And this is kias version of that. And it is a huge departure for kia from the rest of the kia range. Its called the ev6 pricing, for this is still yet to be confirmed for australia. But we do know that its going to arrive in early 2022 and today were checking out this pre production car. This is going to compete with things like the tesla model y, the hyundai ioniq 5, the volvo xc40 recharge theres a whole stack of competitors in this segment and we think itll probably be priced around the same as the ionic 5 and that 70 000 mark. So today were going to do a detailed walk around of this car. If you do want to skip ahead to other parts of this video, you can use the time codes up on the screen there or, if youre on youtube, just scroll down and use the chapters below and if you havent done so already subscribe to our channel and Press the bell icon, thats, going to tell you every single time we check out macro cars. Music lets talk exterior design so for the australian market, youre going to have seven external colors to pick from including this matte gray, globally, theres 11 colors available. Now, matt gray, you might be looking at this and going oh, my god. This is so hard to keep clean. My supra was finished in this same color, its actually pretty easy to keep clean. You just dont use any abrasive stuff on it and you know just clean it regularly and itll be fine.

Now, in terms of the design im going to jump down the front here, so new kia logo up the top there – and it looks really cool here – offset with the mac right – just gives it a bit of a polished, uh sort of finish, and it kind of Looks like this has just been cut straight out of this sort of solid bit of metal, its got the cut lines on it and i just think it looks fantastic down the front here. Youve got a camera. All of this is blocked off, so ive mentioned in other ev reviews before that they dont predominantly need as much cooling at this top end its mainly down here, but they look kind of weird if you dont have a grill like your tesla model 3s. Just have that sort of flat nose on them so thats why all of this stuffs covered up beautiful sort of texture on there as well down the bottom. Here is where you have that radar sensor as well, and then more parking sensors over with the headlights. You have a full led headlight package here with led daytime running lights and indicators and then down the bottom. There youve got some faux vents just off to the side, well hop around to the side here and have a look at these wheels. So 20 inch alloy wheels. This is the gt line. There is actually a full fat gt model coming, which will be even faster, still theyre talking about zero to 100 time in the three second range, so that is still yet to come, but you can kind of see where theyre heading with this.

It is really going to have those performance overtones and i think that this wheel design looks really cool. It goes one step further with the full fat gt and i think that um, that thing is going to be a lot of fun to drive as we move down the car here, youve got led indicators built into that wing, mirror bit of piano black on the Side there, and also on this on this pillar that leads to the roof. Youve got a camera in the side there for the 360 camera and more piano black trim down the bottom of the car, now door handles theyre similar to tesla in the sense that you push them out like that and then to open the door. You give that a pull and then close it like that. Youve got a little tab on there to lock the car as well. So you just put your finger on that and then the car locks so intuitive setup. Not quite the tesla setup, though, where you dont need the key. You still have to carry the key around with you to get in and out of the car, which i think is a bit counter intuitive, i think, were were done with keys. Now youve got these piano black pillars down the side and then, as you move to the back of the car, have a look under here. You have these puddle lights that are attached to the spoiler element, so that gives you projection down onto the ground, which is which is really cool.

On the opposite side, you have charging port ill run you through that in a second, but come around to the rear. Up the top there youve got a shark fin aerial and have a look at this aero element here so because there is no rear wiper under there. They basically redirect air down the back of the car here and then pushes any sort of stagnant water drops off the back of your window. So in theory, you dont ever need a wiper to keep it all clean, huge strip of led along the back here, and that runs all the way down the sides of the car with the indicator built into this section. I love also that this is all 3d textured here and then it lights up as soon as you put the indicator on so really cool setup and then down the bottom there more piano black with that big key logo and ev6 now lets have a quick chat About the dimensions i want to put the size of this into perspective, for you its just under 4.7 meters long, which makes it slightly longer than an ionic five. It is 1880 mil wide its 1550 tall, and that is slightly shorter than an ionic five and then in terms of the wheelbase, its on a 2900 millimeter wheelbase, so 100ml shorter than an ionic 5, but the same size as a palisade. So it should be nice and roomy inside there in terms of the space.

Now, let me know in the comment section below what do you think of the design? Are you as impressed as i am? Let me know down there now lets quickly talk about charging, so it all happens behind here now. This is a pre production car. So im going to push a little harder than you would on an actual production. Car youve got your charge state just here. You have both ac and dc charging ac charging works at up to three phase 11 kilowatts dc charging will work up to 233 kilowatt peak, so it is a proper midi setup. It does both 400 and 800 volts. This moves, depending on how much charge is coming into the car. The exciting thing with this in the ionic 5 is that you can actually do v2l, which is vehicle to load, so you plug into there and youre able to take out 3.6 kilowatts of energy from the car through a 15 amp plug and run. You know whatever you need to run theres, also an equivalent port inside the car that ill show you later on, but in terms of charging. This really is at the peak of charging capacity for a passenger car which is really cool in terms of the electric motors and the battery globally. You do have both 58 kilowatt hour and a 77.4 kilowatt hour battery, but for australia were only getting the 77.4 kilowatt hour battery. That means the two wheel drive will feature 168 kilowatts of power and 350 newton meters of torque thats good for zero to 100 and 7.

