This is volvos first, electric vehicle in australia, its an suv, a compact one, based on their very successful xc40. First of all, i just want to say to you its now my favorite electric car. Why 70 there we go! Bang there immense power off the mark. 300. Kilowatts all up, you can see all the details right here, its all dried, so it goes particularly well in the wet Applause. Sorry, i had to do that. Im 41, but then my brains, still probably five or six years old anyway, uh, what a car, what a car big panoramic sunroof the one thing about the recharge electric is that its fully loaded so youre not really left wanting. You know the price and you know what youre gon na get every time lets look at some of the technology. Weve got a portrait style presentation here, touchscreen its got the google assistant built in really handy for maps and all that sort of thing by the way. Why do they call big rain systems rain bombs? Last night they said a rain bomb was set to explode, geez thats, just not where the bureau talk is it. I dont know love the auto dimming mirror here its frameless really clean, look full suite of safety features. I mean volvo have always been focused on safety, so you can just imagine if im going to be in a prang, i want to be in a volvo and an electric one.

Ive got a big wireless charger down here for smartphones. It does accommodate a iphone 13 pro max, which is pretty big, so keep that in mind now living with this for two and a half weeks was interesting, its more than capable of a uh pretty big day trip. The range is about 420 ks id get nervous closer to 400, but thats a lot isnt it. We are relying on a domestic power point at home when it comes to electric cars still, so it takes a long time. If you happen to, you know, lob home, with only 5 power in the in the tank, so to speak, but no one does that when it comes to an electric car, you usually just arrive home with a half charge, three quarters charged whatever and uh. When you wake up in the morning its set to go, of course, then, where does the power come from thats the the only problem uh when it comes to electric vehicles, its? Not all that well sorted on twisty roads, kind of just lumbers, along that big 78 kilowatt hour battery. You can feel low down because thats where it is you get that typical low center of gravity type feeling. But the steering is just a little bit artificial and um. I dont know you just dont feel as engaged with the with the car, like you would say something like a big any bmw. Really volvo may well play third or even fourth wheel in the luxury car market, but at least theyre doing it differently.

Their cabins are very unique, as you can see, uh, perhaps a little dark on this particular model. The swedes i mean you know they invented ikea. They know their so lets. Look at the pros and cons pros. I love a car that takes off like youve just stolen it. I also love that its got great real world range theres. Absolutely no problem to that area for me and i like the connectivity, particularly for android users or those who, like google, some cons, still big money for what you get. You really do need to think about where your power is coming from and where youre going to charge it day to day for it to make sense financially and, as i said, the dynamics arent all that well honed, so lets give it a score. The volvo xc 40 recharge – hmm, i said its the best electric ev. What did i say its the best electric car ive ever driven? I think i did. Oh, my god its like this is an 87 out of 100 effort, thats what it is anyway. I hope you enjoyed all that as the rain continues to tumble down here. Im chris bowen dont forget to subscribe to my youtube channel, because if you dont, i wont survive and thats a bad thing, normal programming regime right after this until next time.