Is the new Lexus, a credible alternative to its rivals above it and below it. Lets run the tape measure over it and find out.. The Lexus UX has been on sale in Australia for three years, but new to the range is this battery electric UX 300e, a zero emissions variant, delivering more driving range than some lower priced EVs., But at 360 kilometres the UX 300e cant match the range of battery Electric models, such as the comparable but down market, Hyundai, Kona Electric extended range, let alone the Mercedes Benz EQA 250 or the Volvo XC40 Recharge Pure Electric.. The Lexus does have some draw cards going for it. However. Under the bonnet of the UX 300e is a small electric motor that develops one hundred and fifty kilowatts in 300 Newton meters driving the front wheels of the car for from a zero to 100 kilometres per hour time of 7.5 seconds. Lexus claims that the electric Motor weighs 200 kilos less than an equivalent petrol engine from the conventional UX range variants, and the weight is shifted further back in the chassis for better weight distribution. If youre familiar with Lexus design and the UX in particular, theres little youll find confounding from the drivers Seat of the UX 300e., Its a plush set up with comfortable leather upholstery, which also a feature heating and ventilation.. The steering wheel is heated too. A 10.3 inch. Infotainment screen displays a number of features, including satellite navigation, Apple, CarPlay, Android, Auto and digital radio.

, Equipped with eight airbags to protect the occupants in the event of a crash. The UX 300e also features driver assist technology to avoid the collision in the first place, including traffic sign recognition and automatic high beam assist.. So the UX 300e is feature packed for safety, but its only the flagship model that gets the full gamut of safety technology.. As noted in previous tests of the conventional UX rear seat, accommodation is quite spacious for adults of average height. There could be a little more toe room under the drivers. Seat of course. Lexus has built the battery of the UX 300e into the floor, pane. So theres more luggage, space available than many buyers might expect., And the boot itself also has a couple of tight endpoints and a couple of bag hooks for added functionality.. The impression you may might be getting right around this point is that the UX 300E is quite pleasant inside, but will it fry tires Its time to find out. As with any Lexus? The UX 300e is very forgiving to drive. The steering is light and the motor offers flexible output for keeping up with the traffic around town. Lexus claims. The UX 300e is the fastest variant in the UX range and, with that time of 7.5 seconds for the zero to 100 km per hour, dash its 1.4 seconds faster than the Mercedes EQA 250.. But it cannot match the 4.9 second time of the Volvo XC40.. With less weight over the front wheels and a battery pack thats under the floor between the axles, the dynamics of the UX 300e is pretty good.

. Its 200 kilos less weight from the electric motors than the conventional petrol engines, so it actually steers turns in and handles pretty responsively. Lexus is not known for building hard riding machines, and the UX 300e is no exception to that ethos.. The electric UX does walk a fine line between a suspension tune, thats too sloppy for safe dynamics and too harsh for Aussie country roads.. You wont hear much wind and road noise in this car.. It is a Lexus after all, and nor do you hear a whole lot of powertrain noise. And its electric also. When it comes to energy efficiency. The Lexus UX 300e holds a small but marked advantage over the Mercedes EQA and a much larger advantage over the Volvo XC40, all of which translates to lower running costs for the consumer.. The traditional Lexus buyer doesnt necessarily want corner cutting dynamics, just safe and secure handling and road holding, and they will get that in droves with the UX 300e., But it also happens to be quite an engaging drive as well. Lexus covers the UX 300e with a five Year, unlimited kilometer warranty but, more importantly, still, the battery is covered by an industry leading 10 year. Unlimited kilometer warranty., Like many prestige cars these days, the UX 300e, is fully equipped with enough cameras to cover every facet of your daily driving, whether its reversing into a parking spot as a kid runs across behind you or the motorbike in the lane.

On the freeway adjacent to you in your blind, spot., Compact and refined at a reasonable price and well equipped, the Lexus UX 300e delivers. What a lot of buyers will want if theyre new to battery electric cars, but accustomed to the Lexus brand and all the goodies that brings. Many prospective buyers may be concerned by the sub 400 kilometer range.. However, Lexus has something to offer in compensation and that something is Encore, Platinum, Lexus on demand and a lower purchase price., And for those reasons the UX 300e is sure to meet its sales. Targets.