This is my kia ev6 gt line s all wheel, drive with a heat pump ive had it a week, ive covered a thousand miles, and so i agree, the car is really good. All the press have reviewed this. Car have loved it and said its a really excellent electric vehicle, which it is totally agree with that. But when you live with the car, you do start to find out some of its flaws and niggles and ive got to keep it real. Ive got to keep it honest and so in this video im going to give you my review of this car warts and all okay im going to start with the positive things and come on to some of the negative bits in a minute, because it is a Great car – and i really want this to be taking the right context, but, as i say, i do want to keep this uh real and honest. I think its its fake. If i cover up any things that i dont like about it im quite good at moaning about things as well, so ill tell you a few of my niggles about this car um, but firstly, yes, this is a highly desirable dual motor gt line s with the Heat pump, so top of the range model you can get at the moment so is more than 50 000 pounds for a kia really worth it well. This is what im going to tell you and i basically think yes, it is its brilliant.

I really do think this is a great car with some great innovation, great technology, and it brings something new to the market. So let me run through a few of the things on this vehicle. This ones in yacht blue. I love it great color cleans beautifully its well finished well made all the panel lines and shuts are brilliant and the paint quality is excellent. I, like the looks of it overall, its a bit different, the back end well, its different isnt it. It takes a little bit of getting used to, but it is nice. Nice aggressive look to the front and its really quite different, looking to the hyundai in which it shares its dna um, and i think, although i do love the holland dive floor, its kind of quirkiness. I prefer this for the way it looks, and i think it does look fantastic, even if it divides a little bit of opinion, especially at the back end. But when i drive this around people do look at it. Ive had lots of great comments from people go whats. That is that kia. That looks fantastic. So i think the general consensus is its a very good looking car. It really does stand out and well done kia for putting your neck out and doing something a little bit different, big daytime, running lights and led headlights with some matrix functions. They dont do cornering, but they do did a little shadow in the matrix function.

So these are pretty good headlights. These are pretty big wheels, 20 inches, but the ride is still very reasonable. Its a comfortable car, you can kind of feel ridges in a row, but it does iron it out nicely. So, even with some big wheels – and i like to look at these – it does ride really well 77 kilowatt hours of usable battery under here slightly bigger than hyundai and a really good number. It gives us calm and were doing more videos and testing with this. So do stay subscribe to the channel. You will see other videos either coming out already done when were comparing real world range of this car, but a good size battery and with some good charging speeds up to 250 kilowatts available, at least when its warm, not so much at the moment when youre, following This car down the road at night, these lights really do stand out. They look fantastic and i love them. I like this little bit where the spoiler kind of comes out wide, theres a light under here. However, what theres no lights in the handles so as though youve got a light there, it doesnt light up the handles. You cant see the handles at night and it doesnt light up the charge port area either. I really like the overall shape and size of this car. I like the design here and although it is this kind of secure label, this is a crossover, its not trying to be an off roader, its not too high up.

So the overall shape and proportion of the car, i think, is excellent, its big enough to get loads of stuff in there its comfortable in the back, but it isnt trying to be an off road, its not too tall. I think its more the kind of dimensions, a bit like old audi all roads, where it kind of has a kind of a slightly raised position. But its not trying to be something else. And i like that. Its not trying to be an suv on the inside of the front again, the same its a nice size, nice proportion, nice finish, nice materials and its very comfortable. The spec in here is good, including heated steering, wheel, heated seats and ventilated air conditioned seats. Its got an easy to use wireless charging dock here, thats good and what i would say, though, its not very big. So if you get a larger phone like this, one im not sure thats, quite fitting enough to activate the charging, even with this seat, all the way back, theres still plenty of room in the back seats here, its comfortable loads of leg room – and i like this Kind of shape of the back seat here, so actually you can sort of hang your coat or jacket over this, and it can just hang here as long as someones sitting here. So its again, just a nice proportion, nice size good space in the back. Its got a seven year comprehensive warranty up to a hundred thousand miles, but seven year warranty for everything, thats good, the boot space in the back, its good nice flat loading area, and you can fold the seats just by pulling this lever here, thats, nice and convenient.

I, like the fact it has a ski hatch and i like the fact that you can put the seat up but keep it really vertical. So if you do have like a box in the boot, you can keep this seat quite vertical or you can recline it back and lay down and relax. I really do like how, when you indicate it shows your camera from the side. I think thats a brilliant safety feature. It works nicely to use as well. I like the head up display and i also like their autopilot system, the lane keeping radar cruise control. Actually, it worked pretty well, i like that and is really quite comparable to a tesla, and you get it included with the car, including a lane changing function. Its got a little function on it that i like, which is, if youre, sat in a long queue of traffic, as is often my case in a school run, and maybe youre. Looking at this navigation or changing the radio station and the car moves off in front. It gives you a little bit warning goes bing like a lot of things this car does, but it gives you a little bing and says the cars in front have moved off, so it just kind of alerts you to the fact that you need to get going. I think its just a good little feature in case you were distracted with something else at the time i dont like the way this charging pack here, doesnt really have anywhere to go.

