The p7 electric is based on a platform developed by x, ping motors called sepa, which stands for smart electric platform architecture. The p7 comes in three variants: two variants come with rear wheel, drive and both have a 196 kilowatt electric motor on the rear axle. Their difference lies in their batteries. A long range model has a 70.8 kilowatt hour battery, while the super long range model comes with an 80 kilowatt hour energy content and offers the aforementioned 706 kilometer range. The all wheel, drive model comes with a 120 kilowatt motor on the front axle, reducing the acceleration time to 100 kilometers per hour from zero and 6.7 to 4.3 seconds. The range of the four wheel drive model is estimated to be around 600 kilometers. It also comes with autonomous driving functions. According to level 3., this drive assistant, called x pilot is based on nvidias drive, xavier. The p7 comes fitted with numerous cameras and new types of millimeter wave radar sensors according to xpang. It can also detect objects at a distance of 200 meters and should have market leading accuracy. These all work together to power, the autonomous driving system, it sports, a black glass roof, frameless windows, retracting door, handles exterior mounted, surround vision, cameras and other touches that look a lot like teslas model 3.. The interior is clean and modern, with a central touch screen and instrument panel screen behind the steering wheel. Controls are mainly on the steering wheel or via touch screen.

Zikr 001. The zikr 001 was first introduced in march 2021, when geely revealed that it was launching a new electric luxury vehicle brand. The zikr company has unveiled its debut model, a sleek hot hatch, known simply as the zero zero one. When the seeker zero zero one was shown as a concept in december it was labeled as a link and co. So we are pretty sure that zika will be an electric sister brand to link and co similar to the link between other geely companies, volvo and polystar. The zero zero one is the globes foremost large scale, electric shooting break intending to put a stop to the age of drab eaves. It has a daring front, fascia claw, like headlamp, distinctive full width, led tail lights and a porsche panamera silhouette based on specialized c electric platform with modular architecture. Several engine choices will be available for the vehicle. The top of the line dual motor all wheel, drive produces 536 horsepower and 516 pound feet of torque. It is combined with a 100 kilowatt hour battery with an 800 volt design is well capable of claiming a range of 308 miles and can be recharged at 360. Kilowatts, the cabin has an extensive central screen, entertainment system, a digital dashboard, leather upholstery and a load capacity of nearly 2 000 liters. The zikr will be available for purchase in china this autumn, byd ea1, byds, future generation of smart electric cars will be built on the new 3.

0 foundation, and this electro hatchback is a pioneer of that generation. The byd ea 1 was created to standardize its most recent achievements by making it more robust, lighter, smaller and more energy efficient. It has previously been seen in china sans camouflage on public highways and is expected to hit the australian market in 2022 under dolphin the ea 1 adopts the new logo and regular bodywork language of the company. The new foundations provide the ea 1, a conventional 800 volt battery system that, according to the company, can charge the batteries for over 80 miles in only 5 minutes. Byd promises that its system can travel about 500 miles on pure electricity, but we estimate only 220 miles on a single charge in this cheap hatchback. It will cost potential buyers about 23 200 to purchase the byd ea1 eyewaze u5. The u5s permanent magnet synchronous electric motor developed in house by iways is a vital engine that unleashes remarkable performance, 310 nm of maximum torque to provide dynamic responsiveness with maximum economy and zero emissions. The iwaze u5 battery pack is installed in a sandwich construction and consists of 24 high energy density modules. The modules are provided by the well known provider cadal. While the battery and battery electronics were created in house. The unique battery pack has a capacity of 63 kilowatt hours. It drives the engine with 150 kilowatts and 310 nm, allowing for a range of 410 kilometers and 400 kilometers for the premium model.

Due to the excellent charge. Efficiency charging from 20 to 80 takes just 35 minutes. The u5 battery pack, unlike other vehicle battery packs, has a unique sandwich. Construction, efficient, cooling and preheating improve the battery efficiency allowing for higher capacity and therefore a more extended range. You also get the advantage of a lengthy service life. Even after eight years, the battery pack still provides at least 80 of its original capacity. The u5 has a starting price of 28 000 x ping p5. The x pang p5 is the worlds first production automobile with an in built lidar sensor, as revealed by xiaoping motors. This smart car is the companys smallest vehicle in terms of autonomous driving technology. It is also the most advanced production luxury sedan rather than depending exclusively on cameras. Its profile employs a wide range of sensors. The x pilot 3.5 redesigned architecture includes 12 ultrasonic, sensors, 5 millimeter, wave radars 13 high definition, cameras and one high precision positioning unit. It also has two automotive grade lighters, which can differentiate almost all road users. The p5s electric vehicle credentials are yet to be certified, but they will, because they are similar to the more significant p7. They have an 80.9 kilowatt hour battery, which is the largest. The x ping p5 will be available in two options: the rear, wheel, drive and all wheel, drive versions, one on each side of the front fascia they can differentiate between walkers, bikers and scooters, as well as static objects and road walk areas.

