So today we are here at electric vehicle exhibition happening at people plaza hyderabad telangana. Here multiple brand vehicles are available from ranging from bicycle bikes scooters. You name them they are available over here today. Well, go to every vehicle and well know about them and well check out the whole place well, take out the whole expo and show you in this video so lets get this video started Music. You can see the race plus a three wheeler, which is a carrier vehicle and the race place is of home automotive. We have two wheelers of zoom you can see over here. These are the different model of vehicles they have of home automotive, private limited. You can check them out guys so ill show you all of the vehicles which they have Music now moving forward. We can see motor volt is over here. They have different bicycles available over here. You can see this place. We are here at moto. World lets know about the company in the bicycle. Variations lets talk to them. The company is the motor world. Okay, so moving forward, we have ampere over here. Amperes are having two wheelers variations. You can see. This is our range and vehicle which they have over here. Lets move forward and check out the next stall, which is one electric motorcycle thats. An electric bike lets know about the electric bike in detail right now: the electric bike with a range of 110 kilometers with a top speed of 95 kilometers.

It has a motor of 5.5 watts and 3.3 kilowatt battery pack well know about this vehicle in our upcoming videos. Well, do a detailed review of this vehicle, though now lets move forward with the expo so moving forward. We have hero electric ingo and purely about indo. We covered in our previous expo, you can go check it out ill. Show you the vehicles of their all, so we are here at pure av lets, know about the company and the vehicles and the ranges range of models which they have. So we are here at grafton motors lets, know about the vehicle, its specification details and everything lets know about that. I said: can you please explain about the vehicle yeah, so we at grafton motors have designed and developed the entire vehicle in india, so the patch? Whatever you look at the vehicle, its totally made in you can just look at the different parts that go into the vehicle. Yes, sir, so currently we have come up with a model called quanta. Okay, it has got a range of 160 kilometers in an economic mode. In this economy, 160 kilometers with the speed offset uh top speed, it will be restricted to 35 kilometers per hour, still thats great sir yeah yeah, so thats the top speed okay in economy mode. So if you are driving in economic mode, you will be able to get a range of 160 kilometers nice and it has got extendable uh range like if required.

You can also add another battery. It is going to add another 160 kilometers of range extra with that. Yes, so totally it has got a range of 320 kilometers. If you are choosing two batteries: two batteries: okay, okay and uh whats the load capacity side like how much load can it pull? Can it hold two people like rough estimate? 150 200? Can it pull easily yeah, so there is something called gvwr gross vehicle weight rating? Yes, the gross vehicle weight rating of this vehicle is 260 kg. Yeah 260 kgs, nice, okay, so that that includes the vehicle weight as well. Okay, which is around 95. okay, yeah, nice. So nice so like what are the different modes in this uh? So the vehicle has got three modes, one is economy, second, is city and the third one is sport mode. So in the sport mode, the top speed of the vehicle would be 80 kilometers per hour. Great, so great, and when it comes to sport mode whats the range when sport mode in sport mode, you can expect a range of 85 kilometers, 85 kilometers thats great since thats great so uh was there a extra room price for this vehicle. Currently so we are going to officially uh announce certain uh aspects like cost and everything like the delivery dates and uh the price of the vehicle, as well, so approximately its going to be less than 95 000.. With these many specifications in the long range under 95.

Like under the lack for example, so so for that pricing we have to actually thank the government of india because they have they have come up with a policy wherein uh, they are providing incentives, schemes and all from the government. Yes fame in that thats great. So, thank you so much for explaining about the vehicles yeah and it has got a mobile, app connectivity as well. So just a click, uh click off button. You will be able to know where the vehicle is. Yes, everything is there and you can also know the expected range of the vehicle through mobile app, yes, nice and these many loaded specifications and these many loaded features under the lag. This is gon na, be a boom nice, a great product which i have developed hyderabad in india, its complete made in india product guys so do check it out when it is launched, ill link, everything about the company and details in the description so check it out. Music, so we are here at volte. Next energy lets know about the products which they have so i said good afternoon. I am good afternoon. So can you please say about the products in cameron? These are electric vehicle chargers. Okay, and this is charging station. These charges comes from various amperes, also like 48 or 24 volts, 36 volts and 48 volts uh, 70 volt, 60 volts, okay, ampere wise. It starts from 2 ampere to 10 amperes. It doesnt its, not fast charging.

