My name is derek reilly. Today were looking at the mg zs ev, the 2022 refreshed edition, so lets get straight into it. This is the new blue, its brilliant blue, its probably one of my favorite, but it also comes in white, black and new silver, actually, which looks great as well, and that lovely red, color and youll definitely notice the difference on it. With regards to the new front, with that closed off grille with that honeycomb pattern and the charging point has been moved over to the off center position, so the mg logo stays straight, but the actual charging flap a lot easier to get into with that side, open And it also has two um flaps internally, so theres no rubber, bungs anymore, on ac at 7.4, im inside because theres a storm brewing outside and just before the press launch and then on dc. It goes up to 76 kilowatts. So on ac on a home charger. Itll probably take about 10 and a quarter hours and then on the 8 dc youre, probably looking at. If you can find a 75 kilowatt or 100 kilowatt plus youll. Do it in about 43 minutes uh, if its going to be on a 50 kilowatt, which is a lot of standard around ireland, youre, probably looking at just over the hour to go from 10 to 80 percent? You have that chrome element or that brushed element down along the front, and you can see it comes up underneath the license plate and thats mirrored at the back as well.

You have the full led lights with that daylight running signature as well, so theres, a lot of new um features going on here and youve got their 360 degree camera as well. So really nice front nice, color, nice mbmg badge with that charging flap theres a lot of positive going on here. Moving down along the side, youve got 17 inch wheels, no matter what trim you go for, and in ireland, its the excite or the exclusive, so similar model layouts as the mg5 and the old mg s in the uk, its the se and the um whats. The other theres another name for the model, the cant think of it begins with t you have the this is the excite because it hasnt got the roof rails and then beside me over here, youve got an exclusive with the roof rails. Youll also know the difference between the roof rails, but also the retractable wing mirrors all come with 360 cameras all have keyless entry with that push button and then moving down along. So the side profile is pretty similar to the original one just different wheels. But we have a look along the back now and see what that looks like, but overall, this blue, beautiful and with that led lights and that front grille with that new charging location. A lot of positives about this mg, zsev 2022 refreshed edition along the back here. Youve got your high level brake light. Youve got your window.

Wiper youve got that flush mg, so it doesnt protrude anymore and thats. Your boot release youve got the zsev badging on there. As well about 470 liters, with the um seats up and about 1100 liters with the seats down, it has a secondary floor as standard youre, getting the tire inflation kit and your charging cables etc and go in there. But you can get a spare wheel if youre. Looking for the spare wheel either side, then youve got a footwell and youve got some netting. Sorry youve got some storage, welds and some netting, and then youve got this charging bag with some velcro on the back. So its not sliding around the place not much else going on here. You have a um light chair, like boot, light small bit of a load lip. But if you drop that down, it would become a bit bigger, great practicality, great value for money as well with the charging flap, you have it open sideways, and then you have the flaps, which is about much better than the reader, but the rubber booms. You have your mg identifier lights on the side: 25. 50. 75. 100. So visually you can see where the battery stata charges. Also this has vehicle to load technology. So, with an adapter which is an accessory that you can purchase, it will allow you to take 2.2 kilowatts from the battery, so um handy if you need on the inside of the mg zsu on the door.

This is the excite model. So you have your electric windows front and rear on the exclusive model. Youve got leather seats, youve got electrically adjusted driver seats, youve got heated front seats as well on the exclusive version, whereas on the excited the fabric seats, the dash is an 8 inch. Full digital display, rather than the traditional uh needles that were in the original one uh steering wheel, is very similar. Youve got that red stitching going around it on the left. Youve got your audio and on the right, youve got your menu. Selection and youve got your function key that you can program for yourself behind that, then youve got lights on the left. Wipers on the white and youve got your mg pilot stock separately there as well. Youve got a 10.1 inch tft screen much more responsive than the previous one very nice to use, and you have wireless wired, android, auto and apple carplay uh. You can control some climate on here as well, but also there is climate down in the um physical buttons that are underneath it as well. So you have some volume up volume down. Youve got your front and rear d. Misters and youve got your temperature control on the exclusive version. Youve got your wireless charging pad. You also have 12 volt usb type, a usb type c and behind the camera as well, you have a usb type a if you want to load a dash cam in there, which i think is a really nice feature and its somewhere.

