The next vehicle that im going to talk about is byd and ev. Dont forget to leave this video a like and subscribe to. Our channel we publish new videos every day. Byd is a motivational abbreviation that stands for build your dream. This automaker is located in china and is a subsidiary of byd company. Interestingly, this production started with the creation of batteries for mobile phones byd hand. Ev is an asian premium sedan. This is a 100 electric brand with its own technologies, such as a battery with blade technology, which is a reliable and safe alternative to traditional batteries. Byd and ev is a fairly large car with fully dialed lighting and retractable handles its design, combines traditional chinese aesthetics and the modernity of the european market. Due to the gentle slope of the panoramic windscreen the hand has an outstanding aerodynamic drag coefficient at the moment. It is known that this ev will be available in only four colors black gray, red and white. The leather interior of the card in question is made in contrasting colors. The main commands in the han ev are executed, using touch buttons on the multi function, steering wheel and a large touch screen. The media system screen is able to rotate a cool innovation, in my opinion, is the refrigerator built into the double leaf, armrest and ev stuns. With its technical data and opens up new horizons in the electric vehicle market, the han ev series includes three purely electric models and one hybrid model.

The range of a single charge is 376 miles hand comes with the worlds first mosfet motor control module. This provides a record acceleration of the car to 62 miles per hour in 3.9 seconds. The battery capacity varies from 65 kilowatt hour to 77 kilowatt hour, depending on the configuration handyv has completely revised the safety standards and started using the ultra safe blade battery pack. This battery is capable of withstanding staggeringly high temperatures and does not ignite endures, nail penetration, various blows and bending in general. The car has a very strong bottom special modules that can shift relative to each other in case of an accident and special deformation zones around the battery pack and byd hand has a quasi autopilot die pilot. This is essentially an advanced adaptive cruise control, with a lane keeping function. Dye pilot also comes with a die trainer mode which selectively includes auxiliary driving, depending on factors such as driving road conditions, weather and even the age of the driver. A parking attendant sensors, high performance, air filters and all round cameras are also available. The price for the han ev is from 36 thousand dollars to four to four thousand dollars, depending on the configuration this car is already available for purchase, but i advise you to keep an eye on updates, as the model is constantly being upgraded. In conclusion, i would like to say that the byd han ev is a very isolated model in its characteristics, which has some similarities with current electric vehicles, such as the neo et7, for example.

By the way, if you want to see a comparative video of these two ev, let me know in the comments so thats all guys thanks a lot for watching.