So lets check out the revised version of this really growing in popularity car here on navion cars and hello to the people of limerick, see my rage. I deliberately took a car that didnt have a dublin range on it today. The badge now operates as the boot opening spot. We still have a boot that is not quite 500 liters, but its not too bad at all. The floor can be raised and lowered and theres still space to store things down here, theres a little cargo net. We have a light that i believe is white and a parcel shelf. The bag for your cables has got a very strong, velcro patch on it. Here you can tether hook it on and its a little bit smaller. The red piping is gone, but its actually a better quality finish to what was in the previous version of the car which, by the way, is still on sale. To be honest with you, the jump to 34 000 for the exclusive version, the boot by the way, is 488 litres to be exact, with the long range battery its so small. I dont think it would make any sense to go for the smaller sized car anymore. The difference by the way is obvious, because one has roof rails and a roof and the other doesnt so youll know the more expensive bottle looking at it. That way, not huge changes to the back of the car, a little bit of black polish plastics and stuff going on, but generally its kind of business as usual.

There are some led lights, but not here my friends, 72.6 kilowatt hour battery you can get to 80. In 20 minutes, if you find the right charging, it will do up to 76 kilowatt charging, but youd want to be a 10 percent stay at a charge, and you want your battery to be pretty warm and well cover some extra new settings that come inside the Car to do with batteries, the charging port is now moved a little bit to the right or to the the ports where you open them. Theres nice damping in them now theres an led display here, tells you that the car is charging and, if youre, using ccs. Well, you open the extra bit here, its actually just a little bit stiff because its its a brand new car – oh hang on open the top one first. That would make sense wouldnt it. So the badge is just the badge now and this cameras down here, because you can get 360 degree cameras on the car as standard so thats. Why theres extra bits and your led lights are now here on the front very bright, projecting on dark country, roads, all good im, hoping this all can be picked up in the camera, because its pretty windy today in the back theres charging for usb and usbc? This has a little cover over the roof, were sitting quite high up off the ground that lack of support on the bench still kind of there.

If im honest, cooking out a little bit further but theres loads of headroom, even with the uh, the glass roof, doesnt impose too much. You now get an armrest. I cant remember if you did before, and there are some places to put cup holders youre still going to get two child seats in here. The floor is still flat and ive deliberately left these seats quite far back. So even you know with a taller driver, especially in the passenger side. I mean its not titanic proportions, but it means like if you move them forward. Your leg room is really going to be generous and its still quite acceptable back here and for kids, the door. Its a decent height, its not going to block out their their view kind of business as usual back here as well, though cant notice any huge differences. Main differences are up front. Now, wait till i get started. Weve got revisions of things like mgs pilot assist, which a double pull on the stock will make this car keep up in traffic traffic jam assist is what they call it if youre crawling in the m50, the jack lynch tunnel or just normal city center traffic. This car will keep on going if you dont move for two seconds when the car pulls away, youll have to just tap it and resume whatever, but it will do that and obviously faster motorway speeds. Also, you can now limit the charging to maybe 50.

If you dont want to charge to 100, you can time the charging you can preheat the car. You can preheat the battery theres a lot of upgrades in that setting alone on this newer version of it. The screen is so much better its easier to use its much more responsive, the shortcut buttons to the things you want theres further shortcuts on the bottom of the screen. Theyve really got it right there actually for the usbc and usb charging theres wireless charging in the more expensive model of it. This car plate is android, theyve gone all skoda on its lads, theres, a usb port up here for a dash cam cup holders. They can be covered if youve got valuables in here, theres an armrest, this centerpiece with the gear, selector hasnt changed as really they have the the modes for sport and how you do your regen theres three levels of that by the way, almost one pedal driving. If you go to the most severe the steering wheel, hasnt changed, i think they just they were happy with that. They do claim. The interior is a little bit better. You can get an app now. The amg app can lock the car tell your range time. Charging instruments here are now all digital. Remember they were needles, thats all gone the fit and finish. It has just stepped up a little bit like the door cards, and things like that there are remnants of the previous model, its not going to be like a totally different car, but certainly it feels a little bit more luxurious for not a massive jump in price.

