Free electric performance can be a truly beautiful thing. Wow. I really need to get me one of these in the porsche universe. Gts is the ambassador between road and track. It goes from street to circuit with ease sure 5 000 pounds of steel, glass, plastic and battery can be felt in hard corners, but the tycon gts is an impressive machine on the track. Even after six hard laps of the two and a half mile course at speeds of up to 145 miles an hour, the ticon sauntered into the pits like it just came back from shopping at macys. This is how i got here, its still a tycon and a gts, but its the sport turismo with standard dual motor, all wheel, drive and the large 93.4 kilowatt hour performance plus battery pack. The starting price is just under 135 000. Its a singular reason to want to make a lot more money, sell it to your significant other as a practical choice. Normally, this body style is called the cross turismo order, the gts switch slots in between the 4s and the turbo, and it becomes the sport turismo. The only way you can get a sport turismo, a lot of people think that this is a wagon im. Okay with that, if wagons look, this good sure got a lot of thumbs up from the los angeles crowd like the sedans sport, turismo gtss have cosmetic differences like black trim, sport, design, front fascia and a rear diffuser much like the one on a turbo theres, no Wheel, arch cladding, like cross turismo, it rides at the same height as the gts sedan, so this is not for off.

Roading gts uses the same dual electric motor all wheel, drive setup as the turbo detuned, a smidge, so the power rating slots between it and the 4s. Here it makes up to 590 horsepower and 626 pound feet of torque in launch control. The front motor can now decouple for better efficiency. Tycon is unique in the ev world. It has a two speed transmission in back and will start in second gear in range mode for more miles per charge. How i got to willow springs is a story itself. I began in downtown los angeles. In the early morning. I was able to choose my car and snag the carmine red one well, because they all were level 2 home charging is always on the drivers side. No matter if its left or right hand drive the passengers front quarter. Panel gets the fast charge port using 850 volt commercial stations. Tycon can juice up from nearly spent to 80 percent. In around 22 minutes, a software update widens the temperature range that happens in the boot adds a couple extra cubic feet over the sedan. I have no issues getting my gear into the ticon, the sport chrono package and an adaptive air suspension tuned, especially for gts, are standard stuff like rear axle, steering and porsche dynamic chassis control. Sport is optional. Remember this is one of those cars where you dont have to use the start button you push, drive and youre ready to go.

I will be traveling to willow springs via the angelus crest highway. If you havent heard of the famed roadway youve seen it on countless performance, car ads, very cool, sound, very cool, but first i need to find my way out of the most confusing parking structure on the west coast. Now, im lost electronics are not on my side. Today, the card is not opening the gate going. Nowhere fast come on man really Music, okay, finally, clear the hotel and, on my way, Music porsche programmed the directions in google maps which flipped out and sent me and to my defense, others the wrong way. So, im headed out to the angelus crest highway and, while im doing that, heres a little bit of a story when i first drove the ticon a turbo model, they sent us out here to the angelus crest highway and the porsche folks said. Traffic data will tell you that its closed, but its not ignore everything. So everybody thought that the angelus crest highway was closed and it was completely empty. So it was like a playground had the time of my life, one of the best driving experiences ive ever had hoping that icon doesnt act, like all the other technology ive dealt with today. All right, weve reached the promised land porsche says: 0 60 happens in three and a half seconds. They tend to be conservative and how about that porsche. Electric sport sound, which is deeper and louder in the gts.

Unlike my first tycon trip up this road theres. Much more traffic – and you never know when one of these is around a blind corner still. This is fun and im on my way to the track where i can explore limits more safely. The thing about the tycon: it is absolutely vault, solid, no squeaks, no rattles. No quivers from the chassis with the performance, sound turned off. All thats really heard are the tires in hard cornering and the wind flowing serenely over a body with a coefficient of drag rated at a slippery 0.25, this being an electric car, instant torque. The thrust is incredible: no noise, but the power really addictive ill guesstimate tycon gts will be epa rated at around 220 miles of range. Now. That said, those figures are always oddly low ive seen the high 200s in a 4s. That wont happen today. Im driving, shall i say enthusiastically this being a porsche. The steering is perfect, very communicative, very accurate road feel its great. So i did load directions to the angelus crest highway on my phone, but i forgot to route for willow springs pro tip, theres little to no cell and data coverage. On this stretch of fun, i tried driving miles the wrong way, of course, to find service. No luck, but i did get extra seat time. Unlike other manufacturers, evs porsche does not offer a one pedal driving dynamic. It feels that it upsets the balance of the car when youre driving hard in situations like this and frankly, i agree with some directions from fellow enthusiasts.

I end up on the right route to the track, but i have burned up extra range and i still need to get back to la the gts. Typically, the best performance value that porsche offers on each of its models gets a unique look inside with lots of standard race text fabric and brushed aluminum trim. This one gets optional carbon fiber the seats hug like your favorite auntie, without leaving any lipstick on your cheek. This one also has the secondary screen for the co pilots. Ive done a number of porsche tycoon stories for details on the interface and such ill. Send you to one of those, but this new trick glass panel has a switchable liquid crystal film divided into nine segments that can be individually controlled, no need for a cloth shade and it protects against heat much better than a physical shade. Ive always felt that a car, this good and expensive should have aluminum or metal door releases, and engineers have had plenty of time to work on the center console hint that i would complain about in the most basic of cars other than price. Those are my biggest gripes. One clear advantage of the sport and cross turismo is the roof line. It adds a lot more headroom for passengers in the back. Ive got that much pretty generous wish. I could say the same about the foot knee and leg room theyre about average. My nikes, though those are a little cramped.

The cushions are a hair on the low side, so thigh support is okay, big gripe, no pockets. Even though the battery is flat in the floor, there is a bit of a tunnel. So if you have three people their feet will be cramped. I would keep it to chew here. You could put your coffee there like the middle seating position. The separate climate zone and heated rear seats are optional, like crosstarismo, the sport is much more practical than the sedan. The hatch opens wider to get big long. Things in the security shade is removable and, with the seats dropped, theres nearly 43 cubic feet, stash things and since theres a pass through skis dont need to be mounted on the roof. I hate the extra wind noise, especially with an ev, with all the seats usable, its about 2 cubic feet larger than the sedans boot at almost 16 cubic feet. So after flogging, the gts sedan on willow springs big track its time to head back to la, even though the sport turismo suspension is set up the same its perfectly comfortable on civilian roads. My problem is with google maps which flipped out again and sent me the wrong way, but the car that i love ive said it before ill say it again. The tycon is one of my favorite cars and if i have the money, the gts is probably the one id buy, the perfect balance between track and everyday driving.

Most owners wont need the lofty capability of this model, but the well rounded tycon sport, turismo gts, is quietly up for just about anything. A driver asks it to do even chores Applause so because i drove hard on the way to the track got turned around on the angelus crest highway and then had google maps go wacky on me on the way back to los angeles. My range got a bit tight at one point: it was 50 miles to the hotel with 40 miles on the battery. Fortunately, there was a lot of downhill on the way back and the regeneration added loads of range. I ended up making it very easily if you feel comfortable with single digit range. I do it was kind of a fun experiment. Hope you got something out of my look at the porsche taikan gts sport turismo. Remember. I have a separate video of the sedan at willow springs on the track, so check that out and remember to subscribe to this channel.