Looking sedan and amazingly, the vehicle portrayed appears to resemble the eevee that the whole world is eagerly waiting for the distinctive fastback styled sedan profile. The overall proportion size, as well as the details such as the headlamp very much resemble the upcoming electric sedan from ionic. In this episode, we will explore the design of the mystery car, the prophecy concept in the ionic 6 prototype and offer an in depth comparative analysis. So before we go on wed highly appreciate your support by subscribing and turning on the notification bell. If you havent already and please dont, forget to like comment and vote on the question thats presented at the end of the video supposed to be based on the stunning prophecy concept of 2022, the ionix 6 was the most highly anticipated model of all electric cars from Hyundai, however, when the production prototype appeared, people cried foul as the stubby and bloated appearance of the camouflage sedan looked nothing like the sporty prophecy concept to address. This concern asked to not replicate the styling disaster of the latest hyundai sonata, which was another model that was supposed to be based on another phenomenal concept: le phil rouge, but disappointed everyone with the lackluster look of the production car that prevented the ever popular model from Becoming another sales leader, hyundai incredibly took the prototype back to the drawing board to lengthen the car by 90 millimeters and restyle the front and rear end in hope of replicating the concept cars allure.

We have yet to figure out what the revised ion x6 looks like as the recent spy photos reveal really nothing new in terms of the restyling. However, the aforementioned mystery vehicle would be the closest that we have seen so far, which would resemble what the production ionix 6 would be like, although not exactly a swoopy four door. Sports car, like the prophecy concept and the likes of porsche taken and audi e tron gt, the car looks very promising. It almost seems like its exactly halfway between the prophecy concept and the sleep inducing ionic 6 prototype, while maintaining the overall proportions of the ionic 6 profile and proportions. The mystery vehicle executes the details, much better, for example, although still not frameless the 90s look wrap over door window frames of the prototype have been replaced with the low profile frames. To give that near frameless. Look of the concept also, the clamshell hood of the mystery car is now better integrated into the rest of the vehicle to give a sleeker profile, unlike the clunky tact, on look of the prototype that makes the car look outdated. Furthermore, the busy look of the rear passenger quarter glass is also removed to offer a cleaner side profile and a more planted low, slung look accentuated by the straw c pillar. We find the overall presentation of the mobus car to be very pleasant and attractive and is a vast improvement over the prototype, as well as being a true interpretation of the prophecy concept.

In fact, the details like the front end with the integration of the iconic parametric, pixel led element and the light beam signature that connects both headlamps. That gives an exquisite high end. Look much like the kia ev6s digital tiger face along with a more contemporary rear end with a horizontal light signature that makes the vehicle look more premium and upscale are actually even better than the minimalistic prophecy concept. We highly doubt that the mystery mobas car is the actual ionic 6, but it doesnt take a genius to figure out that its very much influenced by it and if we have seen what seemingly appears to be a production ready. Car thats, as close to the spirit of the prophecy concept. This would be it. The much controversial and highly anticipated. Ionic 6 is to begin production in may 2022. After three months of delay from the originally planned schedule in february to incorporate the design, change and other improvements, such as the worlds first lighting grille, that uses the front end to act as a giant led display board. That shows such information as the charging status, as well as an improvement in the engineering to give the car longest range of all electric vehicles from the hyundai group fest. So far, featuring 800 volt charging architecture based on the state of the art, dedicated egmp ev platform. Will offer the worlds fastest charging speed of 18 minutes to 80, as well as a rendering range that is expected to exceed 311 miles or 500 kilometers powered by a 77.

4 kilowatt hours battery pack, the companys first ever dedicated electric sedan, which is based on the phenomenal Ionic 5 crossover comes as rear wheel, drive, featuring 225 horsepower single motor or 320 horsepower dual motor with all wheel drive. It also features the latest level, 2 self driving autonomy, called highway, driving assist or hda2 a full over the air or ota online update system. That can update both the infotainment and the drive control systems over the internet. To save you, the hassle of going to the service shop as well as the trademark v2l bi directional charging system that offers 3.5 kilowatts of electricity and allow v2g and v2h functionalities. For all this expected starting price is less than 50 000, which would make it a phenomenal deal only if they can get the styling right now after viewing the following video from mobus. That shows the mystery car. Please tell us what you think with the question thats presented at the end of the video Music Music, Music, Music Applause Music. Is it just a coincidence or a cleverly disguised ionic six? Would this be a good compromise between the prophecy concept and the atrocious ionix 6 prototype? Ultimately, would you actually consider buying it if the ionix 6 came out like the mobus mystery sedan, even if only the front and the rear end of the car? Please vote and share your views by clicking on the link in the comment section below thanks for watching auto vision, your best source for the fastest korean car news and rumors dont forget to comment like subscribe and click on the notification bell.

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