3 seconds, while the all wheel drive, which is what youll get in the gt line and also non gt line models will feature A 2′ kilowatt set of motors one on the rear axle one on the front that will produce 605 newton meters of torque and well do zero to 100 in around 5.2 seconds. But the thing that has me most excited is the full fat gt model same size. Battery but it produces 430 kilowatts of power and 740 newton meters of torque, and that will do zero to 100. In about three and a half seconds in terms of range, you can go from around that 350 kilometer mark all the way to a little over 400 kilometers of range. So there is a fair bit there to take in. Just keep in mind, though, that the specs for australia are still to be confirmed, so well have a little bit more on that when the car is ready for launch righto. So we are inside the ev6. Well, start off with the key, so it looks like a regular key key youve got the ability to move the car forwards and backwards from outside. You have a remote start function, new kl logo down the bottom. There youve got lock unlock boot and then on the back. It is blank proximity sensing case. I leave that in your pocket once youre inside the car, you have an ev start button here. I know ive spoken in the ionic 5 review about how silly it is to just write ev there because obviously were in an ev but anyway um in terms of the design.

I think this looks sensational so its not quite as out there as the ionic five, but i think thats a good thing that may not appeal to everyone. I love the fact that theyve got these two big screens here ahead of the driver. Theyve used recycled materials along the dashboard there, and this is going to look familiar if youve seen our sportage review, because it allows you to switch between these two systems here, which is your shortcut buttons for the infotainment plus the climate control. This whole center stack looks great as well. Youve got led lights. You can configure around the cabin here and its just a very smart design that that i think just really suits the look and character of this car in terms of the materials so thats. All that recycled material, the carpets, are recycled as well. All of this stuff is pretty nice. This is a pre production car, so im probably going to just reserve judgment. We wont do a our hardness test on this. Just yet because theres no point, but in terms of touch points that is kind of firm there and then softer on the door, but i suspect this will be softer when we do get our full production. Cars now lets talk infotainment now some of these specs arent. Yet confirmed for australia but ill run you through what we see here in front of us, so two 12.3 inch displays. This is really similar to the infotainment system, weve seen in the ionic 5 and also the new sportage.

So here in ev specific vehicles, you can see you get an ev display there with a pretty generic looking vehicle. I suspect the production car is going to look a little different to that. But then, when you swipe across, you have access to the rest of your functions. So the ev menu gives you all of the cars ev details, so battery capacity range and also the ability to schedule charging and also do your vehicle to load set up through here. In addition to that, you have am fm dab, plus digital radio. We dont know how many speakers it is, but kia is now working with meridian, so theres a meridian branded sound system similar to what you find in jaguar land driver products and normally theyre pretty good. So pretty excited for that. You have apple, carplay and android auto both of those are wired. So you dont have a wireless setup which i think is pretty disappointing in this day and age, but anyway, im sure that well get to it eventually and then some of my favorite functions like quiet mode. So the kids dont hear your radio in the back. There voice memo if you come up with any great ideas out on the road and then internal satellite navigation as well, but because this car is pre production, it says, were in germany somewhere and were actually not so yeah. That is that infotainment system ahead of the driver – you have another 12.

3 inch display. This is pretty straightforward, but you can move through the menus here in the center. So that gives you your safety details and also compass drive modes, unique to both the ioniq 5, and this is going to be that the ev6 will actually have a head up display in australia or the ability to option it, and it gives you augmented reality projected Up on the screen, weve seen this in mercedes benz products in this center screen here, but i havent seen it before on head up display and i think that is going to be some seriously cool technology when this finally does land in australia. Now, moving on to safety technology, you have both front and rear aeb that detects pedestrians and cyclists. You have a lane departure warning and a lane keeping assistant blind spot monitoring, so you have that built into the wing mirror, but you can also activate the indicator and that will activate the blind spot monitors here ahead of the driver, and i think this feature is Sensational, i really love hyundai and care products that have that technology, because it is just a good backup. In case you miss the flashing light on your blind spot, monitor and then youve also got rear, cross traffic alert radar, cruise control and then, when it comes to parking, you have both front and rear parking. Sensors and a 360 camera ill show you what that looks. Like so, the quality is actually pretty good, so thats looking out the back of the camera thats your 360 view, then what you can also do is get tighter angles.

