This is no overseas. First drive just in case you havent spotted the iconic telstra tower. In the background, we are in canberra, the nations capital how so well, while the id3 is being held back from australia. So vw can prioritize markets with a bigger appetite for evs a boutique electric mobility store has taken the initiative to import one and ion dna has kindly let us have a drive before passing it onto its lucky new owner. We were super keen to drive the id3, because the car that sounds like a bounty hunter from star wars is potentially the most significant volkswagen since the original gulf in 1974.. It sits on a new vw group battery platform that is dubbed meb and will underpin more than 15 million vehicles by 2028.. A small car thats quite a big deal, then Music. The id3 is about the size of a golf, so about 4.2 meters, its actually a little bit shorter than the golf, but the wheelbase is quite a bit longer so that promises a lot more interior space. What about some other details? Well, the roof line thats higher than a golf by quite a margin, and then the side glass bit of a distinctive feature, certainly over the gulf. This front three quarter section, though then theres also a bit of a golf feature with that thick c pillar, the wheels almost quite normal looking for an ev, but you can get some more futuristic. Looking rim designs, if you so desire Music, so its actually quite a bit of a sort of cartoonish looking front end, you know very different to a golf and then look at this bonnet apart from being much shorter than a bonnet on a golf.

Youve got this kind of sort of twin lid effect with this black plastic coming across here, but it is a one piece unit that lifts up. I can tell you ill tell you something else. I also like, because you know volkswagen renowned for quite conservative styling. Yes, you know attractive but kind of well, some people say boring, but look at this. This is almost daring for volkswagen designers. This indentation graphic here all these like little notches, i like that the rear end design very prominent roof, spoiler blacked out tailgate, just like a volkswagen up city car and as with most volkswagens a badge. This one white, though that opens up the hatch and inside well volkswagen says we have 385 litres of luggage capacity, which is not bad actually a little bit more than you get with the golf practical touches plastic floor, which is great for when youre, coming back from The beach and chucking in all your wet sandy stuff, 12 volt socket over here and a couple of integrated integrated bag hooks and 60 40 split fold rear seats except they dont fall flat also because this is a more of an entry level. Star model no auto tailgate, the rear seat is where the id3 is relatively long. Wheelbase is particularly telling because, while theres a decent amount of rear seat space in a golf look at this look how generous this is loads of legroom. This is like a midsize sedan.

Headroom plenty of clearance there so that high roof line helpful there, the bench i cant remember the last time, ive seen such a high angle on a rear bench, but it is absolutely fantastic for under thigh support. Look at that right on the edge of the cushion there. I reckon i could spend hours back here on a long journey. No rear air vents, though, which is a bit of a shame, do get a couple of usbc ports down here. No center arm wrestler, again kind of betrays this as a bit of a lower spec version bottle holders. Here, oh, look. I can put my hand through there its interesting, oh, no seat, pouches, either. Hmm all right lets go and have a look at the front, steering wheel straight out of a golf stalks straight out of golf, but otherwise the id3s cabin doesnt look anything like a golf, which is a good thing, although its not quite as classy. Looking as the famous hatchback, i dont mind that, because this is an electric car and you dont need to just look like an electric golf so where the golf integrates its digital displays, infotainment driver display into the dash very neatly here: weve got the infotainment display, separated You know tablet style driver display, one of the quirkiest aspects of the id3s interior, like absolutely tiny and just positioned immediately ahead of the steering wheel and the transmission. Well, its not a lever, its a flicker switch yeah turn it like that.

Its a little bit strange material quality, yeah its a bit hit and miss again, probably not quite in the golfs league. But again, i dont want to be too definitive about this, because, even though this is a real volkswagen, id3 still not an official review because the cars not here yet i do like the led ambient lighting here in the dash. You also get it in the doors. Look at that even get a drop down armrest for the front seats. The storage favorite part center console, which makes the most of the id3s battery platform large cup holders up here at the front big section here, thatll hold lots of stuff and comes with a sliding lid and also divide a section that you can move around a couple Of usbc ports and my favorite part, this dual tray section for smartphones so holds not one as you normally get in most cars, but two so the top section here for one phone and then you can lift that up slide your other one in there and the Bottom section is your actual inductive charger Music getting underway in the id3 is simple put on the brake pedal flick the transmission flicker. I guess you might call it into d and away we go in europe and the uk. There are three battery sizes offered with the id3 theres, the baby bear 45 kilowatt hour, the daddy bear 77 kilowatt hour and then theres the battery weve got the 58 kilowatt hour.

If you are looking for the goldlock, spec well were not quite sure what that will be at this point, but if you want the fastest id3 well, you need the 58 kilowatt hour with the rear electric motor producing 150 kilowatts and 310 newton meters. That is good enough for 7.3 seconds in the north 100 sprint making the volkswagen a little bit quicker than a rear, wheel, drive ionic 5 and a front wheel, drive polstar 2, certainly not as quick as a tesla model. 3.. At last we have the lesser powered 58 kilowatt hour battery and electric motor combinations, so we have 107 kilowatts, only only 275 newton meters, but you know the acceleration of the car feels perfectly adequate for city driving its got that lovely, smooth, linear response, thats typical of Electric drive trains. So if i put my foot down, yeah look weve, certainly driven much punchier electric vehicles, but youve got to remember. This is a car. You know if it comes in this kind of pro lower down spec its going to be much cheaper than uh model, 3 pulse r2, ionic, 5, etc. So youve got to take that into account. So again, hopefully you know it would get the choice of having cheaper versions with not so much power and versions that cost more and more like an ionic or model 3 in price, but offering more performance. And if you want range, then get a 77 kilowatt hour battery if its offered, because thats up to 550 kilometers nearly thats, that is pretty good.

I mean that is right up there for what were seeing these days from batteries. What about ride comfort because lets take the golf again because its the obvious example similar in size, the eighth generation golf, is an absolute benchmark when it comes to ride comfort in its class beyond that, in fact, it is just so well resolved when it comes to Its suspension, perhaps its a bit too much to ask of the id3, is an electric car with its heavier batteries to deliver that kind of ride quality. But you know what at least on these roads that im driving today, which are certainly far from super smooth. This is a very nice ride, suspension deals with lumps and bumps very well theres a suppleness to it and the steering its kind of its traditional volkswagen, its its very smooth lightish. It just contributes to a car that its very effortless to drive theres a turning circle. 10.2 meters, tighter than a golfs turning circle so lets look at that were gon na come up here, not that wider road im gon na turn it like that thats good. This is the lesser powered version of the 58 kilowatt hour, rear electric motor combination. I cannot wait to drive the 150 kilowatt 310 newton meter version. The id3s wltp rated driving ranges are determined by battery size. The range is as short as 352 kilometers, with the 45 kilowatt hour battery or as long as 549 kilometers.

With the 77 kilowatt hour, battery charging times also depend on battery capacity and whether youre using a fast charger or the id charger home wallbox system. Vw says a 290 kilometer range can be added within half an hour using a 100 kilowatt charging output, which is possible with models utilizing medium and large size. Batteries battery packs come with long warranties, theres an app to connect an owners smartphone with an id3 and over the air software and function upgrades are enabled by the id3s new electronics platform, all of which will come with officially imported vehicles, only of course, Music. Its frustrating weve got to wait so long for the id3, because this volkswagen seems like a very competent electric car and we need more evs that cost less than fifty thousand dollars. Whether this is a hatchback that will become as timeless as the golf. Well.