This is a fully electric car from dacha and its also the cheapest electric car. So this is a different spec theres, this silver speck with orange contrasting details all over internet. So i decided to film this one with some blue details, but really it doesnt matter now its an interesting car, yes, its the cheapest electric car but um, also very interesting because of its price um. Not a lot of people can afford electric cars, at least not now, when its still new technology sort of so uh. This might be for those who want to enter into electric um philosophy. Uh lets check the details, so this is where the charging port is now. I believe you need to open it from the inside and uh. So these are your turn signals here and on the bottom you have the halogen lights, so main light uh and then the long beam have in mind. Uh, the bulbs are probably cheaper than led lights, but they use more juice. So i dont know that this compromise makes sense. I guess they were really on a budget uh. The white collar is solid white, its not non metallic. You have a protection plastic diffuser on the bottom intake on the bottom, for the cooling system and hvac also for the battery management system also sometimes needs cooling. You have plastic protection over the wheel arches if youre going off roading and this car, if i may add, is probably perfect for delivery.

Car for pizza delivery, its cheap to drive electric and at least thats my opinion. Now you might thought uh. They added nice alloys. Well, a little disappointment. These are actually hubcaps, so you can see that uh. This is steel alloys. You do get front discs on the rear their drum brakes, so these are 14 inch tires: 165, 70 r14, at least the hubcaps look nice. Someone might even think you have actual alloys single wiper, plasticky side mirrors. Dont worry, you have no safeties uh. No lane assists no even light sensors, no blind spot in the mirror. Theyre really on a budget on this one, and you have plastic door, handles physical cylinder to be honest, im, not even sure, do you have remote control now this roof racks are plasticky and i dont see how would you actually put a box on this one? So the car is shaking if you actually shake with your hand, hmm doesnt uh put a lot of confidence in it to be honest, thats, why? I said. I think this is an excellent delivery. Car now uh not to be too harsh, uh plastic protection is really nice if youre going off roading and its duchess. So you dont mind this is a car thats meant for maybe, if youre working in harsh environments, construction sites. This is that type of a car or, if youre, going to the field, if youre farming and similar fog light on the rear, uh and you have the spring electric notches.

So, oh okay, you have to give them some credit. They added a backing camera, so thats nice, you even have little a nozzle for the rear, wiper open it up. Of course, oh that kind of opens like look at this that might hit you in the head. Uh, okay, doesnt open too tall – and this is just like uh pure metal, theres, some plastic area here and ive added some rubber here. You can remove this if you want to that, you can put an umbrella so that doesnt look stable. Okay. I guess you could put it if someone didnt, maybe someone was maybe touching this and then cargo space well, seems practical. You can put some stuff inside and then you have the i guess inside your charging cables or now. This is a patching kit. Uh, charging cable, spare tire uh steel spare tire, so this is like not a false floor, or is it no? This is how this is in the way. So this is a yeah. Definitely like a its kind of heavy. Well, you can see this so uh on the sides theres like actually no lights. They were really saving money there, but there is some room, so you can put something. This looks like there might be. Some longer objects there. So, oh yeah, this is, as you can see, this is a crowbar, so lets see, i guess, kit to change the spare tire, but it has this uh to just stick on okay lets close it up now.

Lets get first on the front because it didnt adjust to the seat. Okay. Well, considering how light the doors are its a solid, closing sound. I have like very basic uh rubber on the top, nothing else. There is one in the inside doors, hard plastic. I guess for weight reduction and savings. I added a nice blue element there and i dont want to be too harsh on the car um leather seats. Some blue contrast, stitching im guessing the other card. There orange you guess, yeah its a combo. You can choose a color whoa, so i just touched this. I wanted to show you so this is for uh tilt, but i guess you know automatically just went back um. This is for sliding back and forward yep, okay, um paddles. So this is to unlock the charging port im gon na unlock it, and this is for the front, bonus. Um. Look at this. This is the light switch. These are lights on and then i dont know what these are somethings going, what they actually use a corrector here to label. I i think this is a prototype, because i saw once that i didnt want to film it so im already filming it now. Okay, im going to try to sit inside oh im, a two meter tall person. Have that in mind. I dont think i can adjust the height so its fixed, so yeah, no height adjustment theres, not even a foot rest.

