3 thats been like stretched in photoshop. Now really look. Ive stretched the model 3 in photoshop. It looks the same anyway in this video im going to talk you around the exterior the interior im going to explain its tech, see how practical it is and, of course, im going to take it for a drive. I will even launch it from naught to 60 miles an hour because im, matt watson and youre watching car wire buying a new car then head to car wow, and my team will help you find your next car at a fair price car wow. Your one stop car buying comparison site. Lets start this video by talking about the design of the model y, so like a model 3. But dollar, though it does have a hatchback, so its quite sloppy at the rear end here at the side, wheel sizes start at 19 inches rising to 20 for the long range, but they go all the way up to 21 on the performance model. One thing about the performance: it has low suspension, which could be good to fill this kind of gappy wheel arch down the side actually quite like the profile of it, looks all right and youve got like the classic tesla poppier door handles that are with the black. On them and black window surrounds down the sides, yeah just classic tesla face really isnt it its just a bit bigger more upright than the model 3 and its randomly flashing, its lights at me, because its a tesla and its alive now theyre starting dont, know what That was all about anyway.

The starting price of this car is 55 000 pounds. But if you want to check out the best deals on the latest, electric cars click on the pop up button right there for the link in the description to get a car wow. Here on the inside, the design is just like a model, three, so very minimalist. A wide expansive dash big screen in the middle, where you control absolutely everything, not just the sat nav your infotainment system, but all climate controls and absolutely everything for the car, which is a good thing in some ways, because it keeps things simple in terms of button Clutter but sometimes it can be a bit of a faff to get through stuff. That said, the infotainment system is fast, its responsive and its nice and crisp. Then you got the usual quality of tesla, which i actually think is pretty decent, like the perceived quality. What i cant be so sure of is whether its going to start to fall apart. You know a little bit quicker than a comparative car say from audi, bmw or mercedes. In fact, if you want to see my review of an suv from one of those firms, click on the pop up banner there for the link in the description for that as a practicality once again, its like a model. Three so youve got big door bins. Youve got storage under here loads of it. Youve got just two pads there for your while its charging with your mobile phones, more storage under here some cupholders, the glove box, which you have to open through the screen or you can just do this.

Please work open glove box there you go decent size, glove box. The thing that is different to the model 3 is the fact that obviously youre sitting up higher it doesnt feel quite as sporty because you sit more on this car. You still got the big windscreen great view out and even better view out, because youre a little bit higher up and the seating position is nice, the seats and the tesla very comfortable. I like them its good. The main benefit you get with this car over the model. 3 is the space in the back now. For starters, one of the problems with the model 3 is that the seat feels quite close to the floor, so you dont have much under thigh support. You feel a little bit like in a stressed position, not in this one. You feel more, like its a proper seat. Also look at this. These front seats are jacked up quite a bit, so you can really stretch out thats awesome and you can recline these seat backs a bit as well, really is comfy and roomy in the back. Headroom is good as well its nice that youve got this glass roof. So it lets lots of light back here, knee rooms really good and because youve got flat floor and lots of space there. The middle seat is pretty comfy as well liking that im also liking. This come on come on. There we go. We got an armrest here, its just a shame.

They dont cover that, so you end up putting your elbow in it, but look at this for some through loading, its really wide. I say it again: its really wide theyre good that is liking this. What is a bit of a faff, though look its the isofix points, theyre just a bit hard to get, because you just have to wedge. The isofix bars in between the seats be better. If you have flip up covers, however, it is easy to fit a child seat in here, but yeah. You do end up spending some time to actually get the eyes to fix anchor points attached. Then, once youve done it once youre gon na leave your seat in there right here and theres plenty of room for even a big bulky rear facing seat theres. Also, a couple of usb c ports there as well overall im very impressed with the back seats on this kite its good. However, if you want an electric suv with even more room in the back click on the pop up banner up there for the link in the description for my review of one im going to tell you what it is its a secret for now now lets talk About boot, space, starting with the front boot, the fruit look its massive 117 liters of space, its crazy to think that some german manufacturers cant even figure out how to create any space at all, underneath the bonnets of their electric cars and then theres the boot.

