, and they can take it. We cant move on at 100 that its dangerous. If you go too fast nexon, you will know top speed. One two tier one: you you have you can go up to 130 140, but its not suggestible body vibration, highest top speed and three chair and exxon load, 100, 120 and 100 thats comfortable too much of a speed is dangerous. So 100 120, its its a kind of okay, one indian road, skates, okay right, but the next one even mirror fully charged Music of a um experimental. We are giving business to the tata motors some coin mg on coin. Whatever it may be, is the risk risk taking thing because charging points are maybe very less complete: Music, um, Music slight, hardly complete sports mode used. Yesterday i can, i can come down hardly up to siddhipath throughout the parisian whats. Next, if i come down with the family whats the problem, um solution, charging station main problem solution, for example – then, first time uh a charging point: it got dead, its not working eye, pin night, almost uh one.

So if they can understand the thing and if, if they can provide some alternate breakdown breakdown in terms of battery under whatever it means Music thats, a beautiful kind of thing safety, so tata vehicles completely uh comparison to safety point of view. They are the best. These three are the most uh positive kind of things.