So my with my long feet is like i can put it in the empty part. I guess and uh. These are your mirror controls. You can lock. The rear windows and parking sensors are here. Column is manual locked into wrong position, but its a four spoke steering wheel, uh plasticky cruise control. You actually have cruise control and you can reset the trip computer and you have a voice, commands uh, sort of digital cockpit with a one screen and some labeling there. Oh, very basic, okay, uh, hard plastic, you have a speaker in the top and you have those blue elements. Kind of look fancy so its not all that cheap – and this is a nice detail. So we have a touchscreen um, see if it turns on nope. Dont have the key, so this is for the volume i guess usb and aux, which no one is using anymore. I hope you have bluetooth and they had they added the errands on the top. It would really make more sense if they lowered them down um. I guess these are the power window switches. You can lock hazards, i guess echo and normal driving and then you have the oh yeah thats, the physical climate control they like whoa. This is like manual and like you can hear the the the mechanical parts moving inside um, yeah, very basic but hey you have ac thats, uh, nice, whoa, okay, very spartan, uh, but very also roomy theres a charge actually like does that obd port, you cant say And um, i guess some people really like spartan cars.

I know some people like into that thing, uh at least for off roading um. I guess this is a. What is this? Is it like started cruise control? I mean its funny because its an odd place to put it, then this is traction on or off i mean you cant reach it really when youre driving. But what is this then, is that i have no idea to be honest. Uh space here, also plasticky and then reverse neutral drive. I like the system, but okay, okay, this is a dacha yoship uh, i guess ill spoil all the other cars but hey. We have to be honest and realistic. Not everyone can afford um todays standards, um, so theres emergency call there um yeah, you have a light. It doesnt work, maybe because we dont have the key airbag information mirror there uh. You can put some documents here. Um! No pricing mirror im, not gon na leave about or checking if it extends. Okay heres your overview. Uh, you can see. We open the charting port uh integrated headrests. The seats look basic but fairly comfortable 2 meter tall person touching but yeah i can go lower. I guess they can just tilt and then yeah its fine. Then i guess um well. To be honest, i dont think i can fit in the rear but uh im, definitely not after myself, im, not even going to attempt that. So, oh, you have these manual locking systems.

I havent seen those in a while um and the rear bench doesnt divide at all im, not even sure. If you can knock it down. I thought i want to check. Oh you can but uh yeah. I was sitting so you could possibly lower this down and have some cargo in the rear. Again: im, not theres, no lights, theres handles on the top at least um on the rear and yeah very basic yeah, okay uh. I think im gon na wrap it up here you have the antenna and um lets see. This is a new system uh. I dont want to advertise anything, but this is like a flashlight. When you need assistance that you put on your car, i guess it flashes and someone of the road assistance stops and um 33 kilowatts sharing on one one electric were in spain, so i guess this is the price um well tax? Maybe i have no idea and then the lease price – i guess okay lets walk to the charging port, so it supports actually ac and dc charging, which is nice very basic system here and then you close it up, and i have to attach the spring im going To show you the other spec cutting this in, i forgot to open it, so heres the a little leg you have to use so on the top, and this is the electric motor. I guess i zoom the batteries on the rear, but you can actually see the motor you can see the carpet below so theres actually a lot of room here, but i guess they didnt wanted to add the front space now.

This is a different spec. Probably this is better equipped. For starters, it has metallic silver color and we have some contrasting orange details. Okay, its looks similar, maybe more expensive, but you do get a colored um side mirrors. This is the rest. Pretty much. The same lets check the interior. Oh, you get the colored blue candles, you get this in silver, again orange and yeah. They seriously. Oh wait. Wait. Wait, wait, wait! So the other car was, i guess, prototype, because this one actually has labelings here so thats on and i dont know what this is. Just because all the way, its kind of weird but um yeah so same inside, i forgot to show you the no actually show that does this light work. Oh, it works its amber. Okay and this mirror has a like. You can lower it down. Other people flash you so same seats. These are just uh orange contrast, stitching and then see if theres any difference, nope thats. Exactly the same. So i guess you pay more for the color metallic color candles and the side mirrors in color.