I just cant. Stop i just cant stop holding onto the steering wheel. Help me help. This kiv6 is so excited everyone. The car likes to do an emergency brake for some reason. Oh my god. Oh, my god, whoa kia well done man im so proud of you. Zero percent emission ha ha hello, everyone. How are you all doing all right, im doing great, but today, its quite a rainy day, so i wont be able to show you the exterior of the of the kia iv6, but we will be test driving the kia ev6. Oh, oh, yes, everyone, the kia, ev6 guys the special kia, because this is an electric kia which is developed on its own platform, guys. I would first like to quickly show you guys the interior, so over here is the interior of the kia ev6. Everyone look at it. How interesting it is i like how the infotainment system is here. You have your digital club instrument, cluster and then over. Here is the climate controls, and here are all the heated seats, ventilated seats and heated steering wheel. Oh, how amazing is that – and this is how the transmission looks. It kind of reminds me of what uh land rover and well basically jaguar land rover. They started this sort of transmission and how many car manufacturers have adopted a similar transmission like this, because its more efficient it takes up less space compared to the uh lever transmission, which is uh good, and this is the trim everyone.

How amazing is that? Oh, i love this aluminum trim, but im not sure if its aluminum im not sure guys, but whatever material it is. It looks very good. Its quite soft i like how you get the piano black right here, so the interior guys is super spacious um. This whole thing over here is a little bit far away from my uh leg, so its i prefer it when its closer to me, but thats, just my opinion, guys. Otherwise it looks fine. I like how this whole central console cocoons you by the way. This is my phone and i put it right here on the wireless recharge, good good, good, very good. So this is the instrument cluster. Oh, by the way, this has to be the cutest infotainment system. Ive ever seen guys, i mean look at it. Im just typing something so lets just say: i want a type of kia. It has this keyboard sound like it sounds like a keyboard or smartphone thats, so cool. I like it. Oh, my goodness, this is so cute. This is the home page where you get all the applications. Everyone uh very nice. So these are all the applications. You can adjust the brightness of your screen by doing this, so this is in the settings there. You go like this super bright super low, oh and it gives you a warning when its super dim. So just like you know, adjust it, you know you can, you can play with it, but i advise you just leave it on auto and leaving it on auto.

Will decide for you automatically. Another thing i have to remark about the infotainment system is that i really like how you can just change apps like this, like its a film. Oh, my goodness, i feel like im in a film or something – and this is the key to the kia ev6. How amazing is that everyone? I love the new kia badge. Look at it here is proof that you can move the kia ev6 remote control with the remote. Oh, by the way the heated steering wheel is taking effect by the way, oh wow. How amazing is that and we roll all right lets do this, so i let go of the pedal. I let go of the brakes and the car moves by itself. So thats already one thing good im pointing this out, because i remember some cars that dont move when, despite being automatic king mode guys on the steering wheel, i will be using driving modes very soon as well. Uh. The heated steering wheel is so good. I just cant stop i just cant stop holding onto the steering wheel. Oh my goodness, first time i feel the pleasure of holding the steering wheel all right anyways whenever i reverse in this kia. Ev6 ive noticed theres a loud beeping noise and whenever im outside the kia v6, i can always hear it its this beeping noise uh. It can be good, but the thing is its a bit too conspicuous its a bit too loud.