This vehicle can function perfectly during bad weather and in tunnels. The ngp version that will be released in the p5 is considerably more sophisticated. According to x peng, it will work in urban areas allowing lane changes and have automated speed limits, identification and traffic signal information. However, we dont have all of the pricing information yet, but all speculations show that the g5 is likely to be less expensive than the p7, which starts at 35, 420 polster precept the poster precept, which has already been announced as a manufacturing vehicle for the 2023 model Year is the posters first entry into the big sedan category, although its 122 inch wheelbase, which is comparable to that of a mercedes s class. The suites see this vehicle as a four seat: autonomous grand tour instead of a limo for an executive poster smart zone allowing level for self driving has a large number of smart sensors and lighters in the front area. The vehicle is said to have a range of 300 to ‘0 miles and is designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Plastic waste on the inside is minimized by 80 percent due to the use of specifically designed flex based composites for the back seats and interior panels. The upholstery and carpets are constructed of recycled bt bottles, cork, vinyl and fishing nuts byd han byd spent about 10 years. Transforming this han from its concept to a mass production luxury car. It comes carrying byds ultra safe blade battery, which, according to the company, sets new standards for evs worldwide in terms of luxury performance and safety.

Hans ev long range, pure electric version, has a fantastic range of 605 kilometers, based on the test cycle on a single charge. The four wheel drive version has an acceleration of zero to 100 kilometers per hour in just 3.9 seconds, making it chinas fastest ev in production. According to the company, the dm plug in hybrid model offers 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 4.7 seconds, making it the countrys fastest hybrid sedan. The car goes from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 3.9 seconds, thanks to the worlds first mosfet motor control module, which fuels the cars record breaking speed for braking. It does 32.8 meters from 100 kilometers per hour to a standstill. The exterior reveals a striking front. Grille with dragon claw, tail lights and other features, the cars interior is furnished with solid wooden panels, high quality, aluminum trims, napa leather seats and other materials used in other luxury vehicles. The car comes equipped with other smart features like the nfc mobile phone key function to unlock the car, even if your phone is out of power or battery the intelligent features with byds die. Pilot. Intelligent driving assistance system include a wide array of safety features like an adaptive, stop and go cruise control, a forward collision warning system, a pedestrian identification and a protection system. A lane, departure warning system, traffic, sign identification and much more. Its extended range version will sell. At thirty two thousand eight hundred dollars, the extended range variant of the premium model will go for thirty six thousand five hundred dollars and the four wd high performance version will be in the 40 000 range.

The phev version will sell at about 31 400 gheely geometry. A the geometry, a is a front wheel, drive sedan with 120 kilowatts and 250 nm of torque. It is claimed to race from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in 8.8 seconds. It has two cable ternary lithium battery pack, options of either 51.9 kilowatt hours or 61.9 kilowatt hours respectively. It provides a claimed range of 410 kilometers and 500 kilometers respectively, based on the nedc test cycle. The automaker says that its vehicles are all equipped with luxury level. L2 plus intelligent drive, the exterior combines sleek aerodynamics punctuated with exciting elements like pop out door handles the interior, gives plentiful cabin space. Geelys attention to detail is reflected in laser engraving for trim panels, geometric patterns and zero profile touch controls with eco friendly fabric for the seats which is eu certified baby skin safe gili is also offering what is called the super e energy system. This essentially is an external power outlet that allows a driver to use the geometry as battery to run other things. The price starts at thirty one thousand two hundred and fifty dollars before subsidies in china, neo et7 neo is another powerful china automaker in the ev market. The et7 and electric sedan will be offering a solid state 150 kilowatt hour battery by 2022. neo as a brand offers impressive, 21st century compliant technologies. The et7 is no exception, aiming to become a veritable competitor for the tesla s.

According to neo, the standard of the et7 70 kilowatt hour battery offers a range of more than 310 miles. There is also the option of a 100 kilowatt hour battery with up to 435 miles of range. As noted earlier, a solid state battery, which wont become available in china until 2022, will give its users a range of more than 620 miles. The largest battery in the et7 would easily beat the longest range battery in a tesla which comes on the model s and rings in at 402 epa rated miles. The et7 spotlights motors at the front and rear axle with a combined output of 643 horsepower and 627 pound feet of torque. It is declared to accelerate to 62 miles per hour in 3.9 seconds. The roof gently slopes to meet a slim tail light that runs the vehicles, width, the interior sports, a 12.8 inch infotainment screen and a digital gauge cluster. The few buttons are far between with a two spoke steering wheel. The standard 70 kilowatt hour option starts at around 69 000. Those who will opt in for neos battery as a service subscription will get the car for around 58 000. This service allows drivers to swap their batteries at neo power swap stations in china for a fee of around 150 a month. Other specs that come in the luxury car are an autonomous drive assistant made possible by 11 8 megapixel cameras and what neo calls ultra long range high resolution lidar along with 5 radar and 12 ultrasonic sensors, along with other technologies.