Actually, its halloween happy halloween, but we just got our wall box. Pulsar plus were gon na. Show you how to install it, but first lets do some unboxing, so over here is whats in the box. Realizing. I shouldnt have maybe done this in the tailgate since its going to bang my head 20 times. So this is the cord management system. Look at that installed not sure this is probably the hardware for that. I like that. They include that so we can choose to put the cord in a different place than the unit. Well, show you that once we get to our installation inside some instructions and uh heres the unit itself, 25 foot long cord with the wall box, so a big fan of that, and especially the smart connectivity, which ill be sure to go in deep about the app. After we get this installed, also, i should say durability. It just has a very nice feel, in your hand, its a its a good rubberized quality product and to mention we bought this ourselves, we werent paid by wall box or anyone. This is our charge, after pretty heavy amounts of research, that we wanted to give a try to break time, because you know its so much work so heres. Why? We really like that the charger holster is not connected to the unit, because our electrical is run way up here. Our unit were going to put up here, so it plugs in like that.

If we had to put the charger holster way up here, that would be inconvenient to always reach up there and grab the cord instead. Well put the charger holster right here and itll be very easy. So the first thing were going to do place this about where we want it to make sure that it can plug in properly grab the plate and mount that up here that the unit mounts to the next step might be easier to complete before attaching the unit To the wall, we can go into the unit and dial down the maximum power to make sure that we never request too much power from our circuit. Since our unit is attached to a 40 amp circuit, the max we ever want to draw is 32 amps. So we can take this cover off here by removing the screw from the bottom as shown here, then we take off this cover plate and that allows us to pop the front off after taking off a cup the couple of screws around the outside. Then, once we get into the panel, we can open it up and youll see this little gray screw where you can dial down and in the manual it shows what each number theres. I believe eight settings on this screw and itll tell you what each of those notches does in the case of the charger. Those two screws help it from uh because, as you saw, i put the unit on those will hold it from falling off whats nice about the compact size of this unit, too, is that you can take it with you on a road trip, so i think, on One of our future camping trips well, try taking it outside with us, since it also is nema 4 rated, which means he can withstand direct water being shot straight at the unit which is much higher than some other units out there good.

So another thing i wanted to point out is see the ground plug here you want to make sure which you know which charger youre getting before you have your electrician install your 50 amp outlet, because each charger is different. Sometimes you need the ground plug on the bottom. Sometimes you need on the top. So in the case of the pulser, you need the ground plug on the bottom. So ive installed the charger up here installed our holster down here and now its time to plug the unit in units powering up right now would have been nice if we could have gotten the electrical box down a little bit lower, but its kind of what we Have to work with so, as you may have noticed, when i plugged in the device. Yesterday, i had a red air light come up. This was due to a software update that i had to run while connecting the device to the app speaking of the app. That is the best reason to purchase the wall box over other chargers. In my opinion, the smart charging aspect of it is excellent and ill try to go in to some level of depth here shortly and show you all that the wall box can do. But first now that we have this green light here, not sure if its showing up as green or white on the camera, that means we can go ahead and plug in the car. So we just take the cord here, plug it into the volkswagen and, as you see, the light is flashing white and you notice over here charge does not initiate, and that is one of my favorite qualities of this wall box.

Now youll see the light change. Hopefully, you can see change from green to blue its hard to see in the light out here. Blue means the char the car is connected and that the charge is scheduled but has not started yet so now, its after 10 oclock. You could see the light is pulsing blue, whereas earlier it was uh, green and then i believe it was um, solid, blue when we plugged in the car, but now since its after 10 oclock at night, the car is charging. So, instead of a white light, we have a green light here and that shows that the time of use is being taken advantage of all right. So now i want to spend some time and show you about all the smart features that the wall box app has. So i log in right here youll see my charger once it finally connects so theres the pulsar plus. Since the car is charging, it shows a blue icon. Once we pair up theres some pretty cool features, you can see an instant readout of how much charge the car is using right now. You can also set the scheduling, so i have it set to take advantage of my cheaper electricity rates that i receive after 10. Oclock at night, so i go in here: choose what days id like to charge and set the start time and end time for my charge uh here we can adjust what amps we want to draw.

So, for example, if the car only needs a little charge and you want to make sure it has a nice warm battery in the morning, you can lower, raise or lower the amperage. Another great feature, as you can see, all the charging stats. So ive said it say that i basically have about a 10 cent kilowatt hour, electric rate, and so i can dive down here into the statistics. Once i complete some charges and youll see approximately how much im spending to charge my car heres, where i set my electric rate and now we can dig into the volkswagen app and youll, see it about five and a half hours, itll complete its charge. So please, if you havent already uh like and subscribe to our channel, we have a lot more content.