Mainland europe models are getting an 11 kilowatt charger as standard were not mg say we do 90 of charging at home and you just dont get the benefit of that faster charging when cars are capable of it. Theyre, your 22 kilowatt hour chargers, the the public ones from esb the odd shopping center car park. You cant take advantage of it, but mg have said theres no point, so the irish cars wont get the 11 itll just be the 7.2. We now have 156 brake horsepower. We can tow 500 kilos. So if youve got a few bikes, things like that dont think youre really going to get a caravan as such, maybe one of the smaller trailers they claim the three levels of regen braking uh can give you one title driving ill, be the judge of that very Soon, and for things like coming out of junctions and things like that, you now have the availability of 360 degree view cameras, which is why you have little cameras in the well. The front side mirrors everything blind spot theres, an awful lot of tech in these cars. Now, and in terms of value for money being an ev, i dont know if many people are going to be able to touch them well, thats a loud indicator. You wouldnt miss that i like the digital display. It tells you in percentage terms how much power you youre using oh okay, theres a bit of wheel slip there as i floor it very quickly, youre into 80 kilometers, an hour no time at all, actually so theres, its still a great its, probably actually, a more Gradual torque build up than the last model, but i like it feels nicely planted.

They have said the resistance from the wheel is quite strong in terms of lane keeping assists. I can vouch for that. That definitely feels a bit more like. If you look down for a second or youre, not paying attention that it will really kick you back into reality, very, very quickly, noise, wise! Do we have any pillar action theres a bit its a very windy day, though i do feel pushing it into a bend and accelerating at the same time, you might want to just dial that back a little bit. I feel like hang on now. I want to stay in this side of the road, but yeah it doesnt like that um. It is still its planted, though theres a good weight to the steering. I like that. Something else that well do well keep an eye on the road signs and, if youd like us to not let you go faster than those signs, you can let again your double stalk friend here sort of being very upfront as well mg about the range so theyre Saying yes, 440 good weather eco mode, not hammering the car interesting theyve, also established that using the heated seats does not use any significant level of range. Uh visibility, i think, is very very acceptable. Rear window is nice and big im. Trying to remember. Do i remember that being a little bit smaller, actually on the last last version of the car so 95 battery and we have 387 kilometers in that at seven degrees? So you know there are all the things that would expect to go against you.

So if you want to do a vehicle to load, you get a little accessory that just flows into the car. They didnt mention how much that is, but thats, something like, for example, on the ionic 5 and the ev6 youre jumping into different spec levels to get. Although i think the ev6 is actually standard, but anyway, i must find out, because i dont think it would be too expensive and then you can charge things like bikes and if you were camping, you could charge a fridge or i dont know use use um an Inflatable thing to pump up duvets or someone would do these mattresses thats, the one im really liking. This upgrade to the screen. I mean, if physique looks better its easier to use the last version with the three different colored chunks. I wasnt a massive fan of it, but this is a lot better, so nicely done that indicator its very loud that might bug you after a little while its very smooth, it really is actually and its pretty quiet overall and even on these well upgraded alloys, but Theyre still not huge handles bumps very well, so youre not paying with comfort levels by having alloys on it. I think, with the digital display upgrade the screen upgrade a few little touches here and there in the interior. It does feel like a significantly improved car for a relative small jump in price and the fact that youre now getting well over 400 kilometers out of out of your range, if youre at 100 thats quite decent, very, very interesting overall package, is what i would call That actually start to see a lot of these as taxis this and the mg5, and i think, taxi drivers are also a good acid test for cars.

Remember when only taxi drivers drove scout octavias, and now everybody drives the scope octavia. I think, if theyre good enough for taxi drivers, theyre good enough for for generally everybody and theres, actually a few few taxi drivers in in ireland who are doing not necessarily reviews but theyre living with their mgs and theyre kind of doing vlogs about how they get On whats the range like charging and all those all those things, so if, if youre not sure, i think the proof is in a taxi drivers, pudding whatever that is anyway uh if you havent subscribed. Yet please do i hope this has given you a good kind of um, just whirlwind: look at the the new revised version of the mgz very hard to argue with what what the spec is and the price of this car. You really you really cant size of the battery as well. Sorry, german premium germans. This car may upset you a little bit. I get not even going to want to go for a badge that theyre not too familiar with get that you have to actually have, though, what does an id4 do that this doesnt far from badge ill leave you on that note, never been a better time to Buy one of these serious value at 34 in a bit for the top range you want to drop a few ground below you can its a serious way to get into an electric car with loads of spec, really fast, charging options really good range things.

Like 360 cameras that you dont get in certain premium, cars are like 100 grand its worth a look guys. It was beforehand, but certainly now, uh with the better, slightly better looks on it, and especially the price. Just just go check when it is out. Youve got to youve got to touch it in the flesh experience it im sure you could arrange yourself an overnight test drive if you wanted. These cars will be available from early 2022. So its good to get a first look on the channel.