My name is derek reilly youve clicked on this thumbnail, because it is a renault zoe coast to coast. Here in ireland, people like to watch to see if these electric vehicles can go the longer distances. So today we are taking it from by mullet my hometown, in county mayo on the atlantic ocean all the way to dunlea where i live in south county dublin. Looking out to the irish sea, it is saying the satnav 316 kilometers um and its in a small bit of traffic there, and we should be arriving around two oclock thats without charging. It is four degrees uh, some of the stats on the car. It is 347 kilometer range, its saying this is a 52 kilowatt hour battery its the renault zoe, z50 or 110 model people were looking for a bit more detail, so ive reset the trip computer. So we can see whether the kilowatt hour per 100 and how many kilograms kilowatts were using the tire pressure and then well have the kilometers per hour on average, that ive done on the way up and how many kilometers i have actually done, and the wltp on This is ‘5 real world range on eb databases, saying about 315. im, not planning on doing this on one run, im going to stop for something to eat or go to the restroom anyway, but lets see if i can go the full way without having to hang Around charge – and i suppose, is what it comes up to so.

As i mentioned, the renault zoe has a usable battery of 52 kilowatt hours and some other stats, its not the fastest, its a zero to 100 kilometers in 11.4 seconds its front wheel, drive. It has a total power electric motor of 80 kilowatts and thats, giving you 109 ps and a torque of 225 newton meters um its a charge port at the front, its got the 22 kilowatt ac, which has the chameleon charger, and it can take 46 kilowatts on Dc so yeah lets get stuck in im, going to stop a couple of times along the way im going to stop at the mayor scotland border because thats a nice checkpoint about quarter of the way through it. It takes a quarter of my journey to get out of the county. The um then stop at the shannon at tourman barry, just as we cross cross from east ireland to west ireland, west ireland to east ireland and then well, stop probably around banglalac, maybe apple green. On the eastbound at enfield, around that kind of area, id say at least charge potentially my charge before that uh get something to eat and a rest up, otherwise, looking forward to it its again one of the smaller batteries. Ive done this coaster cause challenge in the renault zoe was the best selling electric vehicle in europe last year, that was 2020 and they sell a lot of these and theyre, probably big enough and big enough battery.

We dont need big cars. We dont need big ranges, and this trip i dont, be doing it every day, a couple times a year, so stay tuned and next up its going to be the border of mayong. Oh, where mayor is coming thanks. Todays video is sponsored by easy go as well as being irelands largest ev charging network easygo supports over 10 000 irish tv drivers to find and use more than 1200 charge points active on the easygo app. This works across the island of ireland, north and south. The team at easygo also provide home workplace and public charges, together with fleet management and payment service solutions, ideal for businesses, transitioning their fleets to electric vehicle driving its update number one, and we are on the roscommon thats. The risk almond sign there and thats the mail sign back there, so it is the male roscommon border i pulled in kilometers so far, driven 107 makes it easy for me to re, remove from the estimated 347. So technically i should have 240 kilometers worth of range in an ideal world, but its not an ideal world. It is five degrees and i am at 177 uh kilometers worth of range, so its ive dropped 70 kilometers because of everything because of my speed because of the temperature and so understanding that theres no im constantly driving theres very little braking because its open roads so Theres a whole region, the air conditioning is on to keep me warm.

I am in eco mode, which means my throttle response isnt that big and it is my theres, my tire pressures. My consumption is 18 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers um and then you can see my average kilometer per hour 60 kilometers an hour so im not going crazy, thats, my range so far or my uh, what ive driven so far 107.. So its telling me ive got 176 kilometers left so im missing, as i said 70 and i need 207, so im a way off im going to have to charge somewhere, but i was planning on stopping anyway and having something to eat around the banana lack area. So next update will be probably there rather than doing it at the termanberry east west crossover of the shannon. I think i might just keep going until um and well do an update number two and then that will give me enough charge to get me to donaire. So one charge id be stopping anyway um but yeah a bit more detail in this one compared to my previous ones. But i have done this in other cars. So have a look at the playlist on the channel and if you havent already subscribed, if youre interested in electric vehicles, reviews road tests, road trips, um and lots of different things and make sure you do so. Let me know in the comments below, if you like these type of videos and what else youd like to see, lets, keep going and update you at the next stop.

If you think this car is for you, you can contact easygo and register for the app by clicking the link on the screen or in the description. Music update number two and we are at the kineca plaza part of the supermac group, and we are here at channel sponsor easy goes uh, two way hub, uh, 250 watts, tritiums and um i am at. Where am i at 50 kilometers worth of range? I have 78 kilometers to go to get to where i need to go to my journey. Ive been going at 68.7 kilometers an hour on average ive done 232 kilometers and then my average kilowatt hour. Consumption is 60 16.6, so yeah im gon na stop anyway, because i need to go out the restroom and i need to go and get something to eat. So all im going to do now is plug in take as long as i need to take inside and then, when i come out, im going to go so id have had to stop anyway. Could i do it in the whole thing you probably with 50 range left and then you need probably another 30. There, probably is that amount in the zoe as a safety as a backup put yeah. You dont need to do it, but um thats, five degrees and so on a warmer day. Yeah very easily would do the cross country no problem. So let me plug in here and then ill. Give you an update once i hit the harbor and deliri just back and we are up to 57 percent and a range of 177 and ive got to do 78 so ill.

Give me a buffer about 100. So it took about 30 minutes between getting food and everything else. Here it took me two seconds to plug in the charger and get it started. There is a tesla model, 3 plug in on the second charger. Now so, im going to head off and ill give you an update when i get back to don leary, just a reminder that todays video was sponsored by easy go for more info or to submit for a quote click the link on the screen or in the Description, Music: this is the final update. We are at dunleery harbour where we always finish up and we have 100 kilometers left 31 uh consumption, 16.2 kilowatt hours per 100 and then um. It was 314.2 kilometers in total, and my average speed was 68.8 air conditioning was on all the way. I also had the eco mode on just it reduces your throttle and your top speed, but overall yeah a 30 minute top up and ive got plenty to spare. As well so it wouldnt have needed that to get me up here, but it definitely did need to stop just with the temperature outside here today, and it is just gone after three oclock in the afternoon, its five degrees. So hopefully, youve enjoyed the coast to coast as weve done. This is the third fourth yeah. Fourth, one theres a playlist on the channel um. A lot of people are asking about them.

Just want to see what kind of cars do, what kind of range and do you have to stop, etc. Pretty much im going to stop anyway, but some of them uh the round of 55 kilowatt hours, plus, looks to be that you, you wouldnt, have to stop. Uh for going 300 kilometers and ill give a bit more details today. That was some of the feedback that i received. Hopefully youve enjoyed. It uh make sure you leave a comment below like the video share it for somebody, thats thinking about buying a renault, zoe, uh or a car of this size, and remember, if you think, an evs for you leave it to me and ill review thanks.