This creates a deceptive impression that sedans have regained their popularity while in reality, today, model y outsells, its smaller sibling by 40 percent and other car makers exclusively choose crossover, suvs as the key body style and the development of all uvs. We have already lost count of how many of those were recently introduced, but here is yet another dozen of 2022 electro crossovers that will soon take over the globe, subscribe to automotive territory, to push the electric revolution and enjoy the right fisker ocean failure is inevitable. On the road to success, so we should give yet another chance to hand rockfescor this time. The danish automotive designer is making a comeback accompanied by his wife, gita gupta fisker, who acts as a co founder and cfo of the new company. The power couple pitches the electrical crossover ocean as the most affordable, long range model in this segment for the entry level front wheel, drive version, the output reaches 275 horses. The range is around 250 miles and 0 60 takes less than 7 seconds. The upper trim oceans offer 340 to 350 miles 550 horses from a dual motor drivetrain and 0 to 60 acceleration as quick as 3.6 seconds on the inside. Each ocean comes with the latest 17.1 inch, infotainment, all vegan interior premium, sound system and a digital rear view mirror optionally. You can get a full length, solar roof and a patented california mode that lowers all nine glass panes and a symphony Music subaru soltera.

A fifth of subaru is now owned by tiora and consequently the two japanese brands are deepening their cooperation beyond the brc and 86 sports cars. The new joint project will be focused on the vehicles based on a dedicated ev platform. That, in subarus case is called e. Super global platform: two electric motors and a 71.4 kilowatt hour battery of the superstar drive channel 215 horsepower and 248 pound feet of torque through the signature, symmetrical all wheel, drive the estimated range reaches 220 miles and there are multiple regenerative modes to ensure that the final Destination is always reached, like other subaru suvs, the soul. Terror is equipped with the axe mode for increased performance in low friction and off road conditions. Moreover, grub control that incorporates halocent and descent assist and 8.3 inches of ground clearance further widened. The usual arsenal of adventure features hyundai 7, this large lounge style suv concept, previews the future ionic 7, which hyundai plans to unveil in 2024.. The korean brands promises that the production version will carry many of the unique features showcased in the concept. These will likely include a slim led light bar on the front fascia, which serves as the vehicles drl unit and lower pixel headlights. A similar theme at the rear, with a massive light bar built into a flat tailgate, is also expected to make it to the assembly line. What you should not expect to see in the upcoming ion x7, though, is the concepts.

L shaped third row seat, pillarless coach doors, panoramic oled display on the roof or a camera reliant exterior mirrors, the powertrain numbers remain unspecified, but the production version has 300 miles of range. Despite youtube disabling the dislike function, your feedback still matters so press the appropriate button to promote the electric revolution even further lets proceed. Genesis gv6d, unlike the previous genesis, electric models like electrified, g80 and gv70. This one will not be just an inferior retrofit of an internal combustion model. Instead, this model rides on a dedicated electric chassis by the hyundai group ejmp. The new genesis, athletic elegance identity is reflected in the be conspired crest grille, with two lines: headlamps coupes view, roofline, fixed wing, rear, spoiler flush door handles and wheel designs up to 21 inches. The genesis gv60 is equipped with a 77 kilowatt hour. Battery can have single rear or dual motor all wheel drive configuration which translates to the maximum range of 280 miles and 483 hp of peak output, the interior sports, an intriguing mix of plant based lather, alcantara and fabrics derived from recycled pet bottles and fishnets. Besides a large dual screen, cockpit, the cabin leaves a lasting impression with a crystal sphere that does double duty as a shift by wire selector and the vehicles mod lights, kia ev9 after successfully carving a chunk of the us three row markets with italy right kia is Looking forward to repeat the success story in the ev segment, the brands ev97 suiter is closely related to hyundai 7, but its styling somewhat resembles the current sole.

The model has extremely angular body lines and a boxy front end will be blanked off digital tiger face pixel type, led headlights and boomerang shaped trls. There are also bolt wheel, arches and massive 23 inch three spoke wheels. The interior of the ev9 appears to be rather close to reality. Here we expect a 27 inch display running halfway across the dashboard and a panoramic glass roof. The seating is configurable. The middle row can be folded into a table while the front seats are swiveling. Drivetrain details are unknown, but the manufacturer claims nearly 300 miles of electric range and a 350 kilowatt charging capability, vw, id5 and id5 gtx, while the id4 crossover is already available in the us. Its upcoming coopers, uv sibling, at least for the time being, was announced only for the european market. The model uses the same meb platform, which means the rear or all wheel, drive configurations with 174 horses for the entry level, id5 and 300 for the performance oriented gtx. All models come with the largest of the three id4 batteries. The 77 kilowatt hour pack promises from 177 to 288 epa miles. It can recharge at 134 kilowatt max and comes with an 11 kilowatt wall box for home charging design wise. The ad5 is distinguished by a sloping: roof a rear, tiny, spoiler and tweaked headlights. As you would expect, the interior is minimalistic. There is a 5.3 inch digital dashboard and a 12 inch generation, 3.

