This is a dedicated platform, its the first time. The brand has done it despite having electric vehicles on sale in australia before this. One here represents a dedicated electric vehicle platform and therell be up to seven different variants vehicles in different segments off this one platform. But to start with, how good does this ev6 look? It looks amazing here, in the studio, its going to look even better out there on the open road before we take a closer look at the vehicle, though, lets listen to why kia thinks local suspension tuning and focusing on ride and handling that suits our local roads Is so important? Music localisation has always been a very important part of our dna, and weve always ensured that we incorporate a fun to drive character as well as a vehicle that feels safe to drive and feels well in control, for the driver. Weve been doing this for well over 10 years now, since since 2010 and its become an expectation, we believe both customers and even the motoring media now expect that a kia product will get a localization program and its been part of our success were strongly committed to It even though there were challenges posed with covert. We ensured that, for this very important product, the eb6 that we still incorporated a local ride handling program. So the brand has a real commitment to delivering vehicles that are specific to the australian market and that work well. In local conditions, graham gambol is the engineer that heads up the team that looks specifically into the ride and handling tune of these vehicles before theyre, released on sale in australia and now lets listen to what grahams got to say about the specific challenges of tuning.

This ev to our local road conditions, theres a lot of fundamental changes to the chassis dynamics, both kinematic changes and actual dynamic performance changes that we have to sort of factor into our tuning design and our tuning models. That became a bit of a challenge because we hadnt had a lot of experience to the new platform prior to uh prior to the car arriving, and we couldnt go to korea to experience it and tune it and familiarise ourselves with it. So we did a lot of work on paper with, with data sent down from korea, giving us all the new dimensions and, like you say, center of gravity height is a big factor, but when we drove the car i actually thought that, even though the computer models Had changed quite a bit, the cars dynamic wasnt as uh aggressively changed, if you like, so we then set about a process of tuning it having driven european and domestic specification dampers and got a got, a feel for the car and then tuned our damper requirement around That you know its funny sitting in the ev6 and realizing that a lot of the features that immediately look really impressive in this vehicle were already familiar with from something like the new sportage. So weve test driven sportage recently and these two screens, for example, feature in the sportage with that subtle, wrap around theyre, huge theyre, really visible, and in this ev6 i like a lot of the information that they display.

So i think theres a lot of trickle down. Obviously, now in car companies – and you can see it in the ev6 that it features in other vehicles, but that also brings up the point that when it comes to a brand like kia, weve started to expect a really high quality cabin. Now that may not have been the case 20 or 25 years ago, but now, when you sit in a kia, weve come to expect that this is levels above what the price tag might indicate. Ev6, even though we dont know what the price is, ev6 really does deliver to that once again, because you sit in this and it feels like a really expensive premium, cabin a couple of things to note. Obviously, those screens which ive just mentioned theyre fantastic and i think theyre really going to add to the driving experience steering wheel controls. I think kia does them as well as anybody does in terms of being well organized easy to understand what the switches do and they dont get in the way when youre driving. I absolutely love this single tiered control panel, that key is put together and what it does, of course, is change between your regular infotainment controls and then your heating and air conditioning controls, just with the touch of a button there and what it means is you dont Need twice as many switches there, because theyre all touch screen and you can switch between the two.

You get one clean line of switches and i think that really neatens up the cabin that then plays into this center console, obviously, which has got wireless charging and cup holders and your gear selector in it. But it floats theres heaps of storage, its not messy in terms of switch gear and controls. So again you can just really quickly look down there and reference what everything does without having to spend forever trying to work it all out. The flat floor is excellent. There seems and feels to be a lot of light in this cabin a lot of space in this cabin, and really i mean i could sit here all day and talk about how great the features are. But i think the key is that you sit in this cabin you get comfortable behind the drivers in the drivers seat behind the steering wheel, and all you want to do is go for a drive which is exactly what we cant wait to do when we can Get the ev6 on the road first and foremost, i think the kia ev6 looks absolutely fantastic. The styling is amazing and, as i said in the beginning of this video, i think its going to look amazing out there on the street, given how good it looks here. Static in a studio second factor, for me is the execution of the cabin. We expect a lot from kia now because of the way the brand is delivering improved quality with every model and that perception of technical, i guess excellence inside the cabin, because youre getting infotainment youre getting driver interactivity that you might expect from vastly more expensive vehicles.

So i think, in those two critical elements, kia has really nailed the brief with the ev6. I also think that, because of those factors and because of the type of vehicle, the ev6 is that this is the type of vehicle that will start to make australians think a little bit differently about evs in general. Obviously, price and infrastructure are still factors, but when an electric vehicle looks like this, when its equipped the way that this one is and when it drives the way that this vehicle promises to drive on paper, i reckon a lot more. Australians are going to look seriously at an ev being their next vehicle purchase. Let us know what you think in the comments section below and, of course, all the details on the kia ev6 are at drive.