There is storage under the boot floor here, but that box does not fit in there and it doesnt fit at the front either. So it just kind of has to sit around in the boot. If you want to take it with you, theres been two occasions where ive opened the boot and the car just makes a really annoying noise. It just goes some kind of alarms going off, but the car is unlocked and ive opened. The boot dont understand, whilst i think theres plenty of space in here there have been some reports from people who are taller over six foot. Who said that the space in here is a bit compromised. Ive just put this seat all the way down and absolutely fine for me, but i can see what they mean, not that much space above me. So i think if you were a bit taller over six foot, it might be a bit restricted. I like the big storage area under here, but it is a bit awkward to kind of reach down and get into so its good, but you cant really get to it easily id. Rather, this was just back a little bit, maybe easier access more open here. I dont get. Why were printing big paper books, which arent really that explanatory either? I dont like the fact that wireless apple carplay is not functioning yet you have to plug it in. I dont really like the graphics on the screens.

Here. It feels pretty out of date. I mean this was in a hyundai kona and nero years ago, and its still the same, so it just feels really out of date, the fonts out of date. The graphics are out of date, its all works, its all functional, but it just doesnt look modern and slick which you kind of want it to in a car that costs as much as this. I dont really get the climate control system. Youve got a button here for heat and then youve got auto climate, three two and one and off so if us on auto – and i want 20 degrees – i just want it to be 20 degrees. I dont know why i can turn heat on and off, and i dont know what climate auto 321 is. I tried reading the manual, but the manual is not very clear and i did have a problem once where i was just sat in the car and it was a quite cold morning and the heating just stopped working dont know why just decided suddenly to no longer Blow out warm air, i turned the climate system on and off a couple of times, and then it came back alive and it worked again now ive heard this is an issue with a couple of owners and its becoming a bit of a problem theres an issue With the heater and for some reason it just stops working so there are a number of owners had to take the car in to have this looked at.

Fortunately, if your heater does go, there is a three pin outlet down here and ive heard of an owner who basically got a little electric fan heater and had to put it in the car here and plug it into the three pin outlet here so brilliantly handy, Especially if your heater stops working id like to see a bit more storage under here, ive, just about managed to get the tyre mobility kit in, but its not actually really big enough for any cables. Even so yeah come on a bit more storage. There would have been really handy. You also get a feature a bit like someone with autopilot, where you can move the car backwards and forwards off the key. In theory, at least ive not managed to make it work yet, but i probably need to read the manual again to have another go at this ill, be interested here in the comments below if youve got it working. Okay, does it work? Well, this cars fitted with a meridian sound system, and i thought it was okay to my ears, but ive heard a couple of people say its not very good, including the guy behind the camera there. So the sound system, it depending on your taste and quality of your ears, potentially isnt, actually very good, but i thought it was fine. Let me try and demonstrate something. So i closed the car, i locked the car and you have to push a button to lock.

It or you can use the keys, then you walk away, you go indoors, cars locked well, ive come outdoors and i just walked past the car because its parked there and it does that and it makes a noise a tailgate opens an automatic opening. Tailgate could be a useful thing, but its also not necessarily a useful thing. I did. Maybe i didnt even see the tailgate open. Maybe i carry on walking and the tailgate is just open. I come back and i go. Oh, my tailgates open all right ill, close that so at least its unlocked so im getting the car, but it didnt actually unlock the doors im standing right here with a key. So then you have to get the key out of your pocket and what a bit of an ugly key as well sort of cheap plastic thing. And then you have to find the button on the side, which is that one there and then unlock it like that. Sometimes as well, you will lock the car. You will walk away again, youll walk past it here and it might unlock and when it unlocks again it doesnt re lock itself. So these are stay unlocked with the door handles open. If it does re lock itself, then the alarm often goes off for no reason: ive had the alarm go off in this car. Quite a lot for no reason which is really nice for all my neighbours. They love that now lets pretend it has stayed, unlocked and its dark.