0 infotainment with over the air updates and smartphone compatibility. Finally, the car safety system is made more comprehensive thanks to the cartoox communication tag that alerts the driver about traffic accidents and dangerous road areas. Music, the ulta bc4x its official, the japanese giant, has budged under the consumer pressure and is finally committing to the electric future. In toyotas case, this means 70 electrophyte models by 2025, out of which 15 will be battery electric. The upcoming evs will be developed in cooperation with subaru under the newly established toyota bc brand, which stands for beyond zero. The sulterra twin expectedly gets the same proportions and form factor as the worlds best selling crossover rav4. The newcomer rides on a dedicated e tng battery electric platform, with a manufacturer estimated range of 250 miles. The powertrain makes 215 horsepower and 248 pound feet, while the symmetrical all wheel, drive. Adaptive steer by wire 20 inch, wheels and 8.3 inches of clearance, guarantee, seamless, urban and suburban driving experience. The long wheelbase of the bc4x maximizes, the interior space plus the cockpit embraces the fresh layout philosophy, with an instrument gauge located above the wheel, Music kia niro kia brings to life the bald looking 2019 habanero concept in the form of the new generation kia. Niro crossover up front, you will recognize, kias, evolved, stagger, face and then heartbeat drls the wheels have the concepts y spoke design and the rear borrows its vertical led, taillights and red painted c pillars.

Unfortunately, the butterfly doors do not make it to the production model. In addition to the all electric version, the neuro will continue to exist as a hybrid or a plug in though we have no information on the upcoming powertrain updates or even whether the crossover is built on the new platform. Finally, the model promises to offer a side by side, dual screen: cockpit, lightweight seats and more sustainable interior materials like bio, pu, eucalyptus, stencil and btx free paint, renault megane attack after having any tremendous success with their zoe city, car renault will be trying itself in the Crossover league, the subcompact powers, the name, the overall shape and size from the current megan hatch, but sits on a dedicated cmf ev platform. Its exterior design highlights include new style headlights, zigzag, drls, contrasting roof full with brake lights and 18 through 20 inch wheels. There are two power train choices: 130 horse power with a 40 kilowatt hour battery and 188 miles of range or a 220 hp, 60 kilowatt hour unit good for 282 miles. Charging is possible at 22 kilowatt ac and at 130 kilowatts using a dc plug. The latter brings time at the station to bring the battery from 15 to 80 percent down to 30 minutes. The interior of this renault introduces recycled fabrics and textures. There is a 12.3 inch digital dash and either a 9 or 12 inch infotainment with an android operating system. Music mg marvel r. The british chinese mg marvel r starts to conquer the european market, offering buyers attractive, exterior design, smart cap and tech, lots of cargo space and up to 1 650 pounds of towing capacity.

This c segment crossover is similar in size to the id4 and skoda aniak iv. It is competitively priced and offered in three trims and two drivetrain configurations: the entry level. One gets your rear wheel, drive system where two motors power, the rear, axle and produce 180 horses. The all wheel, drive model adds a third motor on the front axle, raising the output to 288 hp and 490 pound feet. Both of them are juiced by 70 kilohertz battery pack with 230 to 250 miles. The marvel r debuts mgs new styling inside and out it gets an x shaped front. Slim led light belts and c shaped headlamps. The cabin is minimalistic and packs standard 2 zone, climate control, 8 speaker audio 12.3 inch digital cluster and a 19.4 inch touchscreen with the mgi smart connectivity mullen5. The california based mullen started out by trying to import to the us, the chinese electric sports car kian to k 50. However, after realizing the potential of the electric suv market, the company is throwing all of its efforts into the launch of their own five crossover, underpinned by a modular ev platform. The model gets a 95 kilowatt hour battery, which is enough to account for 325 miles of range, also standard, a 0 to 16, ph acceleration of 3.2 seconds and the top speed of 155 miles per hour. The crossover is confirmed to offer level 2.5 advanced driver, assist system, active noise cancellation, customizable seating, face recognition and tablet style screens for rear passengers, Music mitsubishi air track, ev mitsus first ev was designed specifically for the chinese market under the joint venture with the guancho automobile Group, who will be also responsible for the manufacturing process? In essence, this is a re badged version of the jcs own aeonv, while the air track nameplate revives the first moniker used to label the first generation outlander.

This is a single motor front. Wheel drive crossover with a 70 kilowatt hour battery estimated to 230 miles of range and 181 horsepower. The interior explores the new generation horizontal infotainment and has a two tone upholstery.