You dont know what astatine is didnt. You get the skull, its the rarest element on earth. Only about 25 grams of the stuff is present on the earth. Naturally at any one time. This is rare, too its an electric seven seat, suv there aint many of those you can just think of the tesla model x in the tesla model y right now, if you can think of some others, let me know in the comments below anyway in this video Im going to talk around the mercedes eqb, the styling upgrades the changes on the inside and take it for a drive, see what its like anyway, im matt watson and youre watching carway. Ask the team who knew i didnt know, and i did a chemistry degree. I just looked it up on google buying a new car, then head to car wow, and my team will help you find your next car at a fair price car wow, your one stop car buying comparison site. Lets start this video by talking about the main thing that separates this eqb from the glb on which it is based and thats the fact it comes with two electric motors theres, two versions as well: theres, the eqb 300, which has a combined output of 228 horsepower And is good for 960 in 7.7 seconds or theres this one, the 350, which has a combined output of 292 horsepower and can do not 60 in six seconds now. The starting price of the eqb range is 52 000 pounds and if you want to see the very best offers on the latest, electric cars click on the pop up banner up there for the link in the description, because i found some through car wow now, if Youll do that later you can just simply google help me car wow, my team and ill help.

You choose the right car for you and get it for a fair price for one of our trusted dealers, because theres no internal combustion engine that needs cooling. The eqb has a blanked out grill, now theres some other differentiators for this electric version of the glb such as this strip here, which illuminates when you turn your lights on. In fact, the headlights have these blue elements in them to signify electricity and theres. Some more blanked out parts there as well, because you dont need all those cooling vents now theres, something ive noticed just been down here and it appears theres heating elements just in this mercedes badge and thats to stop it getting condensation and ice in there. So you can always see the three pointed star thats, a really clever solution, but it looks like the engineers gave up on clever solutions when it came to fitting the surround view, cameras and the camera at the front because look at this its just there. So it looks like the cars got, a big horrible mole next to its nose, whats even more horrible. Is that obviously, this car isnt fitted with the surround view camera package, because this camera is blanked out its horrible at the side. There are very little changes over the normal glb, apart from some slightly different aloe wheel, designs started at 19 inches. These are the snazzy optional 20s and you get an eqb badging there on the wing here at the back.

The eqb gets this rather snazzy light bar, and this affects the design of the rest of the rear. You see because theyve got that light bar there theyve had to move the mercedes badge, which is on the glb there down to here and as the badge is now there theyve had to then move the number plate which was here down to here, which has required A new lower bumper section and obviously because its electric theres no exhaust pipes like on the standard glb, though theres still like hints, where they might have been there a little bit of fakery continuing here on the inside. The eqb is very similar to a normal glb, but there are some differences. For instance, you get a standard, the larger infotainment screens, and you have some battery information here as well, and your energy consumption in kilowatt hours theres also an eq mode here on the main infotainment screen. So it gives you details and charging options. Your consumption energy flow and all that kind of things theres some blue electric stitching there on the seats and some more blue electric stitching on the center console and some blue electric piping on the mat youve also got blue electric inserts on the fence as well and Theres some blue electric eqb badging on the sills other than that. Nothing has changed. So youve got decent practicality in here, big door, bins! Look there! We go enough space for my bmw flask in my mercedes vehicle.

How can i help you can help by not interrupting me when im trying to blooming piece to camera go away? Im? Sorry, can you say that again, please just go away. Go shoo! Youre! Just interrupting me! Slowing down this video people be clicking out piss off im. Sorry, but i cant help you with that right now, anyway, like i was saying how very similar to the glb, so the infotainment system is good. Apart from when the voice commands you, it only happens if you say the m word yeah very easy to use nice clear, display lots of information, though the reality is youre just going to plug in your phone and either use apple, carplay or android auto here in The back in the ekb once again, youve got these blue electric bits other than that, though its identical to the normal car in terms of knee room and headroom, which is good. What is different, though, is the fact that, because youve got the batteries underneath the floor, the footwells arent as recessed as in the normal glb, so your feet are a little bit higher. So your knees are also a little bit higher, which means youve got less under thigh support, so its not quite as comfy on a longer journey, though its not a deal breaker. After all, the big thing about this car is that its an eevee suv that you can get with seven seats, though ive handily got the five seater version to review, so im gon na have to illustrate what its like as a seven seater.

