What weve got here is a facelift of a car that was launched in 2018., so ill. Give you some links to that video. If you want a more detailed review, then this is going to be just of the update. Basically, all right lets crack off the main change with the 2021 mg. Zv is a much bigger battery which, at a stroke, has solved what was the main weakness of the car, its rage yeah. This was a car that was always very easy to recommend, but also always with a caveat about the range, but not anymore. So while you once got a 44 kilowatt hour battery, you now get a 73 which has bumped the range by more than 100 miles and that completely transforms the car in terms of an ownership experience. A shorter range version is coming too, but even that beats the range of the outgoing car, but for a more affordable price point both get the same motor though, and its a perfectly adequate one. Now its actually lost a little bit of torque for reasons of range. I assume, but to be honest, it makes very little difference. I havent really noticed it. This was never one of those pinata the bakia chair type of evs, anyway, its more than quick enough and actually its defining characteristic is that its one of the smoother evs to drive on the market. Everything about this car feels like soft. The main thing is the right quality, its really emollient and watery, almost its just dead, supple and smooth, but its not just that the seats themselves are like sinking into sofas and the pedals are really like spongy, but not in a bad way.

The accelerator and the brake both have a pleasant elastic quality about them. You dont drive this car enthusiastically. If you know what i mean its, not a car that encourages that, because when you do, it rolls all over the shop and again its really not that quick, its, not a car that gives you confidence to drive hard. Instead, you just drive it calmly. It suits that it does charge quickly, though, so, if you can find a 100 kilowatt hour charging station, it will get from zero to eighty percent in about three quarters of an hour, and what that does is makes this a feasible long journey car theres. Even a four stage light setup on the charging port on the outside of the car, so you can now check from there how your charging is going other facelift changes include new, led headlamps, a more handsome panel at the front where the grille is in ice versions. Nothing revolutionary, but its a bit more handsome now and actually mg is focused more on changing the bits where it counts more for you on the inside, mainly a new 10 inch infotainment setup that looks better on a basic level, but it also has more intuitive software. Now and the digital instrument panel is also much improved, bigger, bolder and more modern. The rest of the cabin is, as was its all, as you would expect, plus a little bit more. So this is soft touch this isnt, but then theres a nice swathe of carbon fiber effect plastic.

I guess across the lower part of the dashboard, just bumps up the sensor quality a little bit so its all very neat, if not very inspirational, feels a bit old school and the driving position. So it would be better if the steering wheel adjusted for reach and if the seat went down a little bit, but you can see im fine, theres plenty of head space and what it means is because you sit quite high. Visibility is really good. All the way around it just does all the basic stuff in here. Well enough, you might want a little bit more refinement from this. A little bit less wind noise at high speed a little bit less tire noise, but it wont bother you, but honestly, it is hard to think of a better value eva than this. Now i dont normally talk about specific costs in these videos because you know its not conducive to evergreen internet content. But at the moment we are doing these for well under 250 pounds a month and thats amazing for all of this car. All of this electric car seriously for an ev with this much space, kit and comfort that is mega cheap, on which this is a very spacious and thoughtful thing. If you look at the boot volume, youll see it transfers other crossover, ev type things and its not just a big hole, either theres a twin floor and everything somewhere higher charging cables at least up front.

The storage isnt mind blowing. If cabin storage has ever blown your mind but theres more than enough space for your cups and your bottles and your generic detritus plenty of rear space too, for your knees and neck its just a proper family car, this its safe, too five star euro end cap Rating and so whats the catch. Well, there isnt one really. Now there is no escaping that this never feels quite as solid or as interesting or as entertaining to drive as most of the other stuff in the class, the small to medium ish crossover, ev class. That is, but again you pay less for it. It never feels cheap in here and mg is so confident in this product that it gives it a seven year, 80, 000 mile warranty, and also you get a lot of equipment as standard three trims pause. If you want to see that stuff now, Music thats it honestly, i really rate this thing highly. It has always been one of the first cars that i recommend to somebody who asks me about a good value, spacious, ev and now its even better, because it feels a bit nicer. It looks a bit better and its even easier to live with bosh. So, like i said, theres a more detailed and funnier, if were honest, review of this thing on the channel already, if you want to check that out so now that you know what the changes are, you can see more about what the car is generally like.