If you will, if youre a bit of an enthusiast and you like a striking hot hatch style of car, having said that, the koopa is, of course, the sportier offshoot brand from seat and the bourne does have exactly the same batteries as the volkswagen id3 and it Doesnt get any more power either, so youve got the options of a 45 a 58 or a 77 kilowatt hour battery, which delivers an official wltp range of between 211 and 336 miles. Now pricing. This is going to start from well under 35 000 pounds. So it will be eligible for the government grant, which is two and a half thousand pounds at the moment, so expected to start from around about 32 grand and go well up to over 40 000 pounds anyway, before we have a closer look around the car. Dont forget to do all the liking and subscribing so like the video subscribe to the cargurus uk youtube channel and turn on your notifications, so that you dont miss any of our lovely videos. The cupraborn is, of course, on the same platform as the vw id3, so it gets rear wheel, drive a mattress of lithium ion batteries along the floor of the car and more space inside than youd get in an equivalent sized petrol hatchback such as the golf. That means a big boot with some useful underfloor, cable storage and enough rear passenger leg and headroom for two tall adults be very comfortable for long stints.

The dash is a smart looking affair too, with the trademark copper tones. That cooper has made its own, so uk trims are yet to be confirmed because weve actually got ourselves into this early left hand drive car as you can see, but expect the cooper to be pretty well equipped. So youre certainly going to get your climate control and all of your basics, even on the cheaper models and every car is going to get this big touchscreen in the center of the dash its the focal point of everything its not that difficult to use. The menus are reasonably logical. I dont mind that some of the icons at the top can be a bit tricky to hit because theyre a bit small but graphics, are good. Its got all the features you want, including apple carplay, android, auto nav, bluetooth. All of that stuff, i find the worst thing to be uh, not the screen itself, but the touch sensitive buttons elsewhere in the cabin so touch sensitive on the steering wheel. That annoys me its too easy to hit them by accident touch sensitive here. They dont respond quickly enough its just illogical. I dont think it makes sense to have all this touch sensitive stuff, good, as it looks so uh. I find that a little hard to forgive, but you do get used to it. I like the driving position. I, like the nice slim steering wheel and i, like the copper, highlights, i think that helps to make the cooper feel a bit different to the other volkswagen group brands.

So there is still a lot to like about this. Charging in the cooper at bourne is via the ccs and type 2 socket at the back of the car. It charges at up to 125 kilowatts, which is a touch faster than youll, get in alternatives like the peugeot e2008 and kia enero plug into a 150 kilowatt rapid charger and youll get a 100 mile top up in around about 20 minutes or a full 80 charge. Will take more like 30 minutes in the 58 kilowatt hour car that were testing here and that is likely to be the biggest selling model as well. A home wall box will deliver a full charge in under 10 hours, Music right im going to say it up front. This is better to drive than the volkswagen id3, and i dont know whether volkswagen will be particularly happy about that. But it is the case. This feels like it rides a little firmer, but the payoff for that is that body control feels better and id say that the cupra turns in a little better as well. Its got a slightly better front end on it. So you do get a bit more of an edge of it, of this being something close to a hot hatch, its got a really nice sense of control to it now, like i said it is slightly firmer riding. So if you hit a pothole that kind of thing you do feel it, this car is on standard passive dampers, i dont know.

If cooper are going to be offering adaptive, i suspect they might do as you do on the volkswagen id3. I think these cars ride better on the passive anyway, its got a really nice controlled damper feel to it. So yes, like i said you feel those potholes but its not too crashy and you dont get any of that annoying kind of wobble sort of wallowing feel that you get in softer evs because they are heavy. This thing weighs nearly 1.8 tonnes. That is a heavy car uh and it does feel it you do notice it particularly under the brakes. You can feel that its quite struggling to control the weight of this car and theres, not brilliant brake, feel in harder driving. So i think i would stop short of saying that this does drive like a hot hatch, but its certainly fast enough and its quite good to drive on a decent country road, because the steerings, nice and quick and direct, especially if youve, stuck it in sport mode Body control is neat and tidy, and it has got more than enough uh get up and go so this is the mid spec 58 kilowatt hour that gets 228 brake horsepower and not to 62 in 6.6 seconds. It just doesnt feel quite hot hatch enough. It doesnt have quite the urgency that you might want in the mid range for acceleration to class. It is that, and i would like a bit more feedback from the steering, but i think this is a really good effort from cooper brake regen.

Stick it in a heavier brake, regen mode with this switch up here and thats, quite good for around town other than that, its quite moderate. You dont really even notice it its not a one pedal mode as you get in the nissan leaf, for instance, and in the renault mcgann e tec, which i think that is the car thats going to be most competitive with this uh and i certainly think the Touchscreen in that is better than in this, so i think that renault could really worry cooper in terms of the handling on the on the mcgann. I think that might be more of a hot hatch than this, even so, im really enjoying flinging this thing around its really good fun. I wish visibility were a little better, so the rear windows bit narrow and the view to the rear three quarters is uh, pretty obscured too real world range. Well, i havent spent as much time in this car as id like to sort of give a really good, accurate indication, but i think a worst case scenario. So lots of motorway miles in really cold weather youre going to see, i think more, like 150 to 160 miles in the summer. Id expect you to get much closer to the claim wltp range of 261 miles in this 58 kilowatt hour car. The cupra is one of the most likable cars in this class, its brilliantly judged in terms of its dynamics and its just a really excellent package in general, its practical, its fun and, if youre, not tempted away by the run and began e tech and its much Better infotainment system, then the cooper ball promises to be one of the best all round.

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