So thats like a trailer parking, if you kind of redone it, you can see its really hard to see whats going on there uh then youve also got a side view for the wheels and then finally, youve got a wide angle at the back there plus a 3D mode, so it gives you your ev6 there and then you can scroll around and see whats going on around you. So yeah, not a bad setup. Now super quickly, um kia and hyundai have a stack of evs coming. Would you, i guess, venture into the ev market, because its kia and hyundai, as opposed to other brands, because theyll be cost effective kia seven year warranty here in australia, um yeah? Are you excited by korean evs, above and beyond other brands? Let me know what you reckon in the comment section below: moving on to practicality and well start with your connectivity. So down the front here, youve got a usbc port, a usb, a port, another usbc hidden under here, a 12 volt outlet. Then up the top. You have wireless phone charging and in terms of your storage, for your phone, so it can live on the wireless charging pad down there. We can pop it here in the cup holders or even that slot just there. So plenty of storage options for your phone. In terms of further storage, youve got two cup holders. Youve also got cup holders inside the doors heaps of storage down here, uh its not like the ionic five, which has like big gaps down the bottom here and theyre kind of useless those things.

Because if you do put a bag down there, itll just roll into your foot space over here center console is quite deep, so plenty of storage space there and again, unlike the onyx 5, its not like a bucket type thing. It just goes all the way in for your glove box, so plenty of storage space in there as well now lets talk comfort, youve got dual zone automatic climate control, like i said before, one push of this activates that youve got heated and cooled seats for the Front row here, heated steering wheel and then, in terms of your seats, loving this design so theres like an alcantara finish in the center there. With this offset color love this sort of contouring on that headrest as well. It really is quite a creative setup in terms of the seat adjustment, both full electric set adjustment. You also have the ability to store your memory up the front here as well, but like the ion x5, this has the zero gravity seats, which means couple of pushes of buttons. Here means you can go into the full recline modes. While the car is charging, you can kick back and relax, maybe stack some zeds or something like that. Then, once its charged, you just get straight back into action, so uh yeah, really cool and novel set up, and i like the way theyve been able to do this without integrating that sort of foot rest down. The bottom steering has both tilt and reach adjustment and then, finally, our reach test.

All of this stuff is easy to reach, but i do find the outer edges of that screen just a little bit of a stretch from the drivers seat. So the second row lets start off with room. Look at this have stacks of knee room there. Toe rim is surprisingly, not very good. My toes are kind of just wedged there. I would have liked to be able to stretch out a little bit here while in the second row, but head room is not too bad. This doesnt get that full glass roof that you get in the ionic five, so its just that sort of front sunroof set up there im, not sure if a panoramic roof is going to be available as an option but yeah its just one of those cool things That kids love youve got map pockets in the back of the seats here. Youve got air vents in the b pillar, nothing down here and thats, because your usb ports are built into the seats here. So two usb c ports youve got a center armrest here with two cup holders, but have a look at this. You can swipe them out of the way, and i think that is such a good feature, because sometimes you dont want your cup holders. You can just move them out of the way and have that set up so same design for the seats here with that alcantara stuff and the offset colors. I saw fixed points on the two outboard seats and then you can also move these seats.

If you do want to recline a little bit now down here as well, you dont have to just use your charge port for vehicle to load. Youve actually got a power point down here, so this is the type of stuff that makes electric cars so versatile and i think people are gon na love. It now lets talk cargo space so similar to the ioniq. Five youve got a power tailgate and then, depending on whether you go for the premium, sound system or not youve got a little over 500 liters of cargo space available here with a sub floor. So beneath here youve got room to store some of your cables. The v2l plug, for example, and you can also tuck away that cargo blind and if you dont, go the premium sound system. You have a little bit more depth up the front there. You have a little bit of storage as well again, depending on whether you go rear, wheel, drive or all wheel drive. It varies in size, but in all wheel drive trim its kind of a tiny little space around 30 litres. What you can do, though, is drop that second row, and then it gives you a pretty flat loading floor, making this, i think, perhaps a little more practical than the ionic five, so the kia ev6 um. One of the things i forgot to mention earlier is that, unlike the ion x5, which i didnt really love the way that it rode on country roads, i thought it was just really unsettled.

Didnt have good body control all of the ride and handling tuning for the ev6 has been done here in australia, so during covert they were hard at work, giving this an australian tune, and that will generally mean it will be a great car to drive. So i cant wait to get behind the wheel of this im, really keen for your feedback. Let me know, in the comments section below theyve had something like 16 000 expressions of interest in australia, but they only have about 500 coming in 2022. So its going to be slim pickings for a lot of people, but let me know what you reckon about it down there. Are you on the waiting list for one? Let me know the color and spec that youre going for, i think im gon na hang out for the gt. This should be an absolute weapon when they start sticking those uh fast motors inside it.