It will do around 199 miles of range according to wltp, i havent seen more than 164 just being honest, but this is also a nine second zero. 62 car, which will top out at 93 miles per hour so were gon na jump in the car, were gon na, go for a drive and lets see what the fiat 500e icon is all about, because it looks good question is: does it drive? Well? Are you coming? No, you you stay there with your stick then see you later now. I realize im extremely late to the party on this one and theres been many many reviews on this car already and thats. For two reasons. Really, i think the first one is. I just really havent wanted to drive it, because i was a little worried as to what i was going to find out because for those of you whove watched, my channel regularly will know that. I really love above, and whilst this is a fiat 500 e review, this is actually going to give me a really good idea as to what the future of abarth holds, because abarth have said that in 2023 the abarth will be electric. So this is the base platform. So what is it that weve got here so right now, im driving the fiat 500e icon? Now this is the kind of top of the range version alongside la prima, which was the launch edition. One and youve got the the lower end model, which i believe has a 24 kilowatt hour battery.

This has a 42 kilowatt hour battery, which means its bigger than things such as the mini electric and the honda e, so be interesting to see how it fares out. The first thing im going to touch about is the looks because the fiat 500e or the new fiat 500 platform anyway, is a slightly a little bit more muscular than its old one. Its a little bit wider its a little bit longer and it looks a lot better. I mean were going to touch on the interior shortly, because that, for me, is kind of where all the massive changes have come from and its really really welcome. What i do want to do, though, is see what this acceleration is like, because 0 60 is in nine seconds and its electric, so we should get some torque here we go. I tell you what thats pretty nippy it does die out when you get past like 40, and it starts to try a little bit harder in terms of how it drives. This is where it becomes a little bit interesting because, with electric cars, the skateboard per se, you know your wheels and your battery is like located quite low down, which means handling is actually flipping good, because youve got such a low center of gravity. It means you can actually chuck this thing around now. The 500e is, of course, still front wheel, drive and still harps true to the original car. Its not a four wheel, drive platform its nothing like that, but it is a brilliant, brilliant city car and, i think, thats the key point here.

It is a city car. More than anything, if your commute is, you know reasonably short, then this is a brilliant car to get because you know day to day driving and youre stuck in traffic and ev makes complete sense and the more evs ive driven the more ive started to get that And the more it makes sense you know: why would i want to sit in traffic in a combustion engine car pumping out fumes when all im doing is maybe 100 yards every 15 minutes ill? Tell you what i really do like that little punch its its cool and, in fact, im in the range mode now and ill touch on modes in a second ill hold on into range, so ill. Just give you a bit more info on on the battery the charging etc. So because this is a 42 kilowatt hour battery, it benefits from the option of being able to fast charge. So you can charge this at. You know 85 kilowatt hour charges and it will do like zero to 30 to 80 charge in around 35 minutes, which is very, very good and thats the benefit i guess of having a smaller battery. It charges quicker where, if youve got something like 100 kilowatt hour battery, you would need to be hunting for those 150 kilowatt hour charges to effectively offset the difference with battery size and battery charge cycles. If i dont even know, if that makes sense, but hopefully hopefully it does, what im trying to say is the smaller the battery, the less range you get, but the quicker it charges.

So if you find yourself a good, fast charger, like a 85 kilowatt charger, you will charge us in 35 minutes now. The top of speed on the 500 e icon is 93 miles per hour, which is plenty you know, youre not going to be breaking any land speed records in this and its not the kind of car which youd expect to do that anyway. This is completely not a performance car. This is an everyday car for the masses and arguably its probably one of fiats most important cars, because the 500 in its combustion in its internal combustion engine form, was a huge success. They then moved on to creating the hybrid model again, which was a great success, and now this one and thats why theyve, developed or theyve invested all of their r d their time into this car, because theyve had to make it a success. And so far, so good now, im in range mode, you get three different modes in this car range is the mode that tries to give you a decent balance between, i guess performance and economy. Uh. The range mode is effective, like your one pedal driving. So you can drive the whole of your journey with just the accelerator pedal and what i mean by that is, when you lift off you start to get the regen kicking, you can see im slowing down im, not even touching the brake, if i put it into Normal mode now, which is the other one if i go normal mode, that gives me all of that performance, but it also now starts to coast the car so um.