You could quite easily probably catch something on these handles, but more than that, more than that this charge flap here, okay, nice opening corner charge flap, but this is really vulnerable. This is going to get ripped off easily when you plug this in youre, going to catch this walk past it something in the car part youre going to plug it in come past it, and this is going to get broken off. God knows how many of these are going to need to be replaced. Its one of those things seems like a nice idea, but if it was me in a design studio and we tested this out, id have gone sorry boys, its not going to work, were going to have to think of something different for this nice idea, but its Just too big, ah and another thing, so weve got a tesla destination charger, both here and at home, which charge everything weve got lots of different evs charges, all of them no problems, just a type 2 charger connector in here, but for some reason it just wont Work on them, you plug it in and it wont charge one charge at all and ive found that a few times now, also with the cable it comes with on the type 2 theres one occasion ill plug that in it just wouldnt charge. I got in the car, turned it on turn. It off again turn it on top it off again and it doesnt seem to engage the charging pin on here so that needs looking at dc charge.

Fine, sometimes it plugs in charges fine other times it just does not do that and thats a bit annoying and also the sound comes on every time as well, even though im using it last time, i got out the cards back on again and another thing: there Was occasion outside my house, i got home and the car was on, but it would not turn off. It would then not engage, reverse or drive. It was just stuck in either neutral or park, and didnt want to do anything for about two minutes and then eventually it shut down thats a bit annoying. Why did it do that? I did not want that to happen when im anywhere other than outside my house. So luckily it was that occasion, then it was fine, no problem at all, but thats happened two times now. Uh happened to one of my colleagues as well. It just froze up didnt really want to do anything for a little. While do i enjoy driving it? Yes, i do its nice, its comfortable, its refined, its very quiet. You dont hear any motor whining its its a nice ride, comfort, the steering isnt, the sharpest it gets a little bit vague on a country road, but its its fine. You know it is okay, its not as sharp as a tesla model 3, but its a good all rounder and a nice balance. I like having the paddles here for justin the regen. You can pull it down and have really strong regen with one pedal driving or you can pull this up on this side, and it can basically go into coasting mode, and i think all evs should have something like that.

I think its really good the only other ev ive had where this works really well, is actually that mercedes, eqv van similar, really good adjustment of the regen from the paddles range and charging speed well still testing. Some of that – and there will be other videos on that, but i think realistically, for range about 250 miles in slightly chilly temperatures. I think it could quite happily be capable of more in the summer, but you could quite easily be less than 250 miles as well as for charging speed. I havent rapidly charged this much ive done a couple and ive not reached the 250 kilowatt peak time. Remember, theres a video of a hyundai ioniq and this can charge faster than that on paper, and i did go from five percent to 55 in like 11 minutes on that. So im sure this will be capable of the same, but it does seem to be affected at the moment by the slightly colder temperatures. So in the real world im not getting those charging speeds um its okay. It does pretty good ive had about 140 150 kilowatts, which is quite respectable um and even a slightly higher battery state of charge which isnt bad, but definitely not the 250 kilowatts when its a bit cooler and i think theres, some other reviewers reporting the same kind Of things its not just me, however, come slightly warmer months, im sure its going to be much better itd just be good to see that all the time really i dont like the way the lane assist, is always on.

You can turn it off. Each time you drive the car, but lane assist is always on which, on a country road, where we often you know its narrow, you have to cross the white lines. You have to turn it off every single time. Now i hear that its a safety feature. I understand that i get that and a lot of new cars have that. But what i dont get is a new tesla model. 3. You can just turn it off once in the settings and then its always off by default. Why doesnt it do that? Okay, so thats my experience of the key ev6 so far, please dont take it as a negative because it is a brilliant card. If youve got one on order, youre going to love it, i think youre going to really enjoy it. Its a really good all round package, but there are a couple of those little niggles, but you know this is an early car, its a new car out. So i guess, as an early adopter you do have to take on the chin. Maybe some teething issues, its a shame, that our teeth and issues is not what you expect with the kia um, but nonetheless it does so its down to kia now in terms of how theyre gon na easily and speedily and efficiently rectify this. So this car is now booked in with kia next week to have some of those bits done well see how they go and im sure over the course of a few weeks few months as things improve and they iron out these early bugs that things will be Much better because then it is a brilliant car and i think anyone ordering one is going to really enjoy it.

So there we go. Please dont, take it too negative, please dont be against kia and ev6 or dont think its unreliable. I have to be honest and transparent with my experiences of the car and overall, like i say i do really like it all. The kind of press reviews ive really enjoyed it. Ive enjoyed in most ways just got those niggles to sort out, but i hope thats useful. So thank you for watching. I appreciate your time with that and there are more videos on this car weve run some comparisons for practicality, weve done some charging and efficiency comparisons. So those videos are either coming out soon or you might see them in our existing videos list already.