It has been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of the evolving eevee customer. The goal with the mx30 was simple: delivered the design, craftsmanship and intuitive driving characteristics of the brand in an all new all electric vehicle. As with everything we build, the design mandate was to find the ideal balance of size, weight and performance in order to deliver an engaging experience efficiently. Batteries are heavy and bigger batteries can impact the performance and efficiency of the vehicle while increasing the carbon footprint. Our objective was to create a vehicle with a right sized battery that balances performance and range in a way that meets your daily driving needs without the unnecessary weight. Today, that is expressed through our kodo soul of motion design, language it influences the outside and inside forms of every vehicle we produce. There is an elegant simplicity in every vehicle we create, and that is especially true with the all new mx30. It has been crafted to have a unique presence on the road proportions, give it an athletic stats, reinforced by the long hood and wheels that have been pulled out to the corners. The exterior has a polished, quality appearing, smooth and substantial and yet still feels approachable. The mx30 is available with single tone and multi tone body color designs, the multi tone design is available with three different body colors, so red crystal metallic poly, metal, gray, metallic and ceramic metallic and at the base of the pillar, is a satin chrome finished section engraved With the brand name mazda, which extends towards the rear of the vehicle, the mx30 has also been designed to be practical.

The rear hatch opens to reveal generous and flexible cargo space that can be expanded with a 6040 split fold, rear seat. The freestyle rear doors further enhance the easy access to the interior while contributing to a coupe like appearance when they are closed. The interior of the mx 30 builds on the design approach and craftsmanship seen in other master vehicles. Clean simple forms are created with premium materials. The minimalistic design of the dash is meant to create an open airy space, while the high belt line and soft touch materials lend a comfortable ambience to the interior. This intimate interior is crafted using sustainable materials that have a minimal impact on the environment, such as fibers made from cork and recycled plastic bottles and high quality faux leather, the colors and textures of the materials throughout the interior complement the unique feel of the exterior. It is a combination of vintage feeling materials with contemporary functionality in the middle of the dash is the latest generation of mazda connect with apple carplay and android, auto compatibility. It also provides control over the exceptional sound system. The available bose audio system is a 12 speaker system that retains the mazda harmonic acoustic speaker layout, but also adds an eight centimeter center speaker satellite speakers and a subwoofer. The result is a truly exceptional sound system that needs to be heard to be appreciated. The mx30 is also equipped with connected services that enable you to monitor the condition of the battery pre heat or cool the interior manage the charging of your vehicle and more through the my mazda app.

These connected services help ensure you get the most out of your mx30 in designing the user interface of the mx30. We set out to reduce driver distraction. The touchscreen located in the center console, provides control over several systems and has been designed to facilitate intuitive and quick operation. It features simple screen, layouts with logical grouping of functions and audible feedback. In response to input. The mx30 has been designed to be engaging to drive in a familiar way. The mx30 comes with single speed automatic transmission showcased by a gearshift lever that is designed to provide a familiar point of engagement for the driver and heighten their sense of control. The chassis structure and seats are all designed to work seamlessly together to provide the driver with a direct connection to the road control plus when the driver initiates a turn. The system reduces torque output, so the weight is transferred to the front wheels and steering accuracy is improved. The result is the confidence inspiring driving capabilities that is core to the peace of mind delivered by every master.