But is it thats what were going to find out in this review, but before we start for a great deal on your next car, go to whatcar.com and make sure youre subscribed to our channel to see all of our other new car reviews lets start by reminding Ourselves what the id3s interior is like and you get a good comfortable driving position with loads of adjustment in the steering wheel and also in the seat. You have good visibility as well, but while overall, this is a really good electric car, one big weakness is this interior. The reason its a weakness is because of the quality and because of the infotainment system, so lets talk quality first, where you can see that this interior is mainly made up of these fairly cheap scratchy unappealing plastics, that dont look or feel particularly great now, its all. Well, screwed together, but it definitely doesnt feel plush. That might not be such an issue at the cheaper end of the lineup, but at the top end of the id3 lineup, where the price really does jump up quite high. There are lots of other alternatives. You could go for thats where it becomes a really big disappointment, particularly if you think that vws of old always had brilliant interiors for quality. So this does seem like a step backwards for vw, and that is a shame. But worse than all of that is this infotainment system. Every id3 gets this 10 inch touchscreen as standard, and it is absolutely appalling.

Weve had countless id3s in on test over the past 12 months and theyve all been plagued by this really glitchy unresponsive software. So if you just have a look here at how slow it is swiping between the different screens, how easy it is for the screen to just freeze how regularly it does it, it is awful any journey you do in this car youre going to have to use This screen because everything is controlled for it, so it is essentially impossible not to get incredibly frustrated by just having to use this really slow, fiddly crashy glitchy screen. It needs completely starting again, so the cupraborn is based very closely on the vw id3 and the two cars are very, very similar in lots of areas, but you can see the interiors are slightly different, so in the id3 down on the center console, youve got that Kind of open area that makes it feel quite nice and spacious in the born. Its got this closed off bit, which has got the storage compartment and two cup holders, and generally the materials in here are different as well, and they look and they feel better than what you get in the id3. So there are still harder plastics around, certainly, but even those cheaper feeding plastics are better than what you find in the id3. You also get some nice alcantara effect materials on the door as well, and it generally does feel like a nicer interior than the id3.

The differences arent huge, but the ball is better in that respect. It also gets these nice sport bucket style seats as standard up front and theyre really comfortable and supportive, which is great as well. The infotainment is also slightly better youll, be pleased to hear now it gets a 12 inch screen on every ball, whereas the id3 gets a smaller 10 inch screen and the software is slightly different as well, so its very similar to what you find in other seats And it just manages to be nowhere near as frustrating or slow when youre swiping between the different menus here it is still fairly confusingly, laid out, so its not brilliant, but its better than what you get in the id3 whats. A shame, though, is that both cars have these really really annoying haptic touch sensitive controls on the steering wheel, where its really easy to accidentally use them, just by putting your hand on the steering wheel, but its also difficult to use them deliberately because youre, never quite Sure, if youve actually pressed the button or not so basically, the tech in both cars is really not a strength of either, but in terms of a winner up front its the ball. In the back of the id3, you essentially have a similar amount of space as whats on offer in the vw golf so im, just under six foot drivers seats in my driving position, ive got loads of legroom, can stretch out, feel nice and comfortable.

If i sit up straight, ive still got a bit of clearance above my head there and it generally doesnt feel cramped at all. So you can certainly regularly carry tall adults in the back of the id3 without any issue whatsoever. You can also, if you want it, get a four seat configuration of this car, which just has two seats in the back. If you go for the tor trim of the id3. What is a shame, though, is in the back. You still got this big slab of ugly hard scratchy plastics, which isnt so great sat in the back of the ball. I dont really have anything more to add because, as you would imagine, with the two cars being so similar rear seat, practicality is identical to what you get in the back of the rd3. There is a slight difference when it comes to the boots. The bounce boot is fractionally deeper than the id3s and its enough to just about squeeze six carry on side suitcases in compared with the five youll get in the id3. Both cars have space under the floor for charging cables. So, in what other areas are these two cars different well weve already said the interiors arent, quite exactly the same, and the front ends are different as well. So you can see the id3 has got this kind of round welcoming friendly face and the cupra born. By contrast is sharper and more angular, but which do you think, looks better.

Tell us in the comments below another difference is the way that these cars have been set up to drive so again, lets start with the id3 remind ourselves exactly what this is like to drive, and really. This is a very, very nice ev to do some mars in its comfortable, its good to drive so okay, its not a sports car, but its got good grip. Everything feels well controlled, so really, certainly by electric car standards. This is a really nice thing to drive compared with the id3. The cupra born rides 10 millimeters lower at the rear and 15 millimeters lower at the front. It also gets lower profile tyres too. The steering has also been tweaked with the born, getting a so called progressive, steering setup as standard which gives it fewer turns lock to lock and makes the steering a bit quicker as a result. Now the differences arent huge, but the bourne is a little bit better to drive than the id3 its slightly more accurate. It feels sharper when youre turning into a corner and theres a bit less body lean when you go through that corner as well. Now this isnt some kind of hot hatch, but by ev standards. This is a good car to drive now eventually youre going to have the same choice of three batteries in both of these cars and as you would imagine, the ranges are going to be very similar. As well and compared to other new modern evs, the wltp claimed ranges of both of these cars are really quite good, especially on the bigger two batteries that you can choose from.

One difference between the lineups is that with the bourne as an option, you can add a performance pack to some versions of this car. And if you do that, then it will mean that you can get a version of this car which is quicker than any id3. That you can buy in a straight line now that might be important to some people, but we suspect actually youre just going to be better off saving your money for the most part, because the difference in performance isnt, huge and to be honest, all versions of both Of these cars are quick enough for the kind of journeys and the types of driving youre going to be doing in it. So they feel really zippy around town and they definitely got enough performance to manage longer motorway journeys without any fuss as well. And what about costs? Well, at this stage we dont have the full pricing and spec breakdown for the cooper born range, but its expected there wont be much difference at all between equivalent versions of these two cars, so the vw id3 might have its frustrations inside. But this is still a very good ev and the koopra born is basically identical to the id3, but its slightly better inside its slightly better to drive and so ultimately its worth it. And it is the winner of this test agreed for even more information on both of these cars go to whatcar.com, where you can read our extended written reviews of not only these new evs but every other new and used car on sale on whatcar.

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