At the back, which is even bigger – well, of course, its going to be bigger its the rear boot. But would you expect it to be almost eight times bigger the capacity here, including this underfloor storage, 854 liters, which is insane and if you need more space, like obviously you fold down the seats and you can do it electrically by those releases and look you have A completely flat floor really good, apart from the fact, theres no tie down point at all, and that brings you up to five annoying things about the tesla model y. Here we have a man in the boot now thats, not the bad thing. Bad thing is the fact that you dont get a parcel shelf with this tesla model wide. Now the man is there to illustrate that look. We have an iphone there and yes, tesla does give you rear privacy glass, but if youre looking like you can see the iphone look there, it is theres the iphone. I think im going to smash this glass and take the goodies within im. Talking about the phone, not the man, its a bit of an ass, that while you can just activate the wintering wipers once by doing that, if you want to change the speed, then you have to actually go into this screen here. Another thing thats annoying is, if you want to suddenly alter the mirrors, you have to go into the car settings and press that button and then use this to alter the mirrors, rather than going straight for a little knobby there and doing it quickly.

If ever a car needed a heads up display is the tesla model? Why? Because the only place you can see the speed is by taking your eyes off the road and looking on the central infotainment screen. Why dont they make one available for its just stupid. Theres only one standard color with a tesla model, white and thats. Why so, if you dont, like that, youre gon na have to picture for a different color and theyre rather expensive, like this red may look nice, but it costs two thousand one hundred pounds extra. The reason to get a model y over a model three is for the added practicality for families. Now, in other parts of the world, you can get a seven seater version of this car, but not in the uk, not for now and tesla hasnt, even confirmed if were gon na get it. So if you need to carry more than five people, you have to sit them in the boot which isnt ideal, an electric car with instant performance, because youll accelerate and all of a sudden theyll go its, not all negative, though heres five good things about this car. One of teslas usps is that you have access to its excellent supercharger network. Another thing is: when youre programming a destination in the sat, nav itll work out your route via various superchargers, so you can always get there with enough charge. One of the good thing about teslas is that they come fully loaded.

There are very few options i think other than the paint the wheel size is a tow hitch, slightly different interior trim. Oh and the advanced, autopilot and summon feature which actually the hardware is fitted for in the car anyhow. So if you wanted to fit that at a later date, you can just do an over the air update. Simple all teslas come with a dog mode, so you can leave your dog in the car and itll maintain the temperature thats safe for the dog, and it also leads a little sign on the digital display so that if anyone walks past and gets a bit worried For the dog they can see how long youre going to be leaving it in the car, for so they dont need to call the rspca to get you arrested. While youre charging your car, you can do things like go on youtube or netflix go watch. Some shows. Maybe a bunch of box sets whatever, because eon is a real fun guy. As part of the software update, you can now have weird things added to your horn, so one of them is a fart, sound, so yeah, of course another one is, i dont know a goat. It doesnt sound like a goat and oh, my favorite is this. Oh the lols, but if you want more lols, you can actually add your own via usb, so heres, something ive done: thats appropriate, heres, another one. Oh hello, heres another one whats the matter with you.