It makes it sound like youre driving a delivery van or something and uh now im going to accelerate. Oh help me help. This qv6 is so excited everyone, oh my god. Okay, this is one of the best accelerations ive ever seen, guys uh. Okay, i didnt activate the lane assist, but the car itself activated it for me so thats already a plus. It decides for you like how you should be driving uh. Let me just see driving modes, all right, so theres, sport mode, theres, eco mode and theres driving normal mode. But as you change mode, while driving ive noticed as you put sport mode, the car tends to be more like the accelerator is more refined like, oh god, it wants to its like a tourist. It just wants to go all right, so uh, i dont know what moto was driving in the whole time, but i wasnt normal. I think lets drive eco mode for now. Lets just be economic. Okay lets see what happens when we accelerate in eco mode all right. One two: three: okay, good in eco mode – that was good now lets see sport mode, one, two, three, my god, this this kia ev6, is crazy. Ah, okay, sport mode, calm down, okay lets see what its like driving this car in sport mode for the rest of the journey, because im also very curious. Ive noticed whenever i take my leg off the accelerator, the car likes to break itself, which is okay but its just something im not used to, because usually i like putting the brakes myself, i like pushing the brakes by myself.

You know push the brakes its like as, if im doing an emergency brake, uh, so yeah. Let me just change modes now lets drive in eco mode now that were in town. First of all, i have to point out that the steering wheel is very, very nice. Its very pleasant i like how light the steering wheel is uh so driving in eco mode, everyone, i have to say so far so good uh, its quite nice. I, like it driving a city pace town pace, so i just kept it in eco mode, because why not guys i mean you have to be economic, but in this kia ev6 you are unconditionally economic, because zero percent emission guys this car is electric, but hey eco Mode you have to conserve battery power. How amazing is that i mean: did you guys see that the acceleration i just did? Oh, my goodness that was so good sport mode is a beast guys. Okay, so lets lets just uh. Do a full stop! Okay, the car likes to do an emergency brake for some reason: okay, so now im at a pace of zero, and i have to drive to 50 kilometers per hour, okay, so one okay, im in eco mode, so one two three zero to fifty kilometers per hour. Okay, okay, 50 kilometers per hour, and i have to say the car reacted good, its very responsive, like i push the accelerator and its like a rocket guys im just going to put normal mode because i just want to drive normally okay, i dont want to drive Sporty i dont want to drive economically.

I just want to drive like an ordinary person. Okay, now im joking guys, im. Joking. Of course, i want to drive like an economic person. Well, okay, also sporty, when i want to im under the impression that the suspension is ever so slightly on the sports side thats my thats, my observation, because i kept it in eco mode and even on eco mode. The suspension behaves very sporty. Ah, oh my god. Oh, my god, whoa kia well done man im so proud of you, youre amazing! Oh god, you rock okay, guys. The acceleration in sport mode is like super fast now. The prominent difference between driving in sport mode and driving in eco mode is that in sport mode, the acceleration is faster like just when you pick speed. The car reacts faster by a few nanoseconds, perhaps or maybe by one second im, not sure, but whenever im in eco mode, the car is just a little bit like a few nanoseconds slower than in sport mode. Just do it okay, so this is the maximum of the turning ability and lets see. U turn all right lets do this? U turn you turn your new turn? Oh my! Can it actually do it? Can it actually do it guys this kia ev6 is a shocking car in a good way? Did you guys see this? I cant believe what i just did. I just cant believe what he did. I cant believe this. I cant believe this.

This key iv6 is a legend. Oh my my my my my my. This is what i call progress and technology, and one thing that really impresses me guys is that the steering wheel is so light that i can just turn it with one finger all right. So this car is so cool its like. You can drive like a cool person with this car. Oh wow, i, like it okay, im gon na off the heated steering wheel, because right now i feel like my hands are starting to burn up so lets just drive. Lets just drive as though were driving on a normal road and then brake. Okay, all right, the car reacts very very quickly. The car reacts very very quickly. Ive noticed that whenever i drive on bumps yeah, the car tends to register it very much like i. I wish it would just calm down a little bit on the bumps test. The horn, the horn is interesting kind of reminds me of uh. It reminds me a little bit of high end car horns quite good, interesting, but still good. I, like the sound of the horn, now were going to park the kia ev6, but before i do so, i would just like to show you all something a little bit im, not sure. If its questionable guys, i really am not sure because most cars would have the system where the car breaks automatically for you before it reaches an obstacle in front whether its another car or a wall or object uh.