By doing this. Oh yes, here we are in the back of the eqb. Oh yes, it may be a seven seater, but it is quite tight back here if you would like to see a review of another seven seater ev suv, that is a bit more room in the back. Click on the pop out button up there or for the link in the description below Music. Now, if you get the seven seat version of this car, the beat capacity is 465 liters, whereas for this five seater version it is 495 liters which may seem pretty decent. However, its about 100 liters down on the normal glb and its still quite a lot less than some other electric suvs. One in particular, is my favorite. If you want to see what that car is click on the pop up button up there for the link in the description below there are some other slightly frustrating things about this boot. You see, while you do have like storage areas like art, net there and another net here, oh look, i wonder ill put my lexus hat pretty handy on a cold day like today and while you get things like a 12 volt socket some strapage theres no releases For the back seats here in the boot so to lower the backseats have to walk around here and pull the tabs on the seats down here, which is a bit annoying, and that brings down to five other annoying things about this eqb.

As we all know, because electric cars dont have big internal combustion engines under the bonnet, there is usually room for some storage in a front boot. So lets just use the front boot of this eqb to store my audi bag uh right yeah, because this car is based on a normal internal combustion engine model, its not quite so well packaged as bespoke built from the ground up electric cars. That should be fine. There im sure its going to be fine and it wont suddenly burst into flames. If the thought of sitting on dead animal skin makes you feel a bit, you can get a vegan interior on this car. In fact, its the only option available in the uk, the only thing is that you still have to have your hands on dead animal, because even with the vegan interior, the steering wheel oddly, is still leather. The tank capacity of the mercedes eqb is 1.8 tonnes, which is 200 kilograms less than the diesel glb, so that could be the difference between only being able to tow a 4 berth caravan rather than a 6 burst one. This is a 50 000 pound car. Yet if you want adaptive cruise control with lane keeping assist, you have to pay an extra 1500 pounds. I dont know why its not standard. You know what i mean. I would recommend that if you do a lot of mars, you need active cruise control with lane keeping assist.

It just makes driving so much easier and you get it as standard that kind of thing, on a toyota yaris to to turo, to yaris, to hear this noise, its like theres, someone with a dremel multi tool, just shaving away bits underneath the bonnet its something to Do with the electric motor system or the invert, it just makes this whirring sound, sometimes thats, not the only annoying thing. Also, this car is really heavy weighs in at 2.1 tons because of all the batteries. When you compare that to the heaviest glb, which comes in at 1.8 tonnes, dont worry theres still plenty to like about this car heres. The car wow five call features. You see these steering wheel mounted paddles here in a normal internal combustion engine car. They are for changing gears, not here, though theyre for altering the amount of regen you get from the car when you lift off the accelerator, so you can put it into a real severe one pedal driving experience where itll basically break the car. When you lift off the accelerator quite abruptly, or you can just ease it off slightly and actually have it so itll freewheel, like you just put in neutral when you lift off and just coasts thats, not the best thing to do. The best thing to do, though, is to put it into auto mode, because then the car will actually judge the traffic conditions, the roads youre driving on and how youre driving and it will apply either regen or coasting for maximum battery efficiency.

You can get an app for your phone, which allows you to monitor various functions on the car remotely. You can also pre heat it, which is ideal on a day like today, when its freezing, so you can get in it and its actually nice and warm and all defrosted. Now. The good thing is that if you are pre heating, the car, when its plugged in charging it wont, take energy from the battery or take it straight from the grid. So you have percent battery when you get into the car. If youre doing a long distance, the car sat, nav will actually plot in your route to account for charging times and tell you where to stop and how long to stop. For so that you can get there as quickly as possible, but with enough charge so that you dont start pulling your bands thinking youre going to run out of battery now ill put in a route to edinburgh. It says ill get there at about quarter past eight. However, i did the same thing as if i was driving direct without stopping. You know if i had a diesel glb, which we do on a full tank of diesel, then ill get there at just after five oclock anyway shut up thanks for this blanked out grill. On a flat underfloor, the new eqb is more aerodynamic than the glb on which it is base. It has a drag coefficient of 0.28 cd compared to 0.

