Well, that day could be coming soon with the all new ev6 electric car. This particular one its more like a million bucks worth of car because its a late stage, prototype of kias first stand alone. Ev model youve, probably seen ads for the ev6, which will arrive in a few different trim levels in the first part of 2022 and be followed by the flagship gt model late in the year or early in 2023. And while this car doesnt represent the production car. Well see in australia, we figured, we should show you around the car and tell you some of the things you ought to know. You can read all about the new ev6 at the cars guide site and, if youre, watching on youtube, the link is in the description down there near the subscribe button and the bell icon hit it to stay up to date. The ev6 shares plenty with its cousin. The hyundai ioniq 5 electric car, which weve raved about as being a potential new benchmark for evs in australia, now theres a caveat to that more expensive. Electric vehicles from germany might be better in round terms, but the ioniq 5 has impressed us because it is for some at least an attainable option at about 70 to 75 000 bucks before on road costs, but from sources weve spoken to the kia could come in Considerably more expensive were talking up to 95 grand based on some dealer estimates and thats before the top spec performance focus, gt model arrives, which is the fastest kia product to date.

That spec is said to sprint from 0 to 100 in just 3.5 seconds, but the ev6 has a few tricks up its sleeve over the ioniq 5.. The hyundai has a smaller battery pack. The current version has a 72.6 kilowatt hour battery bank, while the kia will launch with a larger 77.4 kilowatt hour battery setup, which theoretically allows at more driving range. Hyundai is said to be planning to roll out the bigger battery for the ioniq 5. Soon and like the hyundai, the ev6 will be offered with the choice of rear wheel, drive or all wheel drive, and the ev6 gt has a higher output motor setup with staggering power and torque outputs well cover all the powertrain details. When we get a chance to drive the ev6 and theres another important driving advantage, that kia could have over the ioniq 5., it has an australia, specific ride and handling tune. Kia, australia has employed the same team, led by ryden handling engineer graham gambold, the man whos tuned, more than 50 kia models for local conditions over the past decade and hes part of the reason the brand has shifted from an also ran to a key player in The aussie market, as you can see, from the footage the ev6, seems to hug the road astonishing performance we well. I just love driving the car, its a car that you just just wants corners Music, great car best car weve ever made. As in previous cases, the ev6 has been through dozens of specific tunes to find the right balance between comfort and control, not to mention a duality between dynamic handling and day to day.

Enjoyment, sadly, were not allowed to drive this car just yet, but we look forward to sharing our impressions with you in 2022 as to whether it is the best kia ever made or not. What we can do is show you a look at the interior which will differ depending on the grade you choose. The base model is more of a plush understated vibe, while the gt line and gt models are predictably sportier in their styling. Suffice to say there will be plenty of tech and equipment on board with all the usual smarts youd expect when it comes to storage, too, Music thats a brief introduction to the kia ev6 electric car, a vehicle that will no doubt set the trajectory for the korean Car company for the next decade be sure to stay tuned for our detailed review of the ev6 early in 2022, and let us know if theres anything in particular, you want to find out about it in the comments and, if youre watching on youtube. You know what to do hit like subscribe and the bell icon to keep up with all the latest car news and reviews.