This supercar is a sports car lovers. Dream here is what to expect from the 2023 tesla roadster full review. The 2023 tesla roadster supercar is a sports car lovers. Dream hold on to your seat. Tesla made its mark in the industry with a roadster, and here is what we expect for 2023.. Tesla is a pioneer in the booming electric car industry. You may know tesla for its premium model s sedan, the model x, suv or perhaps the more affordable models y or three, but its not these cars, with which tesla first made its mark on the auto industry. It was in fact the original tesla roadster released in 2008 that tesla used to showcase to the world that electric cars can be way more than just golf carts and other manufacturers better watch out. The original tesla roadster paved the way to make electric cars cool again. Since it was a sports car, in fact, based on the lotus, elise chassis, this car was sold from 2008 until 2012 and did well to establish teslas reputation as a serious competitor in the auto industry. In this video, you will learn all there is to know about this upcoming supercar. That has been hyped for several years now. Is it truly the sports enthusiasts dream, and will it live up to the hype? Keep watching to the end of this video to find out the specs we will start by talking about the specifications of teslas new roadster elon musk has claimed that the roadster can do zero to 60 miles per hour in a record 1.

9 seconds. A top speed above 250 miles per hour and an incredible quarter, mile time of only 8.8 seconds. To give you some perspective, these are numbers that outperform its gasoline competitors, such as the porsche 911 turbo s, porsche 918 spider and both the bugatti shiron viron and the lamborghini huracan performante. These are massive claims and, as tesla enthusiasts, we hope that all this hype is not just all sizzle and no steak. Tesla is going big with its new model. Elon musk in 2018 also mentioned a spacex option package, which will add 10 cold gas thrusters to the roadster. To provide this car with jet thrust in this arrangement. A cold gas tank would replace the back seats similar to the technology used in the spacex rockets. So you would essentially have rocket technology on this supercar. The roadster is supposed to come with a standard. All wheel drive configuration thats already seen in teslas current offerings, and it will have three motors two in the back and one in the front. As far as endurance is concerned, it will come with a 200 kilowatt hour battery pack, nearly twice the size of existing tesla models. This pack is advertised to last more than 600 miles, although this will have to be tested in the real world to see the realistic endurance situation, given the size of the pack, its probably going to be abundant for sure the look last, but certainly not least, is The cars look and design make it nothing less than a show stopper.

It was designed by teslas chief engineer, franz von holzhausen, to be a two plus two coupe, which is essentially a two seater car, with two additional seats fitted at the back for children or occasional use. The tesla roadster has a glass roof which looks nothing short of exquisite. The panel is removable too and can be stored in the trunk when it comes to the interior. Teslas philosophy of minimalism is reflected as usual, with most of the controls on the touchscreen, the price. As for availability and pricing, initially, the car was expected to be launched in 2021, but there have been delays and the latest news predicts a possible launch in 2023 if, as in elon musks words assuming 2022, is not mega drama in terms of supply chain issues which He said were the reason for past delays as well. You can reserve the car for a 50 000 deposit and pre orders have been open since 2017. Although its worth mentioning that the special founders series can only be reserved for the full payment, the car is expected to start at two hundred thousand dollars with the special founders edition costing another fifty thousand dollars. While nothing is known. As of yet what distinguishes the foundered? Series explicitly we do know that tesla will only produce 1 000 founders editions, so if youre not willing to miss out on a once in a lifetime opportunity, perhaps you should book your car now. This supercar is widely talked about in both engineering circles and mainstream media.

Then kent vishnovan, a mechanical engineering, professor at carnegie, mellon university, while speaking to jalopnik, said that the 1.9 seconds number for the zero to 60 mile per hour might mean that the roadster is packing a whopping 1 800 pound battery pack. He also noted that the acceleration claims feasibility, of course, was under the assumption that tesla will install suitable tires to provide the necessary traction. A prototype of the car also appeared on the popular show, jay lenos garage in august of 2018.. In this episode, jay leno interviewed the chief designer franz von holzhausen, the designer of this car, so that was the roadster. Is it for you? Is it the supercar of the future? It will be unbelievably fast, incredibly luxurious and practically out of this world, all while being environmentally friendly. Do you think it will be as grand for the company as the original tesla roadster was back in? Do you think its a car worth the premium cost? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below and be sure to hit subscribe and click on the bell icon, so you never miss an exciting eevee video every week.