It would break automatically in order to avoid hitting the object, but, for example, i have my truck parked in front of me and im going to show you guys something. Ive just noticed so guys, im going to engage this car in drive and now lets just put the camera. Well, actually, im going to show you something very interesting, so slow speed and im going to approach my truck very slow speed, slow speed were like walking pace right now, yeah, okay, as you approach the card front of you or object, it automatically engages the parking camera. It does it automatically for you thats an advantage, but the disadvantage. Ive noticed is that im j – i just let go of the pedal and the car will still approach the car in front, see thats the thing it uh its like you so heres the thing you know its like uh. So the thing is the car doesnt stop automatically, despite the object being in front. You know the car just keeps going now. Whether this is questionable or not, is debatable because you have to use your senses, you have to stop beforehand, but the car gives you countless amounts of warnings beforehand, that uh theres an object in front and that too its a visual, its visible and um yeah, and That too, the parking camera engages automatically as you approach the object and by the way this parking camera is so nice. You see those yellow lines over there.

Those yellow lines are to mark where you can go. So if i turn the steering wheel, it gives the directions like where you can go and everything very nice. My phone is literally hot because i left it on the wireless recharge the whole time it was recharging by itself wow. This is amazing guys i dont have to do anything to bond devices and such just leave your phone here and it charges for you automatically. Oh, my goodness, it works its been charging my phone the whole time. Oh, my goodness, i have a lot of charge on my phone. Oh my god! Thank you so much kia ev6! You deserve a big kiss. Oh i love this. I love this. It charged my phone for me heres my conclusion about the kia ev6. You know what guys i have to say, im very, very impressed. You know this kia ev6 was amazing. I really enjoyed every moment of it driving it, especially on the highway and also on the city roads. I think this is one of the most city friendly cars. Currently on markets guys, this is a very promising car. Many people were thinking. Electric cars are just going to be eco boxes that travel from a to b. This car basically destroyed that perception. Now we all see electric cars as something super, modern, advanced and super practical and super easy to live with. Now, if reliability is your biggest concern, look no further! Everyone! You get the kia assistance there to support you guys.

How amazing is that the reliable kia assistance so dont worry about the cars reliability when you get the reliable kia assistance and another thing i would like to remark to you all is something ive said also in the review of the kia ev6. The review where i didnt drive it uh is that the kia ev6 is one of the most promising electric cars of todays generation purely because i believe it is great value for money. Yet super desirable, very desirable. Imagine this youre getting such a desirable electric car at a cheap price. I do not know many manufacturers who have achieved this. These manufacturers tend to be no money, no honey means meaning. Basically, if you dont have the money you cant get this option, but kia and hyundai have had a reputation for being super generous and this generosity is demonstrated in this kia ev6. You want my opinion of this kia ev6. Oh, i love this ki v6. I love this kia ev6 everyone. I really really do no im being serious right now. This kiv6 is adorable. I love it. This has to be one of the most maneuverable cars ive ever driven guys. Its driving dynamics is very similar to that of the hyundai ioniq. 5., it should be similar, but the difference ive noticed is that in the hyundai ioniq 5, its more here is how we can put it lets put it this way. The hyundai ioniq 5 is more geared towards city, like that is the best car for the city, but this car is more geared towards family or the suburbs, and also unlike the hyundai ioniq 5.

I feel like the kia. Ev6 boasts a little bit more status. Thats right guys, you heard it its no longer about good value for money alone, this time with kia, its also about boasting a little bit of status, and that was evident with the kia sorrento. However, who would have thought that kia would have done this with their electric model? The kia ev6 look at it its right here, guys great status. I feel comfortable and i feel, like i own the road yeah i mean im great value for money and everything i own, the road dont. I im great value for money: im very city friendly zero percent admission, dont forget to like comment and subscribe and stay tuned for more videos that are on the run.