My name is derek rowdy today were going to be looking at the key ev6 and the remote parking assistant. So here we are parked up and we have our key, and you know it has the remote parking system because it has the extra buttons on it there. So what you do to start this off? Is you lock it you hold down the start button, which is the top one you can hear the car engage and then you want to drive it forward. You just hold the forward button and hold it down and youll see that the car will drive itself out. Nice and slowly and itll keep driving until you release the button and very similar, then when youre parking it, you just press the park, the reverse button, and it will reverse all the way back in then, as long as it doesnt sense anything you can hit the Beep in there so thats the forward and back reversal lets see what its like self parking in a bay so youre in a car park youre driving around. What do you do if you want to activate self parking so down here on the control? You can see? Thats got the parking sensor, you hold it down, slowly, drive forward at less than 20 kilometers an hour and itll pick up if theres a parking bay that it can go into and its going to give you a couple different choices. You can stay in the car or you can um go out of the car with that.

So its saying its picked up parking space there were going to hit this, and what were going to do then is press italy on the screen, remote parking or smart parking. So its marketing youre in it so were going to do the remote parking so press the parking button here then youre going to get out and what youre going to do then is youre going to hold on the key reverse. What thats going to do then? Its just going to start doing the procedure itself so its indicating over here you can see that its gone turning out and then its going to start repressing back itself, Music im still holding this down. Nobody in the car lets move forward getting its angles right turn on the steering wheel, making that turn theres a pillar there now so im just wondering if thats going to affect it, but it seems to be getting in there. Now, nice and tight itll probably straighten itself up again, so this can be done when you sitting in the car as well itll. Do it for you or you can stand outside it if it was a really tight space Music, its going all the way back there its going to go forward again and straighten itself up, because it is a bit outside the bay there now so its good that Its doing that and its going forward im still holding the key Music and then you can see Music thats reversing in its inside the lines id say its.

Where were going to give it another go. I said that pillar has thrown it off thats. It lets give him given it there not ideal bush. You get the message.