We see its large, its mostly quite heavy. This is it, and this is something for the car it came in this box. The aid of weird is supposed to be three and a half kilograms. It i ordered it yesterday. It arrived today direct from the company themselves and i think when i show you whats in the box, you might have some hint any idea. I need to get out the box, so it comes with a bag. I didnt realize cream of the bag. It doesnt say i didnt read it on the description that it said it came in the bag, but very happy. It came with a bag um. This is quite heavy, its supposed to be three and a half kilograms for the whole. This is good for weightlifting. So, as you can tell, as you can tell, this is a charge. Cable, the two ends of plastic top and my scissors are vanished. Oh theres, a pet got a pet. I need to so one side has a nice feel to it. Yes, i will get the other side out. My sisters are trying to hide from me now you might see, but you have a cable like this already in the car youve been using since you got the car whats special about this one and our other side yeah. The difference plainly comes is that this is a lot bigger, cable and thats, why it weighs a bloody turn. So let us just go through the cable.

I have the screen on because just in case i need to refresh myself on things now. This is, of course, a type 2 to take two one side: male one side. Female one side goes into the car one in two plug on the machine and thats. What my car has my car has a type two thats. What that top little ones are, so how have we picked this cable? Firstly, this is the cheapest cable. That is the length that this cable is. This cable is 15 meters long. It is a 32 amp, so it can manage the 7 kilowatt speed that my car can manage, but the words 15 meters, the one in my car – is nearer to the five. I guess ive never measured it, but it could be a three, but it may be a five. The problems comes is that if youve seen that i went to a charger thats on city, road ive been going there recently to try and charge and always found this dirty great ford, big truck thing parked in the ev charging thing. Now, even if i went behind it and managed to get in behind it, the distance between my charge point at the back of the car and the plug to plug it into means that my cable will not reach. There is no way to stretch it together to reach and theres no way to get any closer because of how we pop you shouldnt, be there in the first place but hes there.

So if i could get into the parking space, i cant get the cable to reach the back of the car to the post to get charged now. Ive had this problem before when i pulled in and parked where the charger may be on this side over here. In my charge, ports here that even pulling into certain charging positions, even using the cable meant stretching it, and it really didnt go that well, and there is many charges put into stupid places where the distance between the charger and your car is going to be more Than the five meters now, if anyone has seen this bjorn nielsen tesla beyond, he just did a video and he raved on how good and how worth it, what it was to get a 15 meter extension, cable and still being able to reach the charger to be Able to plug it in now, as i said, this is cable is not cheap. This is definitely quite expensive, but for the convenience of being able to connect to a charge at 15 meters away after i plugged in and not having to move the car, maybe just even a little bit so that that the current one will fit and get to The charger its well worth the cost – it is something that will be used because charges arent all that well positioned that you dont normally turn up in the charges and the dead center behind you. You can pull in and its just a short light.

No then either further back, some some places have them on walls of buildings across a path and a five meter. One just wont work that way: theres a charger that i noted when i was looking through this one in vanessa at a garden center and they have it on the wall and theres a path where the thing so technically the cars would have to park. On the pavement to be able to make that charge a cable reach, there is many other places where you have some wolf who will park in the electric car falcon b, and you have to take the one next door, but then the distance is too great. This does away with that and hopefully, therefore means that being anywhere within 15 meters of a charger. I should be able to charge when, before i wasnt able to so yeah yeah, so 32 amp its actually classes at 7.4 watts, but my car will only take in seven. So it is well thick enough. I, as you see i have just got it. I just took out the box, i have not tested it and plugged it into the car and seen if it works properly. Doesnt. If you take it, there aint many moving parts, its a cable with two ends, so you would assume it is going to work fine. But when i get to a charger one of the little sevens, i can test out this big, cable and see if it will charge properly with that.

I bought this off getting this right in the right order. Third, rock energy: now they do have it on amazon. On amazon, it is ten pound dearer than physically going to third rock itself. I just keep thinking of third rock from the sun. Now now ive said that, so this is a lot of money, but because i have not spent any money on the call this year. I can invest in this type of cable that will make my life of connecting to a charger easier when the charger is a little further away than what we would like it to be. So, for me this is an investment it could, if you take it any ev that has type 2 can use this cable. So, even if tomorrow i got rid of my car very unlikely and bought another one, then this cable fits to that. So i wont tell you the price: if you are interested in an eva, cable, thats, 15 meters – this is the cheapest um. If you can get away with the 10, the tens are about that much yeah charging cables arent all that cheap and the reason. Why is because? This is a very thick cable.