Yes, a 70 000 euro plus price tag here in ireland, but its not all about that, because there is a smaller battery shorter range version that will be rear. Wheel, drive and that will start at a little bit over 50 000 euro after grants here in ireland. Of course, the one that goes well over the 60 mark wont be eligible for grants. So that really is going to be the car that youre going to have to really really want. First impressions, just total. First, look at the car today, theres tons of power, i mean you can go up to a version with 800 newton meters of torque three and a half seconds to 60. If youre, that way inclined all versions are starting from around 270 brake horsepower and theres different incremental increases, mid 300s uh, longer range versions, all wheel drive, rear wheel drive. There really is something for everybody, which is very, very interesting in terms of the tablet in the center, which is massive and bigger than any tesla screen. Ive. Seen sticking with the tesla comparison if youve used one, you can use this its, possibly not as fancy in terms of graphics and stuff like that, but you know its the same uh functional process. You click for things, thats, how you change things, and it is actually quite easy to use and thats. You know total first impressions, its been fine, very nice feature. Is this door handle uh option where you can leave your keys in the car and use code to get back into the car thats really really clever again, like a lot of id4 and other electric cars theres a smaller display, then for drivers here, which displays your Range and your speed and your sensors and what gear youre in the interior fit out is very impressive.

Looking theres definitely signs that its a forged. By that i mean there are some plastics that yes are obvious signs, but then equally just lovely finishes on these leather things. The steering wheel is well wrapped the kind of recycles sort of its not safe, its, not suede, its kind of like the fabric you get on a speaker, thats on the dashboard thats good, massive big volume control here for changing volume, uh heated steering, wheel and seats. Theyre all at touches down at the bottom of the screen, so youre not actually fumbling through menus. Although theyre you know this, car is mr and mrs menus theyre everywhere, but in terms of the shortcut things that youre going to want as youre driving theyre right in front of you, which is good regen, is severe. So i havent touched anything ive just left in whatever automatic mode. Its. In again, i wouldnt quite say its one pedal youre gon na need a little bit of braking assistance from your own feet, but its okay, stepping out of the car nice big alloy wheels. I love the lights in the back theres, the controversial mustang you cant put a mustang on an electric car. Well guess what they have uh same on the front: theres cameras all around the glass roof. The amount of light that that is letting into the car is phenomenal and its a serious premium feel to it. Just i i i dont think again, you know tesla will will do a glass roof as big as that, but apart from them is nobody else.

The seats im kind of surprised at how little bolster is on the sides and the backs, but they are comfortable. The leather feels really really soft and theres bits of perforation and red stitching again out of you know what you might expect from an st for it. So this is the long range version you put it down. It absolutely shifts theres a good bit of a pillar noise and theres. This kind of augmented sound that i dont know what its meant to actually sound like, but the v8 i dont think so, but i dont dislike it. Dont dislike it at all. Some people might prefer that than total silence, driving the navy blind spot frontal collision. Really good reversing cameras there with 360 views, i mean when youre charging this price youre gon na have to really put the kid in the car and in fairness they have wow yeah. It really does its the closest thing performance, wise in an eevee that ive driven and leaving out the audi e tron gt and stuff to what tesla do, and i suppose, with the american market. They know what they have to at least match, if not better and before theyre going to want to better it anyway. The jog wheel for moving your gear selectors as well rear loads of leg, room loads of height glass, roof doesnt, impose on that theres usb charging flat floor. Obviously the boot i was probably expected to be a bit bigger because its a long car now its wide and itll, take bulky items and you can lift the removable floor and store cables and things like that, underneath it so theres no real advantage nor disadvantage to Some of the practical features in the back of the car, or indeed in the boot, notwithstanding the the lower priced smaller range battery, i do think this money 70 odds, uh, is, is a stretch for a forward its a lot but 70 grand is a stretch for Anything, i suppose the direct comparison in tesla terms is the model y, and this seems like it has a better suspension set up its not as rough.

It still sits reasonably high, although it looks very coupe like you are still at an elevated position behind the wheel and if i was choosing between a tesla model y and this its a tough one, like really is theyre very, very close in many many ways not To mention that at least you tell someone, ive got a ford mustang, but they might be expecting you to bring them out to a massive petrol muscle car outside wherever you are, i love that door handle thing, thats, thats really really clever. I do like the looks of the car its an awful lot better, looking than the tesla theres, absolutely no, no getting away from that one. You know it doesnt look like a squished up, frog dont tell them. I said that the tesla fans will be coming after me, and you know what theres plenty of roundabouts over here today. It handles well its a big car, but, like you is he stopping good man truck driver, you just wouldnt, know them sometimes uh theres, really good handling and its very, very sharp. Leave it late to break, and you know the regen going on it all – adds up for a well balanced thing. I think best. The best thing i can say in terms of you know if you are a petrol head of stuff. There are some evs now mark on the market, who i genuinely mean they will they will still fulfill your petrol head requirements, and yet youd have to put this into that category because um, it has performance, looks loads of tech, fast, charging, loads of motor outputs.

If thats your thing – and i think yes its premium – but you know – are people that have premium money for cars and want to go electric theres, still not a huge area in this segment of car to go electric in, and i think it could be those people Who actually want to go green and electric as much as their association with brands and and buying brands and brand loyalty? There are important things, but if you can get an electric car that takes an awful lot of performance boxes and luxury car boxes, that may not necessarily be from the brand that people have bought cars from the last three or four cycles. Then this is an interesting option because it has a lot. Yes, its got a ford badge, but its right there in the edge of technology and as i look around it like theres loads of space, theres loads of little clever things for phones charging screen is so easy to use its well put together. Bno system on this loads of storage, like it has to cover american needs for storage, so theres tons of it. So i think maybe that could be somewhere that ford actually get new customers from where they havent had them before so people, with a bit more of a nose for premium cars, but theres theres, no, electric solution for them i mean youve got the ix3 and the Bmw ix4 and i4, but i think well get people looking at this, who may not have always well there, wasnt, really a ford for them, and now there is im looking forward to having this car on the channel in just a few weeks time for a full Week long test drive, let me know what you think of the car looks wise kit, wise badge, wise and well just spend.

I mean the 52 thats, not bad its still going to limp outside the bik, but the 70 odd. Would you spend that much on them? Just as well, the car can do 150 kilowatt charging. So if you find some of these faster charges like where we are today, the car will benefit from that and youll jump to 80 in a short space of time. But like everything, youve got to have battery temperature dependent and how much uh state of charge is in your battery. All that stuff im sure youre getting familiar with these kind of terms anyway, if youre just kind of doing research on on evs, so initial impressions, very, very good nice very nippy to drive nothing that has really kind of annoyed me about it at all. Actually that id be kind of just pointing out, but i i am impressed so join me for the full review hit subscribe if you havent done so yet – and this has been a first look at the ford mustang mackie.