Yes, the newest safety car of formula e just kidding, but the cuter version of it, the mini cooper sc or as known as the electric mini, is a lower cost ev currently offered by mini thats supposed to be as fun to drive as their conventionally powered gasoline Mini minis pitch is youll, get an electric go kart that is nimble sporty fast, with a little bit premium and stylish interior all wrapped up with the charm of a mini cooper package at a reasonable cost. Well then, thats pretty appealing, but not so fast. The first thing we need to address is the elephant in the room. The range, the mini cooper se is epa rated at just 114 miles from a full battery. It is quite shocking that a brand new eevee from 2020 could have an epa range. This low, when new evs nowadays are offering in excess of 300 miles of range without much fanfare and lucys. New air released just a month ago, is offering more than 500 miles of epa rated range before any of you ev shoppers right off the mini cooper se immediately. There are some reasons and benefits to this low range. Hear me out. First of all, the price, the mini cooper se starts at an msrp of 29 900 that is actually an extremely low cost for a new car from a premium brand, let alone a new ev, but thats, not the entire story. You need to factor in the federal rebate of up to 7 500 and any state incentive your state might be offering.

For example, california will give you an extra 750 off any ev at the time of the purchase. So if you purchase this in california as of right now, you will be receiving at least eight thousand two hundred fifty dollars off of the twenty nine thousand nine hundred dollars price, giving you a total cost of twenty thousand six hundred fifty dollars before taxes and options. I think at that price we can at least consider this ev, even considering its underwhelming range. However, your actual purchase price, depending on when you buy it, could be a little bit more complicated due to the proposed change of the eevee tax credit. Currently, the buildback better plan is being debated in the senate and would impact how much you get if it does pass. If buildback better does pass and you purchase the mini cooper se, when buildback better is implemented, you will only receive back four thousand dollars rather than seven thousand five hundred dollars. The reason is because, in order for an ev to qualify for the entire 7 500, the battery needs to be larger than 40 kilowatt hour and the mini cooper scs battery is only about 32.64 kilowatt hour. Therefore, if you wait and buy the mini cooper se, when buildback better is implemented, you will miss out on 500 compared with, if you go to a dealer and buy one this very second because build back better as of right now, the making of this video has Not been implemented yet, of course, the ev tax credit of buildback, better proposal could still go through further revision.

So nothing is a certainty. Do keep that in mind, but the consensus is that dramatic revision from the current version is unlikely. Last thing i want to mention regarding a tax credit from the mini cooper. Se is that if you currently dont expect to own more than four thousand dollars in taxes to the government, when you do do your taxes early 2022, then you may want to wait for buildback better to be implemented before you purchase reason is because the current seven Thousand five hundred dollars tax credit is a non refundable tax credit. That means, if you only owe the government one thousand dollars of tax. When you do your taxes, you will only get one thousand dollars wiped away from what you owe you do not get back. The remainder difference as a refund, which is completely different than how the new ev tax credit, will work under build back better. The tax credit refund will be a refundable refund. So, even if you have zero dollars tax obligation, you will still get the full amount of eevee tax credit. Your evie will qualify for all right lets. Talk specs this two door. Little guy carries a small battery of 32.64 kilowatt hour which can charge from zero to eighty percent in about 36 minutes at 50 kilowatt dc fast charger. It runs on our front wheel, drive architecture, but it is a premium brand 0 to 60 miles per hour and 6.9 seconds. But since it is, electric zero to 40 miles feels almost instantaneous anyways.

You definitely would want to keep the speeds under 75 miles per hour, or else your range will drop significantly. If you live in very cold climates, then i will not recommend this car for you. If you drive more than 60 miles round trip per day, why? Because if you turn on the heater, you will see the range dropping one mile per minute, quite nerve wracking, as you can see, the mini cooper se does not have a frunk because they use the space to put the motor in there. After feeling, the interior and sitting in it, i definitely do not recommend this car for people taller than six feet. You will hit your head or might hit your head if you have a really tall torso, even with the seat at its lowest setting, it does have a manual adjusting seat which does help with the cars weight rather than having an electrically powered seat. Youll have to move your seat out of the way. Sorry to fully enjoy this car, you cant be too short or too tall. You have to be just the right height, i would say, between five feet: six and six feet. The buttons on the steering wheels are hard plastic. It does have minimal response to it. When i press on it, the interior is the exact same as any mini cooper and sc trim. It comes with a standard 8.8 inch infotainment system, along with a dynamic digital instrument. Cluster, when you could easily view information like vehicle speeds, driving modes turn by turn, navigation, communication, multimedia and much more digitally, sirius, xm, satellite radio is standard, apple carplay is available and android auto is not supported.

I did not see wireless charging supported in this trim as well. The seat adjustment takes some time to get used to. As you can see, you really have to crank that handle just to get the right height or adjustment ill admit. I was not used to the manual cranking seats since most premium cars have automatic seats on the drivers side door. There are two automatic window buttons and a side mirror control button to adjust your mirrors, of course, and on the top we have a round door handle with lock and unlock where you can see it. It comes with 12 harman kardon speakers all around the car, with a 360 watt amplifier in the back. This car has a lot of piano black trim paired up with chrome, which was a trend back from the mid 2010s up until 2017. All around the car a bit dated for the looks, i might say everything in here – is round down to the center screen. If you notice, the entire car is literally a bunch of round shapes, put together the side door handle is round even down to the armrest too. Nothing in this car has sharp angles. The glove box is very compact. You could probably fit three 16 ounce water bottles in there and some papers. Of course, i quite like the center console area. The round screen infotainment system has a rainbow spectrum light to show you how well youre doing on efficiency green if youre doing pretty good on efficiency and red means youre a nascar driver, the flip switches at the bottom very race car, like i quite like it, it Has one usb port in the front and no wireless charging here youll find the button to change your driving experience such as drive modes and traction control on and off now i know what youre thinking dont touch that traction control button your stock tires on.

These cannot handle the race car driving. You have in mind. Their super low resistant tires are ready for maximum efficiency, meaning, if you change these tires to summer tires or non low rolling resistant tires, you will lose about 10 percent of range and for the back of the car we have a hatchback door, which happens to not Be automatic there is an under trunk space which can only fit the charger in there or you really need to hide your backpack in there or something its an extremely small space, but it will be able to fit a full sized luggage bag in there and two Carry on bags if you play tetris with it without folding the seats down and yes, there is a giant plug badge on the door to remind you to charge your fun electric go cart after your grocery run. Hey. There is only 114 miles of range on this thing after all, get this car. If you are looking for a commuter – and you have to have a level 2 charger at home, so you could charge the car every night as well as if you live in an area that does not snow. I would not recommend this car to be your only car unless you do not do any road trips other than that for 20. Grand is excellent value, alright thats it for now.