5 kilowatt battery and a range of up to 163 miles. This really was the start of what ng could achieve using electricity now in 2021, mg have brought out the mgzs ev mark ii. This features a 72.6 kilowatt battery and a range of up to 270 miles and in the city situation that could be anywhere up to 370 miles in this video well be taking you through all the new features to be found in the mg zsev long range. These features include things such as charging technical specification and the new interface on the 10.1 inch touchscreen, monitor and about how this vehicle can work. For you, the user Music, the 2019 mg zsev came in two different trim levels. We had the excite and the exclusive. The 2021 model has come away from these two trim levels and we now have three available: the base model being the se available at 3095, the trophy which is available 33 495 and the top of the range vehicle. The trophy connect is available: 33.95. The good news doesnt stop there as these vehicles all qualify for the government grant of two and a half thousand pounds, and if he did decide to take out finance on a pcp agreement this quarter. We could offer you a 1500 pound fda finance deposit allowance towards your vehicle, giving you savings of over four thousand pounds before youve even started Music. The zs ev long range has had a complete interior overhaul, promoting a comfortable yet user friendly design, the heating ventilation and air conditioning controls are now found on the 10.

1 inch touchscreen simply displaying the direction of air travel throughout the cabin. This is also where the heated front seat controls are found in the trophy and trophy connect model. This is complemented with quick toggle switches for fan, speed, temperature, quick, clear front screen and heated rear screen. The 360 parking camera also makes a welcome appearance found a standard in all models. This really does compliment the rear parking sensors beautifully building an image of all four cameras on the vehicle. This makes parking in supermarkets a breeze. Once again, the mgz ev supports both apple carplay and android, auto meaning the 10.1 inch touchscreen monitor can mirror your device giving you access to apps, such as navigation, podcasts and calendar, plus much much more with telephone capabilities and voice text messaging. There is really no need to grab your phone in the future. Complementing the phone connectivity is wide range of charging accessories in the rear, one usbc and one standard usb to keep the passengers charged up on those longer journeys in the front again. One usbc and one standard usb on the trophy and trophy connect models: wireless phone charging is included, reducing the need for wireless trailing around the cabin on the topic of minimizing trailing wires. There is a very convenient usb port located to the right side of the rear view mirror. This is for those of you that use a dash camera, making a very neat and tidy camera setup. Keyless entry with push button start is standard across the range new upgraded keyless entry technology ensures the vehicle is always secure whilst being a very convenient feature.

The digital screen is standard across the range clearly displaying information to the user. Displaying information such as drive mode status, kinetic energy recovery information and the more familiar trip computers on this digital screen. You can also view live tyre pressures, giving you peace of mind. Your vehicle is ready for all conditions. The mgzs ev remains a car of practicality and comfort, even for those tall passengers such as myself, with rear heating, vents, two charging points and a comfortable armrest with two cup holders, its the little details that havent been forgotten and for the smaller passengers. Two iso fix points have been included in the rear. The panoramic sky roof also makes a welcome appearance in the trophy and trophy connect model operated on a simple one touch system effortlessly slide back the blind to be greeted with an increased amount of natural light inside the cabin or attract the glass panel to introduce a Stream of fresh air into the vehicle, just look: how happy maurice dmg bear is the sleek mg boot clasp gives you access to the 470 litre boot capacity. This is easily increased using the smart design of the dual height boot floor to raise up and meet the rear seats with a fold of 40 60 split, making loading of longer objects a breeze when designing a fully electrical vehicle. There are two major factors: the designers have to contend with its weight and aerodynamical drag. You may notice on this new model, the designers have gone down a completely different direction, with the exterior styling subtle differences to the front and rear bumper.

The alloy wheels now have trims on them. For example, this is all to reduce the aerodynamical drag of the vehicle to you, the user thats only going to be extending your range, the outgoing 2019 model had a curb weight of 1534 kilos. The 2021 long range has a curb weight of 1 620 kilos, meaning the designers have been able to extend the range by over 100 miles at the expense of owning 90 kilos. This aids weight distribution, balance of the vehicle and drivability of the vehicle, one of the most noticeable new and improved features is the mg navigation system very fast, very accurate, very easy for ability of users to understand a brilliant feature of the navigation system. Is the ability to see where your current range would take you and where all the electric vehicle charging points are, if you were to be going on a longer journey, really taking the range anxiety away from the user, the world is, quite simply, your oyster, with a New zs ev long range, if youre new, to the fully electric vehicle market. One of the major differences you might find is the driving of the vehicle. The handling this is all to do with weight distribution. If you think in a petrol vehicle, the majority of the weight is going to be over the front wheels. This means when you turn into a corner. Typically, the vehicle would like to understeer in an electric vehicle. The majority of the weight is inside the battery and this is housed underneath the floor of the vehicle meaning weight distribution.

Is the designers dream the mg zls ev? Has the capability to be charged at a rate of 76 kilowatts, so using a public rapid charger with the output of 50 kilowatt will take your car from 10 to 80 in as little as one hour and three minutes. Alternatively, there are charges which will meet the maximum capacity of charging of 76 kilowatts. This will charge your vehicle from 10 to 80 in just 42 minutes. The rapid charging examples are given from 10 as, like your current petrol diesel vehicle, its not often youll. Let your vehicle reach zero miles before filling up. Thank you for taking the time to watch. This short video hope weve covered just about everything we can in a short period of time. We are now taking bookings for test drives here at perkins garages.