All electric car is the mg zs ev and in todays video im going to tell you the three best features about this car and im going to tell you just how it drives when i take it out for a spin Music number one. This thing is dirt cheap compared to other all electric suv vehicles to look at you, wouldnt think. But actually this thing you can pick up from around 26 000 pounds or to lease one. You can get deals of 180 pounds per month and you get an all electric practical suv number two. This thing has a 44.5 kilowatt battery, which is around 160 miles, not too bad, and you charge it from the front which is very easy to open, and this thing can take up to 50 kilowatts, which means you can charge a home from a 7.5 kilowatt charger. In around six hours, number three practicality: the boot space, nice big, chunky button, there 470 litres of boot space in this mg, zs ev and seven year – warranty 80 000 miles, and it includes the battery okay, so its time to take the mg zs ev out. For a little test drive, this has got 140 brake horsepower, so its not about performance, but because it is electric, you do get a bit of power when you put your foot down, definitely more than enough than the demographic of this car of the people are going To be choosing, this were going to take it on a little corner kind of run, hilly so far.

It drives well its got a nice weight to the the steering not too stiff. It does have a number of modes. However, down here, youve got sport and as soon as you click it into sport, thats cool it just it tightens up things and the steering is a little bit tighter and it kind of jutted forwards, and then youve got eco and normal. So theyre. The three modes lets take it on a little bit of a test drive its got a few cool features as well in the car, underneath the center console youve got a couple of usbs, which is handy. You have this button called kers, which is your regenerative. Braking. Three different settings: one two and three, three being the most harsh to try and harvest back all that energy back into the battery on this evzs as well. You have this little battery button. So if you want to check how many miles youve got left click forward or backwards on this button, 131 miles left its a little bit different to have the button down there, but its good that you can just press it and find how many miles youve got Left immediately so im on a few windy roads. Now there are undulations on this road. How does the mg evzs handle it? Well, the steerings pretty good. It does exactly what you need it to youre, not going to be thrashing this thing round. Corners takes that corner with these.

This is a nice sweeping left coming in and because this is a private road, i can use both lanes a little bit of body roll there coming out absolutely fine, absolutely fine fit for purpose. This car handles well suspensions good. A few big potholes back there that we hit, and you know felt them but other than that this car, the mg zs ev, is such an affordable option. If youre looking at an entry point youre, not too fussed about, looks you dont go too far. 160 miles is more than enough if you have a small commute there and back so this car, its its so affordable. When you think about it, if you can pick one up for a lease deal which you can or about 180 pounds per month, its a good deal, its a good deal, like i said before very practical 470 liters of boot space, not bad. Also on the zs. You have a rev gauge, but its in power, a percentage of power. Last time i saw that was on a rolls royce, wraith, so very different and interesting, but a nice little addition, i think so to sum it up, the mg zs ev is a very affordable option. All electric suv with plenty of space ive told you the three best features about the car weve taken out for a little drive. Let me know what you thinks about the car in the comments down below, as always, throw me a like get subbed and ill see.