After releasing an image of its silhouette that teases a streamlined, roofline, prominent fenders and dramatic wheel, arches polestar has revealed a camouflaged version. We are told itll boast single and dual motor configurations, as well as a cutting edge. Infotainment system thatll presumably feature the next generation of the companys current android automotive, os itll, be equipped with an array of active safety features too, which will include volvos lidar technology thats, said to eventually enable full self driving. We also know that the polestar 3 will ride on a new ev platform when it begins global production sometime in 2022, Music. The polestar 3 is a new evs uv, as indicated by its model name, its the third entry in pole stars slowly, expanding lineup the ladder will include a large flagship sedan based on the precept concept. However, the production model will be called the polestar 5. The three will also be the first pole star built in america joining the s60 sedan and next gen xc90 suv at volvos new plant in south carolina Music pole star has only released a few details about the upcoming three suv and the company. Hasnt said how much itll cost with starting prices for competitors such as the jaguar i pace and bmw ikes, ranging between about one thousand dollars and eighty four thousand dollars respectively. Wed bet that the pole star three starts somewhere in the middle, however.