What do we have right here? Yes, you guessed it mercedes, eqs, 450, plus Music, so Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, first, electric vehicle on the us market from the mercedes benz, so whats new, whats, interesting. Everything is new. Everything is interesting about this particular vehicle. Well, one of the things about this particular car, eqs, 450 plus finished in nautical blue – that we have right here in the front its its design thats. What most of the people first think with every vehicle that you see you discussed first, the design, so everything that was done to this vehicle was in favor of drag coefficient, so basically how much resistance this vehicle has to the environment, to the air, to the wind And this vehicle has 0.200 drag coefficient. Tesla is just right above that at 0.208, so this is right now, the most um, the vehicle, with the mo the least amount of drag coefficient or, more most resistant least resistance to the wind, so thats, one of the things that was what we were trying to Achieve so, the reason why mercedes was that trying to achieve is to give it better fuel. In this case economy we dont have any fuel anymore, because this is everything on the range so whats. The range range on this eqs, 450 plus and the 580 is 340 and 350 miles that you can get to range and thats by the epa or the real world driving so thats.

First question that everybody would like to know about the electric vehicles 108 kilowatt hour battery that we have on this particular vehicle again to go back on the design you cannotice. This is the new face of the eqs. This is a little mercedes, benz star that we have in the front whole front. Design is supposed to resemble the the bullet train that you have in many parts of the world, one of the fastest trains in the world. They would go about 300 kilometers per hour. Thats close to 200 miles per hour, fast, safe to say another thing that youre going to notice if youre going the size of this vehicle. This is almost as long as the s class, because this is compared to eq means that the vehicle are electric completely electric platform for mercedes benz. So so this vehicle doesnt have its platform on something else. This is dedicated for this vehicle, so all electric architecture for this particular car – it has one 107.8 um. The battery will run it off just on 108 and you can get about 340 350 miles on this particular one. So um. What are the other features comes. A particular comes with the 21 inch wheels on this vehicle, so some of you might ask so where is the battery, so the battery basically is in the floor of the vehicle. This is 450 plus, so you have the one motor that its placed in the back.

So, in this case, this is a rear, wheel, drive, uh new thing, also, the digital lighting that we have in the front since were talking about things in the front and comes vehicle, comes with the three different trims, so eqs, 450 plus and the eqs 580 will Come with the three different trims thats available for the vehicle and the equipment and the features all of them are going to come with the driver assist package. So one of the things that many of you are going to be asking: does it come that with the whole screen or hyper screen that we have inside this particular vehicle does not have a hyper screen, has regular screens that were going to show you in a Minute once we go on the interior, but on the eqs you have as available um hyperscreen thats a 56 inch so basically entire front its on the vehicle thats one of the things that many people have mentioned thats one of the things they want to know about. This available it comes standard on the eqs 580., so lets move on uh to the forward. So the front design is supposed to resemble the bullet train, so everything is done so it can give it the least amount of drag coefficient. So let least amount of air resistance, so we can get better fuel economy. So when we come to the sides of this vehicle, many of you will try to compare this to the the s class right, so the wheelbase of this car, its 126.

So, just for the reference on the s580 2022 s580 that just came out its 126.6 so 0.2 inches that the s class has a wheelbase longer. The length of this vehicle is 205 inches right around there, depending eqs 450 plus or the 580. So they give you the length to see if you can fit it on the garage, so the length of the vehicle is 205 inches. Also, one of the things might be interesting. What is this right here right? We dont have the fuel anymore. We need to charge it well yeah. We need to open it yeah. The stores will come out so this. Yes, this is your charging port. This is where you charge your vehicle. Now, how long its going to take you to charge the vehicle, depending on which charger? Are you using youre using the regular the house charger that charges about three to five miles that you get per one hour its gon na? Take you a very long time depends if you have 240 volts charger that you installed on your house, i would recommend that and it will take you about 11 hours to be fully charged or you using a supercharger. We have this term superchargers kind of funny to use well that will uh charge your car the quickest. So it goes right here and once you plug in the vehicle vehicle will, let you know first its going to check to see if it is ready for a charging its going to illuminate.

Then when it starts charging its going to be its going to. Let you the lights know: can you use the vehicle at that time? Absolutely not the vehicle not be moving. You cannot step on accelerator pedal and start going. No, you cannot do that. Also. Is it safe to charge this in the rain? Yes, absolutely if there is something wrong with the charging or when your charger in the car, what they call it the handshake. The car will first check that every system everything is okay. If everything is okay with the system, yes, you can proceed with the charging, but lets now close this door and talk about a little bit more fun stuff in the trunk. Okay, now were at the rear area. What would i like to show you? Is this whoo? I, like those taillights, i like them a lot. They look cool right. Well, one of the things about owning the mercedes benz is make sure that things are cool, so the rear taillights. As you can see, this helical uh shape that we have in the front. Also, the brake lights will go across the back of the vehicle. Yes, you do have on this particular one little rear spoiler, to create a little bit more downforce and, of course, something that we all love two and a half miles an hour. Speed, sensitive bumpers for the united states, only we do have the sensors here and what are we missing on the back? Yes, you guessed it uh fun part.