You need to learn to drive and my favorite, the classic. There are two versions of the tesla model y theres, the long range which has two electric motors and ‘4 horsepower or theres a performance which also has two motors but 450 horsepower. Now both cars come with a 70 kilowatt hour battery pack and the maximum range that you can get out of the tesla model y is 315 miles which is pretty decent. However, i found another electric suv, which has an even better range than this tesla model y and im, going to configure it using the conway configurator. And if you want to see what the car is and what the deal ive got on it through car wow. You have to click on the pop out banner up there for the link in the description below to check it out. All right lets see what this tesla model y is like to drive. So the first thing im noticing on this slightly bumpy road, is that the suspension is a little bit firmer than id expect. It seems firmer than in the model 3. thats, probably because its taller and heavier, and so it has to have stiffer springs to stop. It. Leaning, so much in the bends. Weird, though, is that the steering feels just as quick as in the model three yet because its a bigger heavier car, it just doesnt, respond for the rest of the turn, quite as well. So its got like this false sporty feeling that said, this card does still go around corners, okay, and it has that real point and squirt feeling that you get from teslas and obviously youve got four wheel drive traction, so it can always put its power down without Getting in too much of a mess, however, maybe its better at low speed so were going into town now and first thing: im noticing is yeah, regens, really good on this ill, lift off the accelerator, its really good for stopping, which is handy when youre going past A lollipop, lady and shes stopped it to let the kids across the road, so youre regening energy, really well, when youre coming to a standstill, if youre controlling it on the throttle.

However, if you need to use the normal brakes and you hit the brake pedal hard, one of the good things about this car is that the brakes feel really really natural, just like in a normal internal combustion engine car, whereas with some other evs, like the feel Of the brake pedal is just a bit odd, not intense, as though teslas are always good. I think what teslas also good at and thats all around visibility really really nice, so some other electric suvs. While you sit up high, you dont get a really good view forward, but this low dash means that visibility is great forward, its grey out the side, its not so good out the back, though no no, but i can forgive that because i can press a button Here and just like look on the screen and thats standard: do you know what ill probably stick with the standard wheels because filling this guy over a bunch its a bit jarring at times? Another thing ive noticed is that because youve got no parcel shelf, when you go over bump, you get noise from the suspension sort of reverberating around the cabin its a bit annoying and when youre going faster at speeds, you get a bit more wind whistle. In fact, the car seems to act a little bit like an echo chamber, because its just so big and spacious in here, but when youre on the motorway, one of the good things about it, is teslas cruise control system so standard.

You get a system that will basically hook you up to a lane and auto steer to keep you in lane, and it will also break and accelerate for you to keep your safe distance from the car in front, and you can upgrade that further. So you can do things like change lane for you, if you need to overtake and all that kind of stuff, its very, very good system, as for maneuverability well, when you get around normal roundabouts, this size, its fine, this car, oh, although people do still like to Pull out in front of you, because they cant quite believe that you might want to go the way from which you just came thats another good thing about this car. So if you have an accident, the all round cameras are constantly recording. So you can download that footage, and then you can use that to send to your insurance company. Look at this right spotting that car there on the curb as well. Look at always keeping you safe, always got its eyes out helping you out. This car has whats not helping. You is the turning circle, so its over 12 meters now im going to try and go around this mini roundabout, see if i can go all the way around in one, go. No look ive already cocked this up. No, this is going to be chaos. Sorry, i was never going to make that people are going to hate me.

Yes, theyre, hating, theres, a lot of hate, theres a lot theres going to be more hate. Now sorry, theres, more hate coming for me more hate. Some more hate, please! Yes, you hate me because im in a tesla – and you hate me because i cant go round a mini roundabout without having to do a 10 point, turn. Oh its, not so good. One thing you cant fault, teslas for is their performance. So this long range version of the model while supposed to do naught 16 4.8 seconds. But im going to see my specialist timing gear repair gon na launch it lets, do it yeah, it feels quick and it just builds. The power does seamless 4.95 slightly slower than claimed, but quicker than the high performance version of the honda ionic 5 and kia ev6, and this is the slower model y yeah. If you get the performance version, its supposed to do not 16 3.5 seconds, if its a bit slow like this one, itll be 3.65 seconds actually do you know what im going to give it another go so launch number two: can you actually do the claim time This time yes, 4.8 seconds, thats, better, no lies so then whats. My final verdict on the tesla model y. Should you avoid it, consider it shortlist it or should you just go right ahead and buy it? Well, i reckon you should shortlist the tesla model wide its a really really good electric suv, its just that it does face some pretty stiff competition.

I hope you all enjoyed the video if you did give it a like if you didnt, give it a dislike.