Electric cars hyundai still has to fulfill developing the conventional ice models for a large part of the population that still relies on fossil fuel vehicles for 2022 and 2023. There will be plenty of face lifts as well as full changes that their current ice models will be put through in midst of the company creating an entirely new lineup of electric vehicles based on its revolutionary egmp dedicated platform. However, even the new ice vehicles will not escape from the companys mission to attain carbon neutrality by 2045, starting in europe. What this means is that almost every model in the ice model range will now receive some form of electrification in this episode of auto vision. As part three of the series and exploring all upcoming new models from hyundai kia and genesis, we will reveal more details about the future korean cars that we can expect to receive in the next couple of years. So before we go on, we highly appreciate your support by subscribing and turning on the notification bell. If you havent already – and please dont, forget to like comment and vote on the question thats presented at the end of the video, the 9th generation hyundai sonata dn9 2023 release the perennial best seller for hyundai sonata is arguably the model that made hyundai what it is Today, once known as the peoples car in the native korean market, it was once a default car to buy for most koreans as a sign of their entry into the middle class.

However, that stronghold in sales began to crumble as more choices became available, especially the more luxurious granter or known, is now discontinued. As era in the u.s and the more stylish kias version, k5 started to eat away from the sales and at last, in 2020, when the all new eighth generation appeared, the sonata legend completely fell apart. Instead of what the public expected a la phil rouge concept derived swoopy four door coupe, what hyundai delivered was a catfish mouth sedan with convoluted body lines that made the car look unappealing its ironic as hyundai developed the eighth generation sonata just to address the lackluster design Issue already witnessed in the seventh generation model, which led to the sale of sonata falling below 100 000 units a year to just 466 units in 2019 for the first time in decades, since its first introduction to the u.s market in 1989.. Accordingly and disappointingly, the all new eighth generation sonata couldnt, do much to stop the sliding sales. Even after the introduction of the brand new model, the annual sales of sonata fell to an all time low of 76 997 units in 2020, almost one third of the sales. When, compared to that of 10 years ago, this has made hyundai take drastic action, which entailed scrapping the mid cycle facelift that was originally scheduled for 2022 and moving towards creating an all new 9th generation sonata for 2023. As for the new design that will save the sonata moniker from imminent demise, there are two possibilities: first, its rumored that hyundai will have another go at recreating a le phil rouge concept by maintaining its sleek sports coupe like lines and sharp edges and creases.

The other possibility thats being discussed is yet another adaptation of the staria minivan design concept. As it turns out, the spacecraft like design of the starya, was actually influenced by the seven concept which was revealed afterward regardless of the origin. It appears that the futuristic look will find a way into many of the new hyundai models, as seen in this sample of the korean domestic markets. Newest ranger, which will be introduced at the end of the year 2022 and as the all new ninth generation sonata, is to be derivative of the grandeur, its entirely possible that the design will take after the entry level luxury car. Unlike the design, however, the mechanicals is expected to be the same as the current sonata, which includes not only the base 2.5 liter, naturally aspirated, four cylinder engine and the optional 2.5 liter turbocharged engine, but also the hybrid engine, which produces a combined 192 horsepower and 290 Pound feet of torque from 2.0 liter, four cylinder engine and an electric motor to render 54 miles per gallon and to 60 miles per hour, acceleration time of 8.3 seconds. In addition, the companys general movement towards complete electrification continues with the ninth generation sonata as a plug. In hybrid version is expected to make a return with the same engine and motor combination as the regular hybrid, but with a few more horsepowers at 202, the 9th generation sonata will still be based on the same third generation platform as before, allowing faster development of an Entirely new product, especially with the mechanicals remaining unchanged, the expected release is in late 2023 at a similar price of the current model at 26, 000 to 36 000.

The all new sonata will occupy the same space with a similarly sized ionic 6 dedicated electric sedan, which will be priced from just under 50 000 until the year 2030, when the ice vehicles will start to be phased out, hyundai ionix, 7 and kia ev7 2023 release Expected to be the most anticipated new cars launched in 2023, the hyundai santa fe replacement known as internal product code mx5, and the kia sorento replacement known as mb will be dedicated electric vehicles based on egmp electric platform. The naming of the new products may confuse a lot of people as, first of all, as dedicated electric vehicles based on the egmp platform. They are to be part of the hyundai ioniq and kia ev series of electric cars as such, the eventual santa fe replacement is to be called ionic 7 as a d segment vehicle, which is one class above ionic 5, which are considered semi medium cars according to Hyundai groups, product code. However, this conflicts with a much bigger 7 concept, which is a size of gmc, yukon or chevy tahoe, and the eventual replacement for the hyundai palisade as its still being referred to as a concept for the ionic 7. So it remains to be seen how they will juggle the naming for the future products. However, the sorrento replacement wont be in conflict with the seven concepts counterpart kia ev9. As the new d segment, electric suv is to be called ev7 as a vehicle sized one class up from the ev6.

According to the naming rule that states that odd numbers are to be suvs and sedans are even numbers. Interestingly, kia ev6 known by the internal code cv was actually a sedan and not a crossover or suv according to kias product codename convention. According to the same convention, its expected that the swoopy sedan model to come as a possible replacement for kia stinger would be labeled with an even number name ev8 and fill the last remaining position in the ev series. The ionic 7 styling will be another product that will be influenced by the staria or the seven concept design, while the ev7 is to adapt the design of the ev9s rugged look. Both models are expected to be three row: suvs, similar to the current d segment sorrento. As seen from the design predictions, the all new electric suv pairs from hyundai and kia are expected to be more upright traditional suvs, as opposed to the ionic 5 and the ev6 that are crossovers. The benefit of the traditional suv styling will, of course, be a bigger interior and cargo capacity that should exceed current sorrentos 75.5 cubic feet or 21′ liters with the rear seats folded, which is significantly larger than the ev6, is 53.5 cubic feet or 1 500 liters. The towing capacity should be about the same as the ionic 5, and the ev6 is already amazing, 3 500 pounds or 1 600 kilograms, as the similar powertrain is to be used for the ionix 7 and the ev7 suvs, which includes a single motor rear.

Wheel, drive layout good for 225 horsepower or the dual motor all wheel drive setup with 320 horsepower. This is a significant upgrade from the current santa fe and sorrentos horsepower of 191 to 281 horsepower. The new electric suvs are expected to be powered by a 77.4 kilowatt hour battery, which is to achieve a range that exceeds 311 miles or 500 kilometers. The mid size, suv duos, expected releases in 2023, however, its not certain whether the santa fe and sorrento will be discontinued upon the introduction of the ionix 7 and the ev7, which should command much steeper price, starting at 50, 000 to 55 000 than the 29 thousand Dollars to 43 000 price range of sorrento and 27 000 to 40 000 of santa fe. This concludes part three of the series in the future korean cars be on the lookout for the next episodes where we discuss the possibility of the much talked about kia, sportage ev, which looks like it will actually be produced as earlier rumored, as well as the hyundai Ioniq 3 and the ev4 duo the compact egmp based dedicated evs that are mainly targeted for europe and developing countries in asia, but could also be strong sellers in the north american market, with the starting price expected to be as low as 35 000. As for the end of a video question, if the all new ninth generation sonata does turn out to be a great looking sedan, would you choose it over the ionic six electric sedan, especially with a lower price? Please vote and share your views by clicking on the link in the comment section below thanks for watching auto vision, your best source for the fastest korean car news and rumors dont forget to comment like subscribe and click on the notification bell.

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