What i need to do is i need to effectively use the brake to slow down, but what that then means is ill start to suffer from range because im not getting any of that luxury with the regen. It is really nice. I do like this and then what weve got here. The last mode is what i like to call apollo 13 mode, which is called sherpa now. Why do i say apollo 13., i dont know if any of you guys have watched the film uh, but there was that point where they were stuck in space and they had to effectively turn the uh well, the apu or the aircraft or whatever it was theyre. In they had to start it with as minimal voltage as possible, they were trying everything under the sun to get it moving and be as efficient as possible and thats, where sherpa mode comes in. The idea of sherpa mode is to maximize your range, and i think fiat say that if you run the entire car in sherpa mode in town in urban, you could even get like near 200 miles of range im, not sure and ive not tested it. So do your own research on that one, but sherpa mode will switch everything off that it doesnt need to run the car. Your climate control gone everything gone. It is effectively in well limp modes, not the right thing to say, but its just doing everything it can to save energy lets, get out of sherpa mode and back into range mode.

Now the looks on this 500 e are really really nice. I do like it. I think it looks lovely from the outside. The color, for me is superb. Its got that kind of about piposto color, which i really really like, but the key thing for me is the changes to the interior. Now, as you can see here, we get a 10.25 touchscreen which supports apple carplay and android, auto and thats a welcome change from the 500 of old. You have kind of different widgets in here, which work really really nicely. The steering wheel is a nice flat bottom steering wheel, but, most importantly, we get things such as cruise control, which again very welcome for those of you who drove the old 500s would know that cruise control wasnt an option, and actually, i think it was very much Needed we get things like lane assist as well, which can be quite intrusive, so i have turned it off um, but it does work. We get a nice tft, uh digital screen in front here, which you can set um your speedo. You can set your satin after show its almost like a very basic virtual, cockpit, which i quite like. I think its a really really big improvement. Turning circle on this car is just brilliant. Its like a london taxi lets do another little acceleration yeah that zero to 40 has definitely got a good amount of punch in terms of the seats im in extremely comfortable.

The suspension setup is really nice. I really welcome the fact that weve got lots of kind of storage compartments in here and also theres a nice gap in here as well, where the gearbox would normally be, of course, in an electric car. You dont have that so actually just creates a more kind of it feels a lot more spacious. The other good thing with this is you get obviously with the uconnect system and you get an app for the car so effectively. You can kind of warm up cool down the car remotely. So, for example, if youve got this car parked on the driveway and its relatively cold outside, you can pre heat the car to a temperature that suits you, which i think is a good thing, and actually it will help with things like pre conditioning the battery etc. Before before you set off, so you can use a three pin charger at home, which tends to be a three kilowatt hour charge. So if you just do the basic man mafs kilowatt hours, if you had a 30 kilowatt hour battery thats a 10 hour charge uh on a three pin, weve got a 42 its given take that probably around about 12 12 hours to charge this thing from zero To full on a three pin: if youve got a seven kilowatt hour wall box, which tends to be what most people will use, you can probably charge the whole car in maybe five or six hours, maybe so its actually really reasonable and obviously, nowadays, with more and More people getting kind of home war boxes and changing their terrorist off peak thats, where this actually is beneficial, because you can charge the whole car for not a whole load of money, so yeah final thoughts.

I do like it. This screen works for me, the driving style, the position. Everything is really really cool. I like the tech, i, like the looks, would you go and buy one? I would go and buy one of these and i think its going to be another huge success and, as i said, with a better performance of range and charge cycle than the mini electric and the honda e.