There oh yeah its up here on the right hand, side you can see it on the unit on the exclusive version. Youve got rain sensing wipers as well. Behind that then youve got your different modes. Normal econ sport. Youve got your cars, which is your kinetic energy recovery system, which is your regen three levels and then youve got your battery level and that just brings up the battery mode on the screen. Rotary dial, similar to the other mgs, the five and the original ng zs. Youve got your electric handbrake and youve got your auto hold youve got your roller cover for your coffee cup holders, youve got a grab handle for the passenger, slash driver and then youve got your armrest with your um storage area underneath decent sized glove box. I, like the soft carbon effect on the dash itself and youve got these rotary dials overall, a big improvement in this refresh version and for the value for money, i think its its an amazing electric vehicle. I was very impressed with the first one and i have that on the channel from last year, and this is just taking it up to the next level whats it like in the back of the mg zsev with the leather seats, actually its a bit more padded. In them so theyre fairly tight up against my legs, but you have that recess in the back of it. On the leather seats, you also have the magazine holder, whereas in the fabric there is no holder in the back bush, i probably could move that seat forward.

A bit more, you have your double air vents. You have your usb type, a and type c, which is nice to see and on the exclusive version you have that panoramic sunroof. So a bit more light: headroom, im 187 centimeters, six foot, two im just about clipping the top of it, but not bad at all, and also on the exclusive version with the leather seats. You have that armrest with that pop up uh holder, which is nice that has an armrest that you can actually use as an armrest and if you want to put drinks into which you can as well got two isofix seats back here as well, but overall yeah. I could move that seat forward a bit more weve got some nice that soft touch carbon fiber effect. Looking fabric nice Music. I was trying to think of the other version in the united kingdom for my uk viewers, and it is the trophy edition. Also in the uk, you got a third version called the third edition called the trophy connect, and that is just with live. Weather live traffic and a subscription to amazon music. We wont get that in ireland as of yet so in ireland we have excite and exclusive so its the same trim levels. This is a just for the spin. It is a exclusive, so its leather seats, electronically, adjusted rain, scents and wipers heated seats as well, so a couple of different options on it versus the regular one.

So at the moment, its only the larger battery available – it is 76 72.6 kilowatt hour, but about 68.3 kilowatts of that are usable, its water cooled and theyre, calling that the long range version, but there will be a standard range version coming to ireland um next year. Potentially wltp for the long range is 440 kilometers. Ev database has given us about 370, but on a good day in urban driving its saying that it could get over 500 kilometers. So again, if youre a taxi driver, this may be of interest to you. Zero to 100 kilometers. An hour is 8.4 seconds, its a 115 kilowatt motor front wheel, drive, and that gives you 156 ps and 280 newton meters of torque, one of the best things about the mg zs and the mg5. Now the long range is that mg assistance for the money that youre paying to get these features included on both trim levels, its pretty impressive. So you get the likes of adaptive cruise control lane keep lane departure warning, reversing warning. If something comes across you emergency braking and also picks up pedestrians and cyclists um, it has intelligent speed, limiting which i know some of my viewers are very interested in about byron um. You know who you are um, so theres lots to be liking about it. Its a lovely seating position. Some people were saying that the seats werent that comfortable now i only have it for a couple of minutes.

I will have it for a longer test drive over the coming days, but for first drive and first impressions today, um really nice. Plenty torque this one has the sunroof which i really like, and it is goes all the way back its not just a regular summer if it is a panel sunroof that does open and it has a blind and thats on the exclusive version as well so um Its nice and its nice to have that a lot of positives about this. With that battery increase its about a 50 odd percent increase in battery size, and you also have the newer screen so some of the stuff that people werent quite so happy about the original one mg have really said. You know what were going to make a difference here and listen to what the feedback is going to be. Youve got 360 cameras which are really good um, and so what you can do is you can also select which side youre looking out wide screen front wide screen back front and back. If you just want to head on and then sides, and then it has an aerial shot, then as well with regards to making it 3d very impressive, very cool on the exclusive as well, you have that wireless charging down underneath it another feature that you have on The mg zs is, you have the connection to the ismart app. I havent heard about it yet because im doing the filming before the press launch today and so hopefully well hear about that a bit more.

I said it comes in five colors black white silver, blue and red two trim levels in ireland and yeah pretty much everything. Hopefully, youve enjoyed the first impressions of the mgz sev 2022 refreshed edition uh. Let me know, in the comments make sure youve subscribed to the channel if youre interested in all types of electric vehicles and remember, if you think an eevee is for you leave it to me and ill review thanks.