the nissan leaf the worlds first, mass production ev came to market more than 10 years ago now, arya leverages nissans years of ev experience to deliver the best of nissans Design technology and performance built on an all new eevee dedicated platform. The body is characterized by a distinctive japanese approach, conveyed in a simple yet powerfully modern way. Its sleek, sexy and seamless. The front is elegant and fresh highlighted by thin led headlamps constructed with four crystal cube mini projectors. The rear is equally striking characterized by a steeply raked roof line that blends flawlessly into the rear deck inside aryas. Striking interior is more akin to a sleek cafe lounge, rather than a traditional automotive cabin. The flat open floor made possible by the low battery location and the slim profile. Zero gravity seats result in a relaxing openness with vast amounts of legroom and easy interaction between all passengers. Aryas minimalist instrument panel is devoid of the usual buttons and switches. The driver interface features a dual wide screen display, with both a 12.3 inch instrument monitor and 12.3 inch center display along a single horizon. With its advanced connectivity features, you can control all of your compatible devices and smart home using little more than your voice, interacting with your vehicle in a whole new way, along with the spacious fold down second row, seat, arya also offers a large, flexible cargo area. Aria features liquid cooled lithium ion batteries and provides up to an estimated 300 miles of range for venture plus front wheel.

Drive only arya also supports up to 130 kilowatts of fast charging using the combined charging standard or ccs and can provide 125 mile range after approximately 15 minutes of charging thats pretty quick arias single motor front wheel, drive models deliver up to 238 horsepower while the advanced Dual motor e force, all wheel, drive models produce up to 389 horsepower. Arya also takes assisted driving to a new level, with the available pro pilot assist 2.0, whether its stop and go freeway traffic around slight curves and even lane changes. The new pro pilot park can take you into your parking space hands free. The new aria is also equipped with standard safety shield 360, a suite of six active safety features available in most current nissan models. You can learn more about this incredible 2023 aria at Arya its time to enter the new era of ev crossover, performance, design and capability.