It comes with ccc. We are charging okay, okay, so uh it gives you like. You know in case, like you know, for instance, the vehicle uh comes. We give we actually give them to the two and three wheelers uh company gives, along with that, but in case they dont find it. They can even find it as a generic model in the market. Okay, yes, and this is charging station uh a commercial charging station which is monitored and metered, so you can have it as like. You know you can as a mini petrol bunker. You can keep it in some place. You can invest on it in just 15, 20 000 rupees and you can become owner of a mini better one kind of thing. So whatever business is generally like, you know you can. It comes with rfid and a payment gateway. So there is no need of even getting scared, it comes with gprs, you can sit at home. You can monitor where the device is charging this. Wherever you keep it, you can just monitor with your system, so you dont have to personally uh go there and you know find whether my system is there working or not. So everything is configured in your system and your system will give you complete information about whos. The customer who has come down where the payment has done and the payment will come right to your account wow like uh, so they just plug in and use it, and we know all the details once they like plug in even without the payment prepaid.

It will not charge them so the moment the payment is received, you get a confirmation and the starting style starts from there. Okay, great money, so whats the price ranging of this, and especially this one yeah price ranges: the charges with thousand rupees still six thousand rupees, and this one is fifteen to twenty thousand rupees. Yes, so like whats, the installation process and everything man installation is taken care by us maintain also taken care by us, so any any uh individual. Like you, i can become an entrepreneur, a small place. You can charge four weeks at a time: nice, okay, nice! Thank you. These are wonderful products over here. Thank you so much they came up with the retrofit kit battery swap station and even with their own vehicle. So these are the different things which they have and theyll be launching soon in hyderabad, so once they are in hyderabad ill, let you know for sure so about either theres a complete review, video about ether in our channel. We went to the showroom we thought about. The vehicle we did the test ride everything ill link that video over here and itll, be in the description also so check that out now lets move forward. Uh in forward we have hero electric with hero, electric is having different models. You can see over here like different. Electric vehicle models are available, different vehicles with different ranges, obviously, and moving forward. We have ee taxi like this.

I guess this is a retrofit version from them. You can check out the place everything Music, so here we have volta automotive, india, private limited. They provide retrofit kits for the three wheelers for these vehicles. They provide retrofit cuts, so we have 021 with their electric autos. The electric passenger carrier, the electric goods carrier also and with the two wheeler, also is available check that out, Music and moving forward. We have tata motors mg other vehicle and jowl point about joel point. Also we covered in our ev expo, which video is over here. You can check that out. Our mg also we covered the video is also over here. You can check that out and lets move forward and lets go with that. The next up is rap eco. Its for three wheelers lets see the products which all they have the conversion kit and everything check it out. So we are here at rapico lets know about the products and the details of the products which they have hi im good afternoon. Can you please say about the products at night and we have one more model also called driveway driver backside, so lead acid and lithium battery. Both both provisions we have in both the vehicles, depends on the price requirement. All right. Thank you. Great product foreign Music do Music. We are here at ohm, automotive lets know about the electric bike. Theres a sports bike here lets know about this bike. Automotive car yeah drive foreign Music Music, so electric sports bike same as an rm5 Music, crazy picture, yeah nice braking nice lets do sports mode sports mode.

One two: three crazy model bike, like you just see the just see the variation just see the size of this. Like an r15 completely good, pickup, good, braking, wonderful well, do a review about this vehicle soon, okay, lets go and park it right there. So this was all about the eva exhibition, the first time that these many vehicles are available in expo like starting from a bicycle. A two wheeler three wheeler, even a sports bike of eevee like well review that vehicle very soon that sports bike, which i just wrote well review that very soon the complete detail review will be also available and we have three wheelers of passenger carriers and load carriers And even customizable vehicles like you can customize by your own, like if you want to set up a uh lets, say a coffee shop in uh auto you can do that in a three wheeler. You can customize, as as you want that option also is available. We have four wheelers tata and mg also over there, as you saw right now. So this is one of the best expo which i visited till now, because so many vehicles are full crowded public. Everyone is very interested to know about the vacants and everything and through this video also, you guys know what we got to know about the vehicles and everything keep following the channel. Please subscribe to the channel go hit the bell icon also to be notified about each and every video which will be upcoming and in upcoming videos we are going to review each and every vehicle of here so well be doing.

The bounce swap charger well well check out that well check out the sports bike, which we just did well do a complete review of that in our upcoming videos. So go subscribe to the channel and dont miss out anything for the upcoming eevee, expos and eevee events. Go follow me on instagram ill, be posting there about the about those details there where ill be going and visiting.