So let me show you how much of the trunk space you actually do have in this particular vehicle. Now some of you might notice that the trunk opened a little bit differently. So, yes, everything is the one piece. So this is very very deep and of course we have the all the new stuff. Here you have a little bit more space underneath well show you, where weve stored, the cable stuff like that that youll need for charging, but needless to say, you do have the plenty of space for this vehicle and you can disengage this part. That goes right here. So now its going to look even bigger right and how we close this, so the mercedes eqs has a 22 cubic feet of cargo space behind the rear, seats and 63 cubic feet of these, with the seats folded down. Welcome to the interior of this beautiful mercedes eqs450 plus some of you might ask whats the 450 plus well plus, if it has extended range, because we do make some models in other parts of the world when its just 450, that it has a shorter range. So, interior, well one of the things or the best part about this vehicle, its truly when you go inside when you sit behind the steering wheel, when you look at the car, your surroundings or materials, this that is used, that this vehicle is built on mixture of Many many different materials im not gon na even try to go in to name you all of the materials thats here from the woods to the metal, to the plastic, for a different refinement to the lighting to the stitching to the glass that its used right here.

Thats a lot but combination of all this right here, whats in front of you even before you turn on the vehicle, its just amazing one of the things that even if this would be blocked, you would know when you entered this vehicle that you are in the Best of the best you are in the mercedes electric in this case and that eqs so familiar things steering wheel is the same as you would expect like in the new s class as everything that was redesigned, the new uh of them with the mercedes benz. So basically, you just glide your fingers. All i just have the feedback of all the informations left part controls everything thats in the drivers display and the right part controls everything thats in the infotainment thats right here in the middle 12.3, inches huge display that we control many of the features of the vehicle. The vehicle can save, you have the improved new and improved mercedes me or hammer series function. You can save it seven different profiles with this particular one. You have also the thumb print that you can use. If you activate the mercedes me like this part, says that you can store all the features, all your likes, all the from the seat settings to the air controls to the music, the volume, the sound profiles. Oh thats, one of my favorite features about the burmester sound system, then its also on the new s class, but we have this vehicle that you can personalize your sound experience.

I think its for the music lovers, its a really delete forward, not just so lets move on to the uh weather features thats different, so the door configuration the materials used as far as the arm rest. Of course, you have all the controls for the windows and stuff on the side. I like this part that it looks like its attached, but it just looks super cool movements of the seat. You just put a little bit of force first on the seat and it moves its the first time when you use it its a little bit unusual, but i think you will get for the good things uh right away. Of course, it has the button that you can move the right seat now or the uh passengers in the front. All the dials part is on the turn, signals its the new materials that we have, and i, like that very much. It feels really nice and precise in the hand for us on the turn signals if youre putting the vehicle in the gear or in motion in this case that youre swapping it down for the drive reverse and to put the vehicle in the park. You just press the button, it does have the shift pedals. So what does the one pedal driving me simple terms? While you have an accelerator? Of course, you move forward as soon as you let go of the accelerator. The vehicle starts slowing down. The vehicle starts to stop, so we are generating the power now again for those of you that know about the electric cars, its a 340 or 50 mile range already priced in regenerative, braking, yes, thats what the epa tested and thats what we get on this, particularly Now i dont think thats really useful to go much longer in this video about the features thats already available on some of the stuff.

So im gon na go and just point out the stuff that is new or different for the eqs. Because far as on this uh ntg platform that we have thats going to be very similar to the one that we have in the s class. And i hope that some of you are already familiar with the dynamic select that you can choose several different driving programs for this particular vehicle that you have everything in the display. Thats controlled from the driver perspective right now, i can have understated or sport or classic or entire navigation thats, going to be right, in my view, right here so uh. Let me tell you about the things that are specific for the eqs, so this vehicle is again to mention your important powers. Translated into a horsepower vehicle is equipped with 329 horsepower and 417 pound feet of torque on this vehicle. Everything is based upon the airmatic air suspension with the adaptive damping system. This vehicle is equipped with the 9.6 kilowatts ac charging systems or it can take fires on the charging fast charging 200 kilowatts dc fast charging, so thats how we get to this up charging to the 80 percent into only 31 minutes also important, very important features specific For this that it comes standard, its a 10 degrees rear axle, steering that is something super cool that many of the people that are going to enjoy, especially uh parking on the tight spaces. This is 205 inches long vehicle so to a 10 and a half degree rear wheel, steering its helped extremely about that.

As far as on the charging for this vehicle – and i know that most of these eqs, 450 and 580 – all of the are pre sold. They already have the order, but just mercedes benz is offering two years of complementary charging at the dc fast charging stations in electrify america, which is give you, i think, about 60 000 charging stations and thats all in the 30 minutes sessions. Hi. My name is beaujohnson. Thank you very much for watching this video about mercedes eqs450 plus in this particular case 580 is coming out as well. If you have any questions or you would like to further discuss and know more about the mercedes benz eqs upcoming vehicle, please give me a call. 480, 748. 4856 simply call the dealership and ask for bojan again.