3 for the standard car that not only helps improve efficiency, but it might also help reduce the amount of wind whistle you get when driving at high speed. You can stop come on the load cover underneath the false floor. Now there is space under there for your cables. Can you see the cables there and theres actually no dedicated space for this load cover? Well, you think theres not look, but if you wedge it in there and put it in there, you can still shut this and it will lock shut look. So it sort of works bit of a cheat, but itll do lets talk batteries and charging. So the eqb has a 66 kilowatt hour battery pack, which is good for up to 257 miles on a single charge. Now, if youre charging off a seven kilowatt wall, charger itll, take you 11 hours to go from empty to completely full now. It also has dc charging lock dc charging ports, and you can charge up to 100 kilowatts which isnt that fast by todays standards. Still you can go from 10 4 to 80 full in just 35 minutes anyway. Lets drive this thing. Okay, lets. Try out this eqb first thing to do test that electric car performance, yep yep, it picks up good, so good. I shocked the safety systems. Did you think i was going to crash into the car in front ive got it set up with a sporty throttle response, but ive got everything else set to comfort, because if you dont have the spoiler throttle response say if youre in eco or comfort mode, it Really dulls the responsiveness of the accelerator pedal.

You dont want that everything else that you need in comfort, including the suspension, because this is a heavy car theyve, had to beef up the springs over the normal glb as a result feels a little bit firmer. But with the adaptive suspension fit on this car in the comfort setting its actually pretty good over bumps now i was worried about what it would be like, because the eqa, which is the sister car to this when i drove it, it just seemed a little bit Too firm, whereas this one is much better, it is comfortable and, of course, youve got a really good raised driving position. So visibility out here is really nice, big back window, great view out of that really big side mirrors as well. Its a nice car and the electric powertrain does suit it, especially when youre driving around town, because obviously youve got no gears to mess around with you can put it into maximum regen mode, which i have so you can do one pedal, driving and really just control. It on the throttle, its quite a relaxing driving experience. I actually prefer it overall to the internal combustion engine car now, as electric cars go its not cutting edge in terms of efficiency and how far you can get out of it from a single charge, but as an overall car, its really really nice. And you know what, when youre driving around town, it actually runs in rear drive mode most of the time it only goes into four wheel drive and sends power to the front.

When you really put your foot down – and you can sometimes feel once again look so you put your foot down, it does respond because the safety system is getting concerned again, you really can feel the power going to the front because the fronts even start to lose A bit of traction as they scrabble for grip in terms of grip go around the corner, theres plenty of it, its not the sportiest feeling car. You do notice that it responds quite quickly to initial steering input, but then because its a heavy thing, the rate of turn that you get doesnt quite match the amount of initial response you get now. This is where electric cars really come into their own. Just driving around residential areas or in town – and this is fine – you know over speed, humps its all very comfy. The steering is super light im, loving the serenity, the fact that theres no petrol diesel engine rattling away in front of me, and so too probably the people around here you know when you start your car in the morning, all theyre ever going to hear is bling Bling bling, as it sort of boots up nice, cold start of an engine and when youre on the motorway as well. All you notice is a bit of wind noise and tire noise, its actually a relaxing car to travel a long distance in apart from obviously the range, but thankfully youve got something not only to help.

You plan your route so that you go by charging points. If youve got the budget and you want a glb, this would be the one to get, though you do have to pay quite handsomely for going electric last thing to do. Lets just check one pedal driving please stop properly. Please stop no, it didnt. So it looks like you: dont have full on one pedal driving, so it wont bring the car to a complete stop. It will slow it quite dramatically when you lift off the accelerator, but its not like in a tesla where it will actually stop. You completely see. Look im just doing it again lifted off were still coasting a bit just a bit. Just a bit im still coasting still coasting, not accelerating yeah off. We go the front wheels scrapping again its weird now its not pushing right back into your seat acceleration, but its as fast as you ever need. Oh god, i keep setting this thing off. Calm down mercedes im not going to crash ive, got this still its better to be safe than sorry right Music. So there was our final verdict on the mercedes eqb. Should you avoid it? Should you consider it, should you shortlist it or should you just go right ahead and buy it? Well, i reckon you should shortlist. The eqb i mean the normal glb is a really good car, and this is a very nice electric version and really, if you want a seven seat suv, you basically got the choice of this a model y or a